Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Match Making Thread

dbostickdbostick probed in hadoukenJoined: Posts: 1,014
PSN ID: dbostick
Location: Southern California
Time Available: late night preferably
Main Characters: Dee Jay, E. Honda, we'll see about the others...


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    Time Available: mostly at nights, random times at weekends.
    Main Characters: Vega, Juri, Cody, Adon.
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  • otterotter CFN: otter- Joined: Posts: 4,687
    PSN: MyBodyIsInfested
    Location: MidWest
    Times Available: Late night
    Main: Starting with Makoto, but who knows...
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    Location: Southern California
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    Location: Midwest - Ohio
    Time Available: Whenever im online?
    Main Characters: Abel/Juri/Cody
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    Location: So Cal
    Time Available: Evenings
    Main Characters: Guile all day long!
  • P. GorathP. Gorath @ButtonMashLA Joined: Posts: 6,799 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    So all you people have the game already? Because I want to play some fools today and tomorrow.

    mains: Dictator, Ibuki, Adon, Hakan
  • MVC2FAN15MVC2FAN15 Joined: Posts: 907
    PSN ID: HitenMitsurugi94
    Location: Southern California
    Time Available: Evening/Night
    Main Characters: Cody, Sagat, Ryu.
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    PSN ID: FujiwaraDashing
    Location: Maryland
    Time Available: Nights and Weekends
    Main Characters: Dee Jay, Ibuki, Guy, Makoto, Rose, Abel, Adon, Juri, Cody (At beginner's level for the new characters.)
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    PSN ID: Apecension
    Location: North Jersey
    Time Available: Nights and Weekends
    Main Characters: Chun, Juri, some Ryu
    Mains through the years

    SFV - Chun-Li
    SFIV - Chun-Li, Ryu, Cammy
    3S - Chun-Li, Ken
    ST - Chun-Li

    Seeing a pattern here?! I just can't quit her! Don't think I need to go any further :)

  • FPS_AbsyntheFPS_Absynthe Underdog Life. Joined: Posts: 96
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    Location:: Baltimore, MD
    Time Available: Randomly. But mostly Nights and Weekends.
    Main Characters: To Be Determined...
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    Time Available: all day every day
    Main Characters: TJ Combo, Armaddon, Mr. Taffy, Rasputin
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    PSN ID: red177
    Location: Texas
    Time Available: mostly at nights
    Main Characters: Guy,ken, guile and maybe Juri o.0
  • dbostickdbostick probed in hadouken Joined: Posts: 1,014
    PSN ID: ktm0066
    Location: Texas
    Time Available: all day every day
    Main Characters: TJ Combo, Armaddon, Mr. Taffy, Rasputin

    Dudley, ?, Sim and Hakan?
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    PSN Id: Absynth13
    Location: UK (Glos)
    Time Available: Weekends and After 5PM most weeknights
    Main Characters: Ibuki,Cammy, (Guy)
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    PSN ID: TheMighty3X
    Location: New York
    Time Available: Afternoons & Evenings before 10PM EST, All day Mondays & Saturdays
    Main Characters: Ryu, Guy, Chun Li
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    WTF? Double post FTL...
  • sung_moonsung_moon Joined: Posts: 220
    psn id: sung_moon
    location: bristol pa
    any east coasters can feel free to add me for any practice
  • krazykrakakrazykraka Joined: Posts: 167
    PSN ID: krazykraka
    Location: South Cali
    Time: Nights/Weekends
    Chars: Makoto,Adon,Viper

    if you add me, let me know you're from SRK!
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    PSN ID: Flowsion
    Location: Southern California
    Time Available: late night preferably
    Main Characters:Bison, akuma, dunno about others
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    double post
  • chunbelievablechunbelievable Old AF Joined: Posts: 1,351
    PSN ID: Chunbelievable
    Location: Las Vegas
    Time Available: Evenings and Weekends
    Main Characters: Scrub Level Gen and Chun Li, Sub Scrub Level Guy, Ibuki, Dudley, and Juri
  • ~Reign~~Reign~ Psycho Blanka Joined: Posts: 390
    PSN ID: djreign78
    Location: NorCal
    Time Available: Weekday evenings except for Friday, Sparingly on Weekends
    Main Characters Dunno yet. Will be doing a lot of experimenting.
  • MisterEgoTripMisterEgoTrip Bask in Sumo Prowess Joined: Posts: 943
    Look at all these HDR traitors! LOL
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    Location: East Coast
    Time Available: late night
    Main Characters: DeeJay only
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    Location: Socal
    Time Available: All
    Main Characters: El Fuerte
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    psn id: i_see_u23
    location: dallas, tx
    time available: primarily after 9pm central but I'm a college student with no job. so right now random
    characters: Cammy, Chun-Li, Ibuki, sometimes Ken but only constant is Cammy
  • diazdiaz Joined: Posts: 32
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    Location: Florida:
    Time Available: Any time
    Main Characters: Bison
  • allblackonchromeallblackonchrome Joined: Posts: 29
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    Location: Los Angeles CA
    Time Available: All Day Everyday
    Main Characters: Sagat :smile:
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    Look at all these HDR traitors! LOL

    Hahah that's hella funny.

    Oldschool HDR people add me!

    Socal :(
    Whatever whenever wherever
    Claw/Deejay and whoever else I feelz like!
    Have you played my Claw yet? (It sucks)
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Location: Midwest
    Time Available: different each day
    Main Characters: Zangief, Sagat, and going back to one of my 3s favs Dudley
  • PatakaReadaPatakaReada Over Flowers Joined: Posts: 1,458
    PSN: Danhungry4luv
    Location: Midwest-MN
    Time Available: Usually afternoons to nights
    Mains: Random

    Please go easy on me. Kinda new.
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  • Nine life catNine life cat Joined: Posts: 34
    see my ID on the left :)
    use all command throw characters :)
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Area: pensacola, Fl
    Times:SUN/WED anytime, any other day, after 1030pm CENTRAL TIME
    Console: PS3
    Characters: Blanka, Chun-li, M. Bison, Ryu, Ibuki
  • ChinNutsChinNuts May the Whooo be with you Joined: Posts: 88
    PSN ID: AZWhitebread
    Location: Arizona
    Time Available: Whenever i'm not working
    Main Characters: Dictator, t hawk
  • Fade DashFade Dash Fade Joined: Posts: 86
    PSN ID: Athrael
    Location: Boston
    Time Available: Varies but often weekends
    Main Characters: Juri, Cody, Ibuki, some others for play.
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    add me anytime
    loc: norcal
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    PSN ID: upforcrabs
    Time Available: most late nights, all of tuesday
    Main Characters: t. hawk, sakura
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    PSN ID: Bronzefist
    Location: Pittsburgh PA
    Time Available: Typically after 5:30pm EST
    Main Characters: Gen, Hakan and Adon. All at a scrub level :lol:
    MvC3: She Hulk, Thor, Hulk, Haggar lariat assist, Arthur dagger assist
    SSF4: Gen, Makoto, Adon...all at scrub level :sad:
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    Covered, thanks for contacts
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