Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Match Making Thread



  • TranquillityTranquillity Kick to the Head Joined: Posts: 50
    I'm lookin for some people to play/train with also. My Xbox name is Deke DeSilva. My schedules fairly flexible. I'm in the Indianapolis area, and I'm pretty much a beginner at SSFIV, and MvC3. I'm getting a TE stick in a few days, so I'll begin the long transition to it soon. I played SF2T back in the old days (1993) for ages with my brother, but nothing serious. I never knew all the depth of the games until a few months ago!
  • STEELWHEELSSTEELWHEELS The Team Mascot--dawilz90 Joined: Posts: 65
    XBox id: dawilz90
    location : boulder, colorado
    games: any
    characters: dan and matchups
    time: no idea, but add me as a friend :)
  • omglolreallyomglolreally Joined: Posts: 1
    Training needed. Friendly non prickish talkitive types welcome.

    I just recently started playing and need other people to play with :wasted: none of my friends play this game so it's hard for me to find practice. I'm very new and could use pointers and suggestions on who to start with as a beginner. I'm maining geif right now and I'm really enjoying it. . . I just can't seem to seal the deal in battle.

    XBL Tag: j0hnny wishb0ne
    Location: East coast NYC tri-state area. usually on randomly throughout the day but would be willing to meet up to practice at a certain time.
    Characters: Zangeif and looking for suggestions on who else to take up.
  • orangesorangesorangesoranges Joined: Posts: 1
    Started playing about two months ago after giving up on vanilla when it first came out (sucked at that too...) and still getting the hang of things. I'm basically just looking for any sort of help I can get; the occasional all-jab Dan mirror to lighten the mood and relax is always good too.

    XBL: littletrooper
    Location: East coast (NJ to be exact)
    Characters: Trying to learn Makoto and probably try to main Yang in AE
  • Mutton ChopzMutton Chopz Joined: Posts: 3
    Xbl Tag: Mutton Chopz
    Location: Griffin Ga. Not too many local things happen around here and when they do it's all Play Station crap that I can't play in because I'll never dual mod my stick)
    Characters: Pretty solid with Gouken, Ibuki, E.Honda, Dudley, and Bison, but I can really play anyone.

    I took a long hiatus from super a few months after launch and just started to get back on recently, practice for AE. I would definitely like to get some more Vega matches in as well as most of the unorthodox members of the cast such as Hakan. Need a good Viper as well. Wouldn't hurt to have a good player for the entire cast, actually. I'm free to play whenever I'm online which is whenever I'm not working. Add me, we'll play, all that mess.
  • SinderSinder Joined: Posts: 124
    XBL :dreadmaniac

    Location: Boston MA

    Characters: Rose, viper, Gen

    Anybody who plays the game, i like to help/train/ etc
  • DukAmokDukAmok Fan of Nujabes Joined: Posts: 62
    XBL: DukAmok SRK
    Location: Houston, Texas

    Looking for decent players to play against, don't care where you are as long as the lag isn't terrible. I main Boxer and Ken so there you go.

    I also don't mind giving match up tips to new players. So add away!
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    -Mr. Pink
    XBL: DukAmok SRK
    SSF4AE: Rufus
  • avidityavidity Joined: Posts: 11
    XBL: avid1ty
    Location: Florida

    Just started playing and fairly new to fighters in general. Any tips or pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • Missing PersonMissing Person Quickly becoming the Sailor Moon S guy. Joined: Posts: 14,059
    Looking for a really good akuma player for some practice. Pm me on here for matches. I am watching stuff on netflix so I won't see notifications.

    XBL: WatCnBrwnDo4U | PSN: LanierIsPlusEV/FORpowerfulGame | CFN: MissingPerson/YddeDdeDe GGPO/FightCade: Missing Person | Steam: [TAS] Missing Person | MissingPersn#1365
    Twitter: JTMMissingPersn | Instagram: jtmmissingperson | Twitch:
  • FateStayZeroFateStayZero Joined: Posts: 10
    Looking For Players on Street Fighter IV

    Looking For Good Players on SFIV i'm not saying im good or anything i just wanna practice with someone good to get better i usually just run into people jumping all over the place online spamming one or two moves over and over again not even attempting to try combos/links if anyone is interested please add me my GT is Rudest RudeBoy p.s i'll say again im not that great i know the basics but im not a pro worthy player yet i just wanna learn off someone who is good at the game
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  • spasticspastic Joined: Posts: 2
    which chars you play
  • FateStayZeroFateStayZero Joined: Posts: 10
    i play with balrog ryu and ken mainly balrog though
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  • JimcabJimcab Joined: Posts: 1
    XBL: MaskedMuffin12
    Location: SE Michigan
    Characters: My main is Bison, although I've been screwing around with dee jay/cody lately as well.

    I gave up on Super when it came out and I've been playing again recently to prepare for AE. I'm pretty average and I feel like I'm not getting any better, so if anyone is willing to give me some tips online I'd really appreciate it.
  • Mr_DobalinaMr_Dobalina Joined: Posts: 38
    XBL: Khalzar
    PSN: Khalzar
    Location: SoCal, LA area
    Games: SSF4, MvC3, WWE Allstars, MK9

    I know a lot about fighting games, but none of it means anything because I can't apply it to my game. I feel like I've hit a plateau so I'm looking for some training partners, mostly in Super Street Fighter 4, to practice with. I mainly play Cody, just because I felt he was good for a first character to learn, and I think I know him pretty well. I've pretty much only played Ranked matches, so going into Endless would be a great break.
  • SeanxFaytSeanxFayt aka KintoUn Joined: Posts: 560
    XBL: SeanxRikkuxFayt

    Location: North Carolina
    Characters: Viper

    I need more ssf4 players on my list -.-. . . if you play, and you're solid, please add me. If my friends list is full, message me on xbl.
    . . .
  • SquirtgunsSquirtguns Dumb for Crumbs Joined: Posts: 422
    XBL: Dumb 4 Crumbs
    Loc: Nor Cal

    Looking for west coast peeps to train with for AE. I'm a Balrog specialist, looking for other character specialists to practice match ups with.
    I usually sit at around 3500-4000 PP, so if you're around that level and need to practice the rog match up add me.
  • KarimlooKarimloo Joined: Posts: 662
    LOC: Toronto, Canada
    Characters: DAN
    Xbox: Karimloo1

    Old school man from the arcades, didn't play for years, and only came back 2 years ago when I discovered the arcade community revived itself. Play casually and competitively but most importantly, learn.

    Looking for Chun's, Ryu's, Ken's, Cammy's anything.. But always looking for a friend!
  • BeavithBeavith !!?!?!! Joined: Posts: 268
    Location: Mankato,MN
    Xbox Live: beavith 123
    Characters: I used to main as Dan, but since getting Third strike I've been moving to Ibuki, Makoto, and Dudley.(In that order)

    I guess I have a cocky sense of humor. Not that I think I'm fantastic or anything, just jokes and stuff like that. I'm cool with playing anybody who is serious about getting better, not just spammers.
    Playtime has ended.
  • Dmetal23Dmetal23 the second ice0age Joined: Posts: 47
    Xboxlive: Dmetal23
    loc: los angeles

    almost 5K PP and ranked matches are seemingly impossible to find at this stage. if anyone wants to play some endless battle for casuals or for serious hit me up

    i main rog and gouken but im free to play any character
  • FateStayZeroFateStayZero Joined: Posts: 10
    I Know I Posted Before but I Haven't Really gotten a message on xbl yet so ima try again on the right thread to post this (last time i made my own thread was new to site)
    XBL GT: Rudest RudeBoy
    Location: Broward County, Florida
    I Have 0 BP and PP But I'm not a noob or anything like that I'm an intermediate player and I'm looking for players to practice with even more now so cause i plan on going to CEO in Orlando June 10th so I'm looking for any players to get practice with and get better a player that can tell me my flaws and what I need to work on

    I Main Rog And Ryu i know how to play some other chars but those two are the most fun for me
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  • LazyactorLazyactor Joined: Posts: 26
    I'm not trying to make this thread to complain or anything. I've watched tutorials on youtube, I've tried to make sense of some of the character forums (though honestly a lot of those posts look like gibberish to me), been doing missions, and been playing in arcade mode.

    Yet the several times I've tried playing online I haven't won a game. Not even 1 out of 3. Not even close.

    Can someone please show me the ropes or help out or point out what I'm doing so wrong? I know one of my biggest problems is not blocking as much as I should since I come from a Mortal Kombat background and it's tough for me to get used to holding back instead. I'm getting better at it I think though. I can sometimes take about half an opponents life bar down before I get KOed. Haha.

    My gamertag is LazyActor14. If anyone can message me and maybe train me a bit I could really use the help. I do seem to be improving a little bit with online play but if someone could help I know it'd be a lot less frustrating going online to get beat for an hour straight.

    At this point I'm willing to learn any character (but I've been trying to learn Blanka). It really doesn't matter, I just want to be able to actually play the game.
  • DukAmokDukAmok Fan of Nujabes Joined: Posts: 62
    XBL: DukAmok SRK
    Location: Houston, Texas
    Man: Rufus (Next week Yun, take it with a grain of salt.)

    Add me.
    "Somebody's shoved a red-hot poker up our ass, and I want to know whose name is on the handle!"
    -Mr. Pink
    XBL: DukAmok SRK
    SSF4AE: Rufus
  • LazyactorLazyactor Joined: Posts: 26
    XBL: LazyActor14
    Location: Bay Area, CA
    Main: Blanka, but I'm looking into other characters to learn.

    I'm still really new at the game, looking for people to train with, or good players to beat me so I can watch replays and see how to improve. I'm up for ranked or endless. Just want to get more practice in!
  • FateStayZeroFateStayZero Joined: Posts: 10
    XBL: LazyActor14
    Location: Bay Area, CA
    Main: Blanka, but I'm looking into other characters to learn.

    I'm still really new at the game, looking for people to train with, or good players to beat me so I can watch replays and see how to improve. I'm up for ranked or endless. Just want to get more practice in!
    sent you a Friend request on xbl earlier today add me to learn off each other ^^
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  • MrEwntMrEwnt Joined: Posts: 79
    Location: TN
    I haven't settled on a main.
    Add me if you would; I'm not a new player, but I've always played casually (read: badly) but I'm looking to play more seriously and improve my game. I don't mind getting destroyed as long as you'll talk me through what happened; in fact I would really appreciate it.
  • sycoticfatboisycoticfatboi oreos Joined: Posts: 220
    XBL: sycoticfatb0i
    Location: SoCal
    Main: Gen, use to play abel and ryu.

    Add if you want. I think im a decent player lol. I just started using Gen for 9 days or so. I havnt played ssf4 for a very long time after ai went away :(. But i am looking for training on any char. trying to learn match up experience from anyone. Im trying to lvl up my gen game for evo. In the summer i will be free because finals. Would be great if someone can also give me tips and what i can do to lvl up my game. lolz please help i got a lot of training to do before i go.
  • Sekisei JiraikenSekisei Jiraiken Sekisei Jiraiken...FEEL DA DEMON PALM Joined: Posts: 23
    XBL: Boriqua Kyaku
    Times: from 4pm - 7pm mon-fri....anytime from sat & sun
    Main characters: Oni in AE....
  • ChinaXPChinaXP Joined: Posts: 5
    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the game and I'm looking for someone that might be able to help me out and play against on XBL or perhaps locally? I live in Skokie, Illinois. I play Ryu. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Trouble BrewingTrouble Brewing Super Coffee Fighter V Joined: Posts: 5,174 mod
    Moving to XBL matchmaking. This isn't a newbie question.
    The artist formerly known as Starcade RIP
  • xkrownedklownxxkrownedklownx Joined: Posts: 2
    im not the best but i'll play you and teach you anything i know, my gamertag is xkrownedklownx and i play balrog and sub fei long so hmu if ever wanna play
  • ChinaXPChinaXP Joined: Posts: 5
    Cool, I'll hit you up this weekend.
  • DeftinwolfDeftinwolf druid0311 xbl Joined: Posts: 23
    XBL: druid0311
    Location: Knoxville TN
    Times: before 6pm and after 9pm on weekdays. after 11pm on weekends.
    Dudes: Vega, Sagat, Guile, Fei Long
  • johnnytwotoesjohnnytwotoes Joined: Posts: 18
    XBL: itolerateyou
    Location: oHIo
    times: around 10pm EST during weekdays.

    Looking mostly for casual matches, but want to level up. I roll along with a few guys from 25yrs and up. if you want to just kick it with doods with jobs, families, etc... it's a good group to always be able to roll with regardless of skill level. hit us/me up!
    XBL Gamertag: itolerateyou (Gaming community for gamers 25 years or older. Awesome group of people. Check it out if you're old like me.)
  • foreverjdforeverjd Joined: Posts: 36
    XBL: II foreverjd II
    location: North east TX
    Times: Tues-fri 5pm 10pm CST Sat-Mon Anytime CST.

    Main is Guile, even after the AE nerfs. Like to play Oni and Bison on the side. just trying to be a great player for the community, willing to put in the hours and give back as well!!
  • MaggotSaiMaggotSai Joined: Posts: 65
    XBL: MaggotSai
    Location: Nor Cal
    Time: Varies

    I play Gen, and will occasionally pick Yang just to mix things up a bit. Send me a friend request or invite so we can play some games.
  • bullrebullre Joined: Posts: 7
    XBL: Bullre
    Location: EU, Sweden
    Main Characters: Trying to learn Sagat/Vega, haven't really settled on a main yet tho.

    Willing to play anyone but still kind of new to the game but not fighting games in general, just send a friend request if you're interested.
  • Noodie 5Noodie 5 Joined: Posts: 247
    I am an old SF player from way back when. I was heavily into SF2 (whole series) and some SF3, and used to hit local tournaments. That was ages ago lol. Now I am hardly a good player anymore I am so out of practice. I recently began getting back into SSFIV and I am looking for people to play against, practice with, etc. I have been back at it consistently for about a month now. I have a youtube channel if anyone is interested in checking out my videos for discussion, feedback, or anything youd like. Here is the link. If anyone is interested shoot me a message on here or on xbox live. My GT is Noodie5.

  • Hyun SaiHyun Sai Joined: Posts: 530
    XBL : Hyun Sai
    Location : West Indies
    Main : Dee Jay

    Trying to get back in action my rusty Dee Jay in AE. Usually and due to location, the best connection I can have is with players of South and East Coast. Mexico too.
  • onilordzonilordz self-proclaimed adequate player Joined: Posts: 48
    XBL: onilordz
    Location: parts unknown (los angeles)
    Main: come and find out

    want some players to gauge my ability with.
  • ZOMBIEGUTS TZAZOMBIEGUTS TZA Mediocre Player Joined: Posts: 472
    I'm looking for good players,as good or better than me please.

    Main Characters:Ryu,Guy
    SFxT:Kazuya x Ryu
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