Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Match Making Thread



  • Ghidorah14Ghidorah14 Still drowning in Xenoverse's RNG. 100% completion or bust! Joined: Posts: 84
    If there's anyone in the state of california, I'm looking for training partners. If there's anyone new to SF, I'd be happy to help ease you into the game and learn characters.

    XBL GT: Ghidorah14
    Location: California
    Time: I'm free most days of the week, usually mid-day to around midnight.
    Characters: Juri, Dudley, Akuma, Ken, Cammy, Balrog.
    Mic: I have one. It would make things easier if you did as well.
    SF4 Main - Juri
    Secondary - Dudley
    Tertiary- Akuma, Ken
  • KingJasperKingJasper Joined: Posts: 2
    XBL GT: L KingJasper L
    Location: California
    Time: I'm free most days of the week, usually mid-day to around midnight or even later.
    Characters: Still trying to find one
    Mic: Yes prefer if you have one too
  • RakugakidRakugakid Stuffed Joined: Posts: 1
    XBL: S7AR 68
    Location: North Carolina
    Time: Anytime is fine
    Characters: C.viper, Sakura, Makoto, Cammy, Juri, Poison
    Mic-I have one I just don't use it

    I'm new so if there are any other beginners who want to practice msg me anytime.
    Skullgirls- Double, Fortune, Parasoul,

  • Onika_Maraj_08Onika_Maraj_08 Joined: Posts: 4
    edited January 2016
    XBL: Onika Maraj 08
    Location: Toronto, ON
    Availability: late afternoon, late evenings
    Mains: Chun li, decapre, cammy, blanka, juri but I'll play almost all characters
    Mic: have a cheap one but I rarely use it

    Relatively new to the game, but I can hold my own quite often. People who are intermediate level and below preferred. Hit me up!
  • WazurauWazurau 悲憤慷慨 Joined: Posts: 21
    XBL: DaBeast48 (made in 6th grade lol)
    Location: Texas
    Time: Whenever
    Juri, E. Ryu, Oni

    Add me and just send me a message saying you're from SRK.
    Not amazing at all so novices feel free to practice with me
    SSFIV:AE/USFIV: Main: Juri Secondaries: Oni, E. Ryu, Chun-Li
    SFV: Main: Juri Secondary: Chun-Li
    Melee: Main: Falco Secondaries: Peach, Marth
    MK, MK II, MK III: Main: Subzero
    MK IX: Main: Kitana Secondary: Subzero
    MK X: Main: D'Vorah Secondaries: Subzero, Kitana
    SC II: Main: Nightmare Secondaries: Necrid, Talim
    SC V: Main: Natsu Secondary: Cervantes
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