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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Match Making Thread



  • WildThing360WildThing360 <<Listen To The Music>> Joined: Posts: 3
    Yes my first post on Shoryuken!
    Anyways, I consider myself an alright player (slightly above scrub status) but would love to have some friends to spar with in order to improve myself and further my potential as a player. Most of the time I'm available to play with in the evenings but I get on during day often.

    XBL GT: Wild Thing 360
    Location: Jacksonville, Florida
    Main Characters: Chun li, Sakura, and Cammy
    XBL GT: Wild Thing 360
    PSN: Wild Thing 0079

    SC5: Natsu and Leixia
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  • blazes21blazes21 Joined: Posts: 1
    More used to mvc3 but trying to learn SF looking for a beginner/intermediate player to spar against or if u just want to beat my ass thats fine.
    xbox live : blazes21
    Location: Eastcoast
    main: trying to learn guile.
  • Spoonybard37Spoonybard37 Joined: Posts: 1
    Looking for all ranges of skill to spar/ train with. I'm on a lot of the time. Getting back into the grove of SF thanks to the release of AE. I'd say my skill ranges about intermediate.
    XBL GT: Spoonybard37
    Location: Bentonville, Arkansas/ Aurora, Colorado
    Main Characters: Juri, Chun-li
  • Trini_JudokaTrini_Judoka salty...since 09 Joined: Posts: 1,317
    FIIIIIINALLY on the BOX! 10 years as a PSN diehard. That outage rubbed me the wrong way I tell you.

    GT: JoBronze
    LOC: Brooklyn, NYC

    Plays a fair Honda/Gief and shitty Sagat/Sim. And I'm pretty much free as fuc to KD mixup vortex characters. smh
    Currently playing: I wish. gotta work son

    psn/xbl: JoBronze

    Brooklyn Bitchezzz
  • TaLeNT Sh0wTaLeNT Sh0w Joined: Posts: 37
    GT : TaLeNT Sh0w
    LOC : North MS / Memphis area
    Chars : Balrog, Sagat

    If anyone wants to grind a bunch of games or instruct a newb look me up. Im new to fighters and am looking to get better.
    09er ? Nah, I'm a 2012er. Kappa
  • Kyo_VanditKyo_Vandit Joined: Posts: 278
    PSN: Kyo2k9
    XBL : Vandit Reverse
    Location : North California
    Main : Dhalsim, Blanka..
  • Tye@lTye@l Plays every 2D beat-em-up Joined: Posts: 137
    XBL: Tyeal
    Location: Las Vegas
    Main: None

    Trying to get back to basics, in desperate need of someone to help beat them into me.
    I may not be the most knowledgeable fighter, or the most experienced. But I like to help and offer whatever advice I can, when I can.
  • VolacideVolacide Joined: Posts: 63
    Like a large majority of folks in this thread, I am totally new. We're talking blank slate here. I got AE on June 28th and it's the first Street Fighter I've played since II. ;p I would appreciate it if anyone, I mean anyone, would add me for a couple games/pointers. Thanks, you guys rock.

    XBL: Volacide
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Main: Juri, I've taken a liking to her after trying out some characters. Very open to suggestions though.
  • PinkPink Joined: Posts: 16
    XBL: JaguarRose
    Location: Eastern Canada
    Time: Evenings and Weekends (minus Saturday nights), but varies depending on how busy I am outside of work hours.

    About as new as you can get here... Have played quite a few games online with a couple of friends and have spent a good bit of time in training mode, but I really need more people to play with to help me get better at this game. Street Fighter's a very new style of fighter to me, so trying my best to adapt to it! Currently trying to main Juri, but thinking of trying others, too. Probably an alt to cover Juri's really bad match-ups.

    Hoping to get some practicing going, but we shall see!
  • onilordzonilordz self-proclaimed adequate player Joined: Posts: 48
    XBL: onilordz
    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Time: from when i wake up ( ranges from 10 to 11 am) to about 11pm or 12am ( depends on gf aggro :P)
    main: oni (kinda a given)
    alts:E.ryu, yun, boxer, fei long

    experienced player willing to teach all who need it. also willing to give out pointers on characters. i have plenty of knowledge on all characters.
    as for now apprentice time is closed due to me wanting to actually compete at EVO so training is on the priority list for me. but if you drop in ill tell you some things about your play style and if you beat me well i have more to learn then. we can run sets yadda yadda. :D

    hope to get some matches from you all on XBL!!

    (update aug 2 2011)
    got bodied at EVO but i am not giving up!

    apprentice time now OPEN please feel free to pm me or send me message via XBL. working on getting a dual mod for both of my sticks and a ps3 to help all around the spectrum!
    hope to get plenty of you all up to speed and or tuned up in your fighting game experience.
    -onilordz =D
  • XIEmperorIXXIEmperorIX Joined: Posts: 3
    XBL: XIEmperorIX
    Location: La Habra, California
    Time: Various and random times throughout the day
    main: Adon
    alts: Ryu, Yang, and trying to pick up Oni
  • Mr_DobalinaMr_Dobalina Joined: Posts: 38
    XBL: Khalzar
    PSN: Khalzar
    Time: Morning, Afternoon, Night (Basically whenever I'm on XBL, I'm on AE)
    Main: Balrog(Boxer)
    Alts: ???

    Looking for any level skill player for lots of practice. I'm finally getting into the game more seriously and I feel I'm starting to get an understanding of the game, but I'd like to have sparring/training partners to evaluate skill growth and matchup knowledge. I'm mostly an XBL player right now, it's what I have set up to my lag-free Asus monitor.
  • II Enix IIII Enix II Hold dat. Joined: Posts: 114
    XBL: II Enix II
    Location: England
    Any time, not any nights in specific just give me a shout and we'll sort something out.
    Characters: Yun - I play a lot of characters, but I only want training with Yun.

    Been around for a while but definitely looking to get more training in with my Yun. No characters in specific, just need good players to train with.
    Drinkin' that haterade.
    GT: II Enix II
  • TekFXTekFX Joined: Posts: 7
    XBL: TekFX
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Time: Usually 9pm until 2 to 3am.
    Characters: Rose, and trying to pick up Duddley.

    Relatively new to SSF4 and recently picked up AE. Looking for high level gameplay to kick my arse into the next level.
  • Aaron GAaron G Joined: Posts: 73
    XBL: MaterialAaron
    Location: Valencia, CA
    Time: pretty random usually but nights are probably more likely
    Characters: Cody

    I've been playing the game since vanilla but have been playing Cody since ssf4 came out and he's been my main ever since. I'm starting to compete in tournaments because I feel like I'm pretty close to reaching a higher competitive level in the game. I will be going to EVO in a couple weeks but I really need some training against a lot of different characters but most importantly Abel because I am pretty consistent at losing to Abel's!
  • X_SwordX_Sword -+FGs, Art, and Beats+- Joined: Posts: 1,803
    XBL: SwxrdZ
    Location: East coast, US
    Any time,
    Characters: Ryu. Fei-long, Guile. want to use Yun

    Been playing Ryu since A2, picked up Fei Long and Guile in SF4. I want to win, so I want to use Yun
  • Phil _SSF4Phil _SSF4 Joined: Posts: 58
    XBL: Mepha
    Location: UK
    Time: Whenever I'm on, which is often
    Characters: Ryu

    I'm learning. Total scrub. Added a few of you from here, hoping to get some scrub action lobbies going on!

    Peace :)
  • XiahouXiahou Joined: Posts: 223
    XBL: Xiaho
    Location: UK
    Time: Around night time UK, afternoon USA. Would be better sending a FR so we can just play when both online.
    Characters: Ibuki (Can use Cody if anyone wants to learn that matchup)
  • ReturnOfSantaReturnOfSanta SALTY SANTA Joined: Posts: 430
    XBL: NPMafia Santa
    Location: Southern California
    Time: All day till class starts aug 22
    Characters: Cody. I'm learning the game and character still so I'd appreciate if I could play with someone who could give me feedback on how to improve. Just send a FR and we can play whenever.
    AE: Cody
    SFxT: Cody x Bryan
    SoCal Casuals @ the Oceanside Fight Club!
  • SentinelPilotSentinelPilot For my Kingdom Joined: Posts: 93
    XBL: AncientMech
    Location: Weston, Florida
    Time: Nights to late nights (around 9-9:30 up until 1-2a.m.)
    Main: Oni
    Really just looking to fight good players. I am pretty new to the game but I am looking forward to some good fights to improve. I can also play other games other than SSF4AE.
    BlazBlue CS2: Tager, Jin
    Future Main: Relius Clover
    Skullgirls Teams
    Solo: Parasoul
    Two man: Parasoul, Peacock/Cerebella
    Full Team: Peacock, Parasoul, Cerebella
    Massive Hype for Skullgirls!!!
  • chickenbuttchickenbutt Nope Joined: Posts: 104
    XBL: Espada Tiburon
    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Time: Usually after 1pm PST til late nights
    Characters: Rose (Not very good. Looking for people to learn the game with or that could help me with the game.)
  • FrostylongcatFrostylongcat Joined: Posts: 9
    XBL: Frostylongcat
    Location: Austin, Texas
    Time: Playing off and on 24/7, mostly play at nights on the weekends, but I'm on fairly often.
    Characters: I've been maining Fei ever since vanilla, but I can pretty much play every single character fairly well. If you need any help at all learning any match-ups, I'm your man. I've been fooling around with Oni recently, and I've got more experience with Dictator as a secondary, but I can help with pretty much any match-up. Still trying to level up my Fei, so if you don't mind fighting him I could use the practice.
    SSFIV: Been playing Fei Long ever since vanilla. Can pretty much play the entire roster moderately well, it's the only way to learn the matchups.
    Stick with what you know, ignore the tiers.
  • FallionFallion Joined: Posts: 4
    XBL: Fallion86
    Location: Las Vegas, NV
    Time: Mon-Fri around 5-930
    Characters: Rufus, Zangief, and Juri

    Just starting out and am looking to cut my teeth with some online matches. I'm somewhere between beginner and intermediate. I'm looking to play anybody; from fellow newbies looking to get better, or seasoned players willing to put up with my rookie shenanigans as I refine my game.
  • SlamnSlamn mere man Joined: Posts: 17
    XBL: slamnsamn
    Location: East coast, US
    Time: Usually on nights between 10 p.m and 3 a.m and most weekends/days off.
    Characters: I enjoy playing much of the cast but lately Sakura, Seth, Cammy, and Sagat.

    I have been playing on and off for about a year and a half so I have the basics down but still have a lot to improve upon. Get at me for some friendly matches. I'm also down for training sessions where we analyze and help each other improve.
    XBL: slamnsamn
  • James MorrisseyJames Morrissey Joined: Posts: 9
    XBL: kichwa tembo
    Location: Riverside, CA (So Cal)
    Time: Usually on nights between 6pm-12 am. On my days off I'm on randomly.
    Characters: I play Ryu, Sagat, Fei Long, and I'm trying to use Yang.

    I've been playing for about a year now but I'm trying to go to tournaments and stuff this fall/winter. I'm planning on going to Evo next year so I'm trying to get all the practice I can get. I am randomly found at James Games and Round 1 from time to time. I'm also interested in a training partner too. Whether it's strictly online or local it doesn't matter.
  • SkywalkinSkywalkin Shoosh! Joined: Posts: 171
    XBL: Lucas skywalkin
    Location: UK
    Time: Most of the time
    Characters: maining Akuma

    Beginner level, but im accepting all challengers! Need to get better, so regular matches with people would be cool!
  • elDarkelDark 100% white meat Joined: Posts: 89
    XBL: HyugoStiglitz
    Location: East Coast US
    Time: Afternoons and nights
    Main: Cody
    Alt: Guile
    XBL: HyugoStiglitz
    PSN: AsianManz
  • Snackz SonSnackz Son Gotta Luv a Females Legs <3 Joined: Posts: 57
    XBL: Snackz Son
    Loc: East Coast
    Time: Afternoon and Nights
    Main: Seth
    Alt: Chun Li
    I just switch to Xbox so I dont have any friends -___- Plus im waiting for my TE stick to come.
    GT: vKai DreaMz

    SSF4 AE: Chun Li, Ibuki, Adon
  • DanteDante HAPPY END - 行き止まり Joined: Posts: 1,031
    GamerTag: EvilDante744
    Loc: Ohio
    Time: Afternoon and Nightime
    Main: Ryu
    Alt: Evil Ryu, Sakura, Guy
    message me when your ready to play and I will add you guys
    UMvC3: Dante/Vergil/Strider Hiryu | Persona 4 Arena: Yukiko I Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012: Guy Rank A

    ‎"The most intelligent people disguise the fact that they are intelligent. Wise men do not wear nametags. The more people talk about their own skills, the more desperate they are — their work should speak for itself."
  • B-RYE313B-RYE313 Joined: Posts: 65
    location: Atlanta, GA
    Time: any time after 5 o'clock pm.
    Main: Ibuki no other or secondary.
    That Guy that just left you crying.
  • knnth192oknnth192o Joined: Posts: 38
    XBL: KPK9
    Location: Southern California
    Time Available: Nights, usually on weekends
    Main Character: Akuma only
    PP: average 2800
  • DirtySanchezDirtySanchez Joined: Posts: 295
    Xbl= aka Tony Stark
    Location= NYC
    Time Available= noon till the afternoon.
    Main character= Vega (claw)

    Just tell me you're from srk and you're looking for some games.
    joe camel
  • RemitiusRemitius xbl: Remitius SRK Joined: Posts: 5
    XBL: Remitius SRK
    Location: Southern US
    Time: Varies heavily
    Characters: Balrog, some random alts

    I'll add anyone who is at least subpar at the game.
    I have a good internet connection
    I don't have a mic
  • mike3640mike3640 Joined: Posts: 66
    XBL: mike3640
    Location: NYC
    Time: Nights after 7, Tues, Wed. afternoons, Weekends
    Characters: Balrog, Ryu, learning Rufus
    I'm subpar at SSF4 but solid at MVC3
  • Squawking GooseSquawking Goose Scrubby Gouken Joined: Posts: 12
    XBL: GapingJewwAZZ
    Location: Santa Cruz, CA
    Time: Weekdays, weeknights, weekends, whenever
    Characters: Gouken, Akuma, Dan, Hakan, Adon

    I have a mic, so trying to talk.
    relatively new to fighting games
    XBL GT: WashedUpHaloGod
    Games: SSFIV AE, SSB N64, Any shooting game.
  • Murk-TacticsMurk-Tactics Dat 1 frame link Joined: Posts: 13
    XBL: o MurkTactics o
    Location: Norfolk VA
    Time: anytime
    Characters: Abel, Chun li,Bison,Ryu,Ken

    I'm also on PSN: Murk-Tactics

    Mic: Yes

    GamerTag: fallbacktryf1

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  • MagnetiXMagnetiX みんな で オナニ を しましょう! Joined: Posts: 588
    XBL: Magnetix11388
    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
    Time: Just add me up, I'm usually on whenever
    Character(s): Makoto
    Mic: Yep

    I'm a D+/C player, just got AE less than a week ago and haven't played SF4 since the original came out and I hated it but I'm trying to get back into it with AE. If any new/intermediate players wanna play, add me up. I'm cool with higher level players adding/playing me since that's all I play with anyways since all my friends have been playing SF4 since release, but I'd prefer people around my range or a bit higher. Just add me up :)
    I have a fever. And the only RX, is more Reflector.
    MagnetiX : I had to prove myself!!!
    XBL = Magnetix11388
  • Ryujin_OsaiRyujin_Osai leggo Joined: Posts: 312
    Location: EastCoast
    time: on at random times during week days.but on more frequently on weekends
    Charcters:try to play with all char but for now I Like using Ken,Oni,Dudly, would really like to learn: Guy, Chun li,Dee jay
    Mic:nope.but in the process of getting one

    played fighters on and off for a years but wanna try and get better.looking for a teacher or beginner to intermediates
    to spar with.trying to fix mental lapses in game.a lot to work on for me.
  • pennylanepennylane Joined: Posts: 382
    XBL: SturDGoldenBear
    Location: Bay Area
    Times: Evenings (play at least a few days a week, 8pm-midnight typically)
    Main: Viper
    PP: 1000-1500
    Mic: By default, no, but if you let me now in advance I'll use one.

    I suck. I'm looking for anyone who can give me feedback on how I can improve. I know what I'm bad at (wake-up, zoning), but I'm having trouble figuring out what the right things to do are. Anyone with any amount of knowledge on their character would probably be helpful (even people relatively new). I'm willing to give feedback on stuff I can, as well (though most people who see this will be better than me).
    Bay Area / USF4, SFV / PSN: Rufus_Gunderson
  • DramatixDramatix Could be better. Joined: Posts: 4,607
    XBL: WeirdHoodie
    Location: USA, Maryland
    Times: Just message me whenever you want to play.
    Main: I'm working well with Rose at the moment.
    PP: Don't remember, but I know it's very low.
    Mic: No

    In short, I'm crap, so I'm looking for someone to spar with and some feedback to help me improve.
    "Everyone in here has had someone who tried to convince them that they were sexually harassed, and you did not believe them because they were not cute."
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