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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Match Making Thread



  • razersaw36razersaw36 Joined: Posts: 4
    edited July 2013
    EDIT* Sorry--wrong thread!
  • DrGreyDrGrey Joined: Posts: 2
    XBL: OZombiePenguinO
    Location: Toronto (East Coast)
    Time: Nights and some weekends. Some random times.
    Characters: Ryu, Ken, Yun, Fei Long
    Mic: Yes (I don't mind if you don't have one)
    PP: 500-2000
  • eddy_bwoiiieddy_bwoiii Joined: Posts: 8
    I know this is random. but anyone up for meeting up in london to play ssf4:ae?
    Chuck Norris does not mow his lawn... He just stares at the grass and dares it to grow...
  • JustinAkatsukiJustinAkatsuki Joined: Posts: 217
    XBL: JustinAkatsuki
    Location: Florida
    Time: Mostly nights
    Characters: Guile, Gen, C viper, Ken, Zangeif
    Mic: Nope :/
    PP: 0 lol

    My friends list is full so i would prefer if someone would message me and im a newbie at this game so don't be so brutal against me....
  • ayupanayupan Joined: Posts: 4
    XBL: Ayumi 786
    Location: California
    Time: 7pm-11pm & other random hours.
    Characters: Makoto, Juri, Dee Jay, Guile
    Mic: No
    PP: 1000-1500
  • KILL_GOJIRAKILL_GOJIRA Wordson inc. Joined: Posts: 1
    ec connection
    I Suck. I Play to Learn.
    F.U.N. inc.
  • HisNameIsLHisNameIsL Your best friend Joined: Posts: 518
    Hey, all. I'm just now starting to get back into Street Fighter after a long Marvel stint and I'm playing Rose exclusively. I'm looking for experienced players (I hate to say this, but preferably 3000+ PP) who play the following characters primarily: Balrog, M. Bison, Vega, Rufus, Blanka, Sagat, and T. Hawk.

    XBL: LoganLongstride
    Location: Austin, TX
    Time: Random
    Characters: Rose
    Mic: No (don't care if you have one)
    PP: 3000+
  • xKingJeffxKingJeff Joined: Posts: 25
    edited May 2014
    XBL: xKing Jeff
    Location: New York
    Time: Random
    Characters: Evil Ryu
    Mic: No (I'll get one soon)
    PP: 1500-2000
  • LGbuddahLGbuddah Joined: Posts: 2
    New player down to train all day I learn fast
    Gt: Buddhist x
    Location: Las Vegas
    I got a mic
  • AviatrixxAviatrixx Joined: Posts: 24
    Location: Singapore
    Time: Weekends
    Characters: Dudley, Akuma, Seth, Sakura, Rufus, Guile, Fei Long, Ryu, Yun, Yang, Oni, Zangief, Gen, Bison, Adon, Cammy
    Mic: No
    PP: 2k~
  • BurningSnakeBurningSnake Joined: Posts: 31
    edited May 2014
    Amateur who has been playing this since last December, with around 400PP.

    XBLA: charlieokonkwo6
    Time: Weekends, after 4:00 o clock on weekdays
    Characters: Balrog, Vega, Juri
    Mic: Yes, though I prefer not 2 use it most of the time and dislike voice chat because others might hear our conversations (I hate that).

    Looking for a mentor to tell me what I'm doing wrong and help me out to impove so I can stop getting my butt beaten, preferrably someone who knows at least one of the 3 characters I mentioned. I have room for about 17 more, so just add me on on XBLA and just send me a message there telling me that you saw my comment here.
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  • Mystic_RiftMystic_Rift Player on the search Joined: Posts: 9
    Intermediate player coming back from Street Fighter hiatus. I'm 17 and been trying to get better in Street Fighter for about 3 or 4 years. My reason why I take breaks from the game is because I live in CT so the scene is dead here (so I rely solely on online and not having a scene somewhat destroys your motivation to get better), personal reasons, and school gets in the way of my practicing. I still love the game, it's just people online don't respect the game enough so I tend to stay away from ranked (that implies I'm an endless player).

    XBL: CT Myst
    Location: CT, USA
    Time: I'm available mostly on weekends (Friday is included). On Fridays the time is, 5pm-1am. Saturdays 9am-11pm. Sundays 7am-6pm. If I'm not busy during the week I can play from 2:30-6pm.
    Character(s): Right now I'm only focusing on E. Ryu
    Mic: No, my headphone jack on my arcade stick doesn't work, but I go on xbox.com to type my messages.

    What I'm looking for is a mentor, someone that can help some of my bad habits and point out new flaws in my system. Not to be too picky but I'm really looking for a player that KNOWS Street Fighter and plays like a tournament player (understands spacing, great footsie game, mind games are on point). If you're not going to be my mentor, message me if you want to play me, I'm too bad at the game :).
    Need some good comp..i lost my old tag.i was mexgief....im in Chicago..i main gief...my tag is UR3NMEHERE
    SIFU SHI YAN JU.....
  • julianjsequeidajulianjsequeida Joined: Posts: 18
    Looking for people to play online / offline I live in so cal San Bernardino county
    Gamer tag : sketch puppy
    Hit me up 2500pp+
  • Jox_in_a_BoxJox_in_a_Box Joined: Posts: 56
    GT: Jox in a Box
    location: Central Florida
    Main: T Hawk and learning Hugo, Gouken

    I don't have a mic.

    Could use more friends for tournaments and such :)
    I like T Hawk and a good sandwich.

    Follow me on Twitter: xblmasterjox

    GT: Jox in a Box
  • KakashiKopyKatKakashiKopyKat Joined: Posts: 35
    GT: KakashiKopyKat

    Location: New York
    Main: Learning Viper but I also play Rose

    No mic
    Looking for friends to play with
  • feetflyfeetfly Soru spaaahk! Joined: Posts: 42
    GT: Incapacitant
    Location: UK
    Do have mic

    Looking for friends/people who can help me start to get good at this game. Definitely need a little guidance lol
    Add me on XBL for Ultra SF?
    GT: Incapacitant
    Be sure to let me know how you got my GT.
    Always happy to play people!
  • AVCAVC always learning Joined: Posts: 410
    XBL: AVC Skeme
    Location: New York City
    Time: almost everyday from about 4pm on
    Characters: i can play a little bit of everyone just looking for more people to practice on line Cody, Ryu, Rolento, Adon, Gouken, Guile, Akuma
    Mic: Yes

  • PsychoPower0110PsychoPower0110 Joined: Posts: 1
    XBL: DTB SmoothBunz
    Location: Pennsylvania
    Characters: Main: M.Bison and Cody...Trying to learn Yun, Rolento, and Guy
    Time: every day after 10pm eastern standard time
    Mic: Yes
  • ZinxuZinxu Joined: Posts: 2
    XBL: onimeno14
    Location: Pennsylvania
    Character: Makoto and Ibuki kind of stopped playing ibuki, Learning Yun, and thinking about learning cody
    Time:Everyday until college lets back in after that it will be anytime after 4 pm or so
    Mic: Yes
    On a side note if there are any makoto players out there or yun definitely i could use some help my makoto is good but i struggle and certain match ups and there are holes that could be filled to turn into a better makoto always open for critique and just like to get better overall at street fighter and my characters.
  • Orochi_AizenOrochi_Aizen Noob On The Rise Joined: Posts: 1
    edited July 2014
    XBL Tag: Orochi Aizen
    Location: DFW, Texas
    Character: M. Bison, still looking to fine tune a 2nd (T. Hawk) and 3rd (Hugo)
    Time: Weekdays before 3 p.m. & after 11 p.m. Weekends vary
    Mic: Yep

    I picked up SF4 a few months ago and I got one friend who's also serious about getting better at this game but is slacking lately. Looking for a partner or group to practice endlessly, gain knowledge, and make a name in the FGC eventually.
    I'm new here, so please be as ROUGH as possible.
  • B_RaBBiiTTB_RaBBiiTT Xrd: Zato SF5: Laura Twitter @Official_JRD PSN aBoB_Ryn Joined: Posts: 325
    XBL OG Swiizy
    I'm using Guile I'm in NYC haven't traveled to NLBC in awhile would like to use online for match-up's
  • SpacedSkySpacedSky Joined: Posts: 1
    XBL: SpacedSky
    Location: Louisville, KY
    Chars: Ibuki, Makoto, and learning Juri
    Time: Anytime in the afternoon and most nights, Eastern time

    I main Ibuki and would really love to get some match-up knowledge. I've been playing since Super came out and try to play every day possible.
  • Spikeman750Spikeman750 ^Basically me when compared to better Vega players Joined: Posts: 197
    Location:Michigan, USA
    Characters:Vega, Balrog(kinda), trying to pick up T. Hawk
    Time:(going by EST/EDT) Anytime between 1PM and midnight
    Mic:Yes, but I don't really use it
    Steam - spikeman750
    360, Wii U, CFN ID - slice2612
    If it's SF and Vega's in the roster, I'm likely maining him. Yes, even in the EX series too.
    As for everything else:
    VF, VF2, VF4, VF5FS: Wolf
    SC2, SC5: Maxi
    Xrd: Venom, maybe Jack-O?
  • PhiZaRoaHPhiZaRoaH Joined: Posts: 34
    edited August 2014
    XBL TAG: PhiZaRoaH
    Location: So-Cal
    Characters: E.Ryu, Ryu(only two I'm on right now)
    Time:Often, Very Often.
    Mic: Si

    Use to be decent 5 years ago, but that type of time off can kill anyone's game. Looking to take some beatings & learn.
  • Ghost-_-WriterGhost-_-Writer CareerMavin.com Joined: Posts: 75
    Hey, anyone interested in an online league with cash prizes and a small entry fee? I'm thinking about starting one up. probably have to be US only for lag purposes. I would also come up with rules to weed out cheaters, I think it can be done. If so hit me up.
  • Teh MorphTeh Morph Seeking friendly games of UMvC3 and SF IV: AE Joined: Posts: 12
    XBL: Teh Morph
    Location: NorCal Bay Area
    Times: Nights and Weekends
    Main: Juri, Dudley,Akuma
    Learning: Evil Ryu, Ibuki, Hugo
  • docmorales24docmorales24 Joined: Posts: 1
    edited January 2015
    Xbl docmorales24
    current location is Okinawa Japan
    main dhalsim
    I'm really just looking for anybody in the Okinawa area that's pretty savvy with the fgc here. Lag is bad, so if you're in america you shouldn't try and play me
  • B_RaBBiiTTB_RaBBiiTT Xrd: Zato SF5: Laura Twitter @Official_JRD PSN aBoB_Ryn Joined: Posts: 325
    it says xbox live thread but w.e my GT for 360 is OG Swiizy
  • FearTheFuhajinFearTheFuhajin Trying to git gud *again* Joined: Posts: 214
    edited February 2015
    XBL: SoraTehGoon (will be changed to TaiteFGC soon)
    Location: Central Alabama
    Time: Fridays-Sundays. I'm a high school student and a JROTC Cadet, so my time is pretty varied.
    Character: No solidified main, but I can play Sakura, Juri, and Guy
    Mic: No, but I can pick one up!
    Steam ID: TaiteFGC
    Playstation Network: TaiteFGC

    I wish I could change my username...
    Check out this guide created by myself and the boys over at the Sakura thread (RIP USF4): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eeIc5GM3waM3fYhz2UefmD9gznynb56yeMFD16MYLhQ/pub
  • Ghidorah14Ghidorah14 Still drowning in Xenoverse's RNG. 100% completion or bust! Joined: Posts: 84
    If there's anyone in the state of california, I'm looking for training partners. If there's anyone new to SF, I'd be happy to help ease you into the game and learn characters.

    XBL GT: Ghidorah14
    Location: California
    Time: I'm free most days of the week, usually mid-day to around midnight.
    Characters: Juri, Dudley, Akuma, Ken, Cammy, Balrog.
    Mic: I have one. It would make things easier if you did as well.
    SF4 Main - Juri
    Secondary - Dudley
    Tertiary- Akuma, Ken
  • KingJasperKingJasper Joined: Posts: 2
    XBL GT: L KingJasper L
    Location: California
    Time: I'm free most days of the week, usually mid-day to around midnight or even later.
    Characters: Still trying to find one
    Mic: Yes prefer if you have one too
  • RakugakidRakugakid Stuffed Joined: Posts: 1
    XBL: S7AR 68
    Location: North Carolina
    Time: Anytime is fine
    Characters: C.viper, Sakura, Makoto, Cammy, Juri, Poison
    Mic-I have one I just don't use it

    I'm new so if there are any other beginners who want to practice msg me anytime.
    Skullgirls- Double, Fortune, Parasoul,

  • Onika_Maraj_08Onika_Maraj_08 Joined: Posts: 4
    edited January 2016
    XBL: Onika Maraj 08
    Location: Toronto, ON
    Availability: late afternoon, late evenings
    Mains: Chun li, decapre, cammy, blanka, juri but I'll play almost all characters
    Mic: have a cheap one but I rarely use it

    Relatively new to the game, but I can hold my own quite often. People who are intermediate level and below preferred. Hit me up!
  • WazurauWazurau 悲憤慷慨 Joined: Posts: 22
    XBL: DaBeast48 (made in 6th grade lol)
    Location: Texas
    Time: Whenever
    Juri, E. Ryu, Oni

    Add me and just send me a message saying you're from SRK.
    Not amazing at all so novices feel free to practice with me
    SSFIV:AE/USFIV: Main: Juri Secondaries: Oni, E. Ryu, Chun-Li
    SFV: Main: Juri Secondary: Chun-Li
    Melee: Main: Falco Secondaries: Peach, Marth
    MK, MK II, MK III: Main: Subzero
    MK IX: Main: Kitana Secondary: Subzero
    MK X: Main: D'Vorah Secondaries: Subzero, Kitana
    SC II: Main: Nightmare Secondaries: Necrid, Talim
    SC V: Main: Natsu Secondary: Cervantes
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