Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Match Making Thread



  • -=KOH=--=KOH=- In Japan Joined: Posts: 1,570
    Anybody can hit me up for SSF4 this week, I play Dudley and Rufus mainly, but I'll be trying more characters.

    My psn is kohryusan
    All the way in the back of the food stamp line.
  • HZ!HZ! Freddy Kreuger's dayjob Joined: Posts: 189
    on when i can get kids off tv
    mains - dont have any ill be expirementing
    skill level - not that great haha
    Location - BC, Canada
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  • zxsHinozxsHino w/ cheese Joined: Posts: 36
    PSN - lawlcakezxD
    Location - NorCal
    Times - Pretty random..but I play more on late nights.
    Skill level - ..Decent I guess?
    Characters - Guile, Balrog/Boxer, Bison/Dictator. Learning Makoto.
  • Psycho Power JPsycho Power J Vegetarian Nightmare Joined: Posts: 186
    PSN ID: PsychoPowerJ
    Location: SF Bay Area
    Time Available: Random
    Main Characters: Zangief, Balrog (Boxer), and learning Ibuki.
    Beloved by Japanese schoolgirls.
  • ChuFyeChuFye Zee Shampionnn!!! Joined: Posts: 46
    Location : Caribbean
    Characters : Hakan, Guy, Sagat, Gouken

    Can someone please beat me already. Its getting boring winning all the time.
    Gamertag : CHU FYE FUR
  • Halcyone3Halcyone3 Joined: Posts: 9
    PSN: Halcione3
    location: Florida
    characters: juri, cammy, ibuki

    a bit scrubby, so take it easy on me >_>
  • Shadow5587Shadow5587 MagCheato Joined: Posts: 71
    PSN ID: shadow5587
    Location: Queens, NY
    Time Available: 6-10 PM usually
    Main Character: Balrog
  • electstarelectstar Joined: Posts: 10
    PSN : Electstar
    Location : Montreal, Canada
    Characters : Ryu, Juri, Cody,
  • ShigegakiShigegaki じゅりさんが Joined: Posts: 185
    PSN ID: Shigegaki
    Location: San Diego, Ca
    Time Available: Afternoons & Evenings till 2am PST
    Main Characters: Juri
    SSFIVAE2012: Ryu / Gen
  • Gouki7Gouki7 Join Date: Apr 2003 Joined: Posts: 422
    PSN ID: kiknchikn7
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Time Available: Whenever i'm on
    Main Characters: Bison, Rufus, Dudley, Balrog, Deejay
    Jumping is useless.
  • laceysanlaceysan golden pyramid... Joined: Posts: 788
    PSN: Laceysan
    Location: So Cal
    Characters: Gouken
    Time: Pretty random, but usually multiple times throughout the day
  • lseelbalseelba You must defeat ShengLong Joined: Posts: 870
    Name: LouTheVI
    Zone: East Coast
    Time on: Nights
    Mains: T Hawk, Guile, Elf

    SRK will be down will we preform maintanance on the site.
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  • ChinNutsChinNuts May the Whooo be with you Joined: Posts: 88
    Name: AZWhitebread
    Zone: Arizona, but have a decent connection
    Time on: Evenings, but occasionally throughout the day.
    Mains: T Hawk, Bison
  • WorthlessWorthless SHOOTTHECORE Joined: Posts: 1,228
    PSN ID: Worthless_scrub
    Location: East Coast,Massachusetts
    Time Available: late night
    Main Characters: Cody

    edit:Just added most of the EC people :tup:
    IMM mod....still bad at fighters though :/

    av by me
  • Kyo_VanditKyo_Vandit Joined: Posts: 278
    PSN ID: Kyo_Vandit
    Location: West Coast California
    Time Available: late night
    Main Characters: Blanka
  • Kyo_VanditKyo_Vandit Joined: Posts: 278
    PSN ID: Kyo_Vandit
    Location: West Coast California
    Time Available: late night
    Main Characters: Blanka
  • Kyo_VanditKyo_Vandit Joined: Posts: 278
    PSN ID: Kyo_Vandit
    Location: West Coast California
    Time Available: late night
    Main Characters: Blanka
  • GpLGpL Joined: Posts: 19
    PSN ID: GpL216
    Location: South Jersey
    Time Available: Who knows
    Main Characters: Cody/duds/anyone really.
  • AlzarathAlzarath Remember, salt is part of a balanced diet. Joined: Posts: 3,536
    PSN ID: not_alzarath
    Location: New York
    Time Available: Late night
    Main Characters: Juri
    "For the amount of new players who play FGs, you won’t see nearly enough new talent in top 8s. This is because too many people are bitches." - Aris

    PSN: not_alzarath (East Coast) | @AlzarathEX
  • UltrabisonUltrabison Joined: Posts: 528
    PSN ID: Anakiny2k
    Location: UK
    Time Availale: Random due to the bloody missus hogging the box
    Main characters: Ibuki (main) Juri, Makoto, Bison.
    Hit me up anytime my ibuki and makoto need the practice.
  • launch619launch619 Mid-tier lurker Joined: Posts: 32
    PSN ID: Launch619
    Location: Providence, R.I. (East Coast)
    Time available: Random, usually on around 10/11pm EST (Saturday not included.)
    Main: Ibuki
    Subs: C. Viper, random select
    Bonus: Pretty much scrub level as I never gave SF4 a chance. Working on leveling up first by grinding it out in training/online for now. Willing to play all skill levels.

    If you add mention you're from SRK.

  • JarekovJarekov Thou Art A Bear Joined: Posts: 1,995
    Vega t. Hawk
    Looking for people from midwest to play with.
  • hubanghubang Sheeeeeeeit! Joined: Posts: 43
    PSN ID: hubang
    Location: Vansterdam, BC
    Time Available: weekday evenings
    Main Characters: E. Honda, Dudley, still foolin
  • KayinKayin rawr Joined: Posts: 2,115
    PSN ID: NineballKisaragi
    Location: New London, CT
    Time Available: Afternoons or evenings usually.
    Main: Juri
    Sub: Guy
    "Games improve execution? Really? I thought the only way to improve execution is to post retarded questions about how to use a stick in tech talk." - Starcade RIP
  • Gemini KnightGemini Knight Absolute. Gigas. Joined: Posts: 302
    Killeen, TX

    Available on weekends

    Zangief and T Hawk
    G. K.
  • Lt_Col_SandersLt_Col_Sanders White Castle Stormer Joined: Posts: 559
    PSN ID - Lt_Col_Sanders
    Location - Groton, CT
    Time Available - Late Afternoons/Early Evenings
    Main - Bison
    Secondaries - ? Random button
    PSN ID: NineballKisaragi
    Location: New London, CT
    Time Available: Afternoons or evenings usually.
    Main: Juri
    Sub: Guy

    You live on the base?
  • TornixTornix Final Bout Co-Streamer Joined: Posts: 147
    PSN ID: TornixSRK
    Location: SF Bay Area
    Time Available: Random
    Main: Ibuki/Juri
    Secondaries: El Fuerte, Makoto, Dudley
    KoF XIII - King, Vice, Mature, Kensou, Benimaru, K', Hwa
    Streaming @
  • krazzikrazzi Joined: Posts: 6
    PSN ID: duckieWHAT
    Location: TX
    Time Available: morning/afternoons
    Main Character: Balrog, learning Guy/Dudley
  • HaceHace CHOW DOWN Joined: Posts: 1,236
    PSN ID: otte
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Time Available: Weekdays - late | Weekends - whenever
    Main Characters: Cody and Chun, to a lesser extent Ryu and Cammy.
  • cephas82cephas82 Joined: Posts: 156
    PSN ID: Cephas82
    Location: Austin, Texas
    Time Available: late night (11est pm + )
    Main Characters: Viper

    Gonna pick a sub, but hard to decide who =/
    xbox gamertag - LeeCephas
    3S - Dudley
    SF4 - Viper
  • ToreyBeansToreyBeans I'mma make u buy me lunch later! Joined: Posts: 720
    M - F 9:30, Sat & Sun afternoons
    Blanka, Ryu, Sagat, Guile, Guy (um yeah)
    Yes, for mics!
  • King HodokanKing Hodokan Joined: Posts: 24
    PSN ID: King_Hodokan
    Location: East Coast
    Time Available: Mornings, Evenings, All weekend
    Main Characters: Ryu, Bison, Juri, Cody, Deejay, Chunli, Sakura
  • YoohooDudeYoohooDude Joined: Posts: 69
    PSN ID: Yoohoo_Dude
    Location: VA
    Time available: Mostly evenings
    Main: Cammy, Juri
    Secondaries: T. Hawk, Cody, Sakura, Ibuki, Makoto, Dan, El Fuerte, Dudley, Hakan (Yeah, I'll probably be trimming that list down soon, lol)
  • THEFURY215THEFURY215 Mediocre Rose Player Joined: Posts: 410
    PSN ID: Thefury215
    Location: Philadelphia, PA
    Availability (Days & Time) Random
    Main: Rose
    2nd: Viper, Juri, Ibuki, Cody!/Umarion215
    Me + Pad = Pad Player = FREE
    SSF4 AE Main: Rose , Secondary: Akuma
    SFxT: Vega, Lili #teambeautiful
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    PSN ID: Roger_Derby
    Location: Wales, UK
    Time Available: whenever more active at night though
    Main Characters: Bison, Ryu
  • Christ0pherChrist0pher Huh? What's that? Joined: Posts: 610
    Anyone up for kicking my ass? I'll be on (off and on) tonight. Just send me a friend request!
  • AskiaAskia Joined: Posts: 18
    psn: askia47
    location: East Coast
    Mains: no one at the moment
  • avjgtfusionavjgtfusion ryu student Joined: Posts: 127
    PSN ID: scherzo_
    LOCATION: Boston, MA
    AVAILABILITY: varies, some mornings - late nights on weekends
    MAINS: Ryu, Dudley, Guy
    intermediate to expert players add me.
    Avatar by yea dood 120%
  • justingrotonjustingroton Joined: Posts: 233
    PSN ID: justingroton
    Location: Maryland
    Times: All day pretty much
    Characters: Rufus, Juri, Sagat, Ryu, whatever.

  • Double ReppukenDouble Reppuken Asiaphilius Maximus Joined: Posts: 551
    PSN ID: Dblreppuken
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Times: Any time after 6 usually, except weekends
    Characters: Dudley, Rufus, Adon and a little Ryu
    "How do you know it's him?"
    "Who else cancels Morrigan's lvl2 uppercut super into an air fireball?"
  • J-NavJ-Nav Joined: Posts: 1,121
    PSN ID: J-Nav212
    Location: Yuma, AZ
    Availability: Random
    Main Character(s): Learning Dudley
  • sonnywortziksonnywortzik relax Joined: Posts: 362
    PSN: sonnywortzik
    Location: Reno
    Times Available: everyday from 1pm-8pm
    Main: viper but i want to learn some new characters also. I really suck with grapplers so I think I'm gonna start playing around with T.Hawk or Gief
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    PSN: v1ncestah
    Location: NorCal San Jose, CA
    Time Available: Mostly at night and weekends
    Main Characters: Akuma & Ibuki
  • lw3lw3 Joined: Posts: 277
    houston, tx

    availible mostly anytime

    no main as of yet.
  • Mario64Mario64 Joined: Posts: 7
    PSN ID:marloci
    LOCATION Waco, Texas
    Time Available: Week Nights and Weekends
    Main Characters:Abel; and will be using a little bit of everyone.
  • casieeecasieee Joined: Posts: 82
    psn: casieee
    location: Arizona
    main; Juri, Rufus
    Second; Guy
    avail; literally whenever

    feel free to add me tonight anyone! i'll be up for a good minute
  • EclipzeeEclipzee Joined: Posts: 6
    PSN ID: Eclipzee
    Location: Midwest - Ohio
    Time Available: Whenever im online?
    Main Characters: Juri need more practice on others
  • AndersenAndersen Joined: Posts: 196
    PSN ID: Andersen_CT
    Location: Connecticut
    Availability (Days & Time): Nights (usually not on friday)
    Characters Used: Balrog / Bison
    Got a Mic? (Y/N) Yes
  • AlbedoAlbedo Is a legs man. Joined: Posts: 209
    PSN ID: Reviticus
    Location: Mississauga, Toronto
    Time Available: 24/7
    Main Characters: Chun Li, Ibuki, Juri, Ryu, Balrog.... I think that's it.
  • ilovecola_manilovecola_man OLD MAN DON Joined: Posts: 89
    PSN: ilovecola_man
    LOC: Columbus, GA
    MAIN: Sagat
    AVAILABLE: Mon - Thurs Nights (in Augusta, GA over the weekend and do not have ps3 there)

    I'm actually a decent player so anyone near my area lets play. :smokin:
    I don't drink Cola anymore but I still love it.
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