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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Player Roster



  • PolydactylPolydactyl AKA Paulz1208 Joined: Posts: 39
    SRK Name: Polydactyl
    Xboxlive GT: Paulz1208
    Location: San Diego
    Characters: Guile, Balrog, Bison, Abel
  • Xombie 3RDXombie 3RD Joined: Posts: 57
    SRK Name: Xombie 3RD
    XBL Tag: Xombie 3RD
    Location: Columbus OH
    Characters: Balrog, Guile
  • Edge4o7Edge4o7 Joined: Posts: 21
    SRK name: Edge4o7
    XBL GT: Edge4o7
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Characters: In limbo.
    XBL: Edge4o7
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    SRK Name: RiverDesu
    XBL Tag: RiverDesu
    Location: London
    Characters: Cody
  • SeanxFaytSeanxFayt aka KintoUn Joined: Posts: 560
    SRK Name: SeanxFayt
    XBL Tag: SeanxRikkuxFayt
    Location: North Carolina - {B}east coast
    Character(s): C. Viper
    . . .
  • Uchi-MataUchi-Mata Joined: Posts: 30
    Gamertag XBOX: Complex29
    Location : Central New Jersey
    Characters: Abel, Guile,Ryu Dhalsim
  • RyochanRyochan Joined: Posts: 15
    SRK Name: Ryochan
    XBL Tag: Yorai Dragon
    Location: New Jersey
    Characters: Mains - Ibuki, Fei Long, Sakura, Makoto Alts - Chun Li, Guile, Cody
  • VelazulVelazul Joined: Posts: 18
    SRK Name: Velazul
    XBL Tag: Velazul
    Location: Melbourne, Florida
    Charas: Claw, Rog, Sim, Deej
  • citiescities Loc: Lake Charles, LA/Des Moines, IA Joined: Posts: 1,421
    SRK Name: cities
    XBL Tag: citays
    Location: Lake Charles, LA
    Character: Guile
    Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory? - 1 Cor. 15:55
    Southrons never yield.
  • Delfinatorx671Delfinatorx671 Joined: Posts: 97
    SRK Name: Delfinatorx671
    XBL Tag: Delfinatorx671
    Location: Tustin,CA
    Characters: Gouken
  • SlamnSlamn mere man Joined: Posts: 17
    SRK Name: Slamn
    XBL Tag: slamnsamn
    Location: Providence, RI
    Characters: Dudley, Cody, Guy
    XBL: slamnsamn
  • TrueGunnerShadowTrueGunnerShadow Shadow The Hedgehog Fan! Joined: Posts: 129
    SRK Name: TrueGunnerShadow
    XBL Tag: ShadowXSatsuki
    Location: New York City
    Characters: Good With: Dudley, E. Honda/Others I Play with: Juri, Guile, Balrog, Ryu!!!

    NOTE: I rarely play SSFIV, but if you want to play me, Send me a match invite!!!
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TruGunnerShadow
    PSN: TrueGunnerShadow
    XBL: xTsukaharaKaoru (Only for P4U2)
  • SupaScoopaSupaScoopa Joined: Posts: 8
    SRK Name: SupaScoopa
    XBL Tag: Grimmjawe
    Location: Northern Virginia
    Characters: Abel, Rufus, Fei Long
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    SRK Name: iLehi
    XBL Tag: iLehi
    Location: Texas
    Characters: Ibuki, Guy, Ryu, Dudley
  • Asasin jaYAsasin jaY Joined: Posts: 256
    SRK name: Asasin jaY
    XBL GT: Da Assassin jaY
    Location: New York City
    Characters: Vega , cammy , bison and Akuma
  • mitchsubishimitchsubishi Joined: Posts: 3
    XBL: mitchsubishi
    Location: Corona, California
    Playtime: Usually nights, occasionally on in the afternoon
    Main: Rose Alt: Ryu, Bison (dictator) Training: Deejay, Sagat
  • jchanjchan Joined: Posts: 620
    GT: Chan Foundation
    Location: Oakland, Ca
    characters: El Fuerte

    message me saying u wanna game you are from srk so i will know who you are. thanks! LETS DO THIS!
  • Killer_Bee77Killer_Bee77 Delta Red Dynamite Joined: Posts: 28
    SRK Name:Killer_Bee77
    Location: Detroit,MI
    Main:Cammy, Sagat, Sakura(In that order.)
    MK9: Skarlet,Kitana,Ermac
    Tekken: Yoshi, Asuka
    MvC3: Dante,Chris, Deadpool
  • mizzarXmizzarX Joined: Posts: 6
    XBL: its marX
    Location: Miami, FL
    Playtime: Nights. Sometimes afternoons. I am flexible should the person have AIM.
    Main: Ryu Alt: Chun-Li, Juri, Cody Training: Makoto, Akuma, Hakkan.

    Let me know you're from Srk so I know who you are. Pz
    Always looking for more people to play with online or local.
  • GrumpiSmurfGrumpiSmurf been usin Honda Joined: Posts: 106
    Gamertag: GrumpiSmurf
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
    Main: E. Honda
    Sub: Ken
    yo hood iz hood but yo hood aint BROOKLYN!!!
  • TheGodOfPezTheGodOfPez Random select ftw. Joined: Posts: 1,393
    XBL Gamertag: HaveToPoopBadly
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Main: Dhalsim
    Sub: Rose, Rog, Honda, learning Cammy

    I'm a big big big random select fan. If anybody in here wants to throw down some random select games, plz feel free to hit me up. I'm intermediate (round 3k pp)
    <Yoga fire on deck>
    "That's the word up, you get hurt up." - Onyx
    "A Sim win feels so much better to me than any other." - ed1371
    Avatar <3 goes to ZombieShoes
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  • WeaponsLeftWeaponsLeft Tick Throw Tornado Joined: Posts: 176
    XBL GamerTag: SRK WeaponsLeft
    Location: Birmingham, Michigan
    Main: Zangief
    Alts: Dee Jay, Honda, and a horribly bad Ibuki
    No matter how much time you spend reading these forums, the stupid just won't go away. If mirrors were made of stupidity, this forum would be a fun house. -Paper
  • CoziermistCoziermist Joined: Posts: 11

    XBL- Coziermist

    Location- Ripley, Tennessee

    Currently learning- Balrog, Bison, Ken, Ryu, T.Hawk, Abel, Rufus
  • DiagonolDiagonol Joined: Posts: 4
    Gamertag: Diagonol
    Location: Reno, Nevada
    Main: Chun Li
    Subs: Honda, Guile
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Gametag:Tohou Fuhai
    Location:Roselle, IL
    Main/Subs:Bison, Honda, eh, whoever....:D
  • Elderdruid44Elderdruid44 Joined: Posts: 40
    SRK Name: Elderdruid44
    XBL Tag: MisakixCybuster
    Location: Connecticut
    Character: Ken.

    Hit me up. I'm looking for some people, hopefully to form a little group of people to train and to get good with on Xbox Live.
  • SinderSinder Joined: Posts: 124
    SRK Name: Sinder
    XBL Tag: Dreadmaniac
    Location: Boston MA
    Characters: Blanka, Viper, rose
  • IncursionIncursion Rollo Tamasi... Joined: Posts: 36
    Gamertag: The Incursion
    Location: Kansas City, MO
    Characters: Guy, Rose, E.Honda
    Training: Adon, DeeJay, C.Viper, Zangief
  • Robby McDonaldRobby McDonald Joined: Posts: 14
    SRK Name: Robby McDonald
    XBL Tag: Robby McDonald
    Location: South Florida
    Characters: Seth,Dudley,Ryu-Ken
    SSF4 - Seth

    MvC3 - C.Viper, Dante, Akuma
  • RedCycloneDannyRedCycloneDanny Joined: Posts: 3

    SRK Name: RedCycloneDanny
    XBL Tag: RedCycloneDanny
    Location: The Netherlands
    Characters: Zangief
  • IR u uIR u u ........ Joined: Posts: 37
    IR u u
    Gamertag: IR u u
    Location: Dallas,TX
    Main: Ryu,Chun,Sagat,Balrog
    Subs: Sakura,Cammy
  • iMattiMatt UPSB Modder Joined: Posts: 198
    SRK Name: iMatt
    Location: Minnesota
    Characters: Dictator and Sagat
    The Most Frequent sentence used by me:

    "Well that could've gone better."

    XBL: iMatt SRK
  • iMattiMatt UPSB Modder Joined: Posts: 198
    SRK Name: iMatt
    Location: Minnesota
    Mains: Dictator and Sagat
    The Most Frequent sentence used by me:

    "Well that could've gone better."

    XBL: iMatt SRK
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    XBL Tag : Disascter
    Location : Newport News VA
    Mains : Bison and Honda
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    XBL Tag : Disascter
    Location : Newport News VA
    Mains : Bison and Honda
  • ShinkuuRShinkuuR Still Pissed Joined: Posts: 1,070
    SRK name: ShinkuuR
    XBL Tag: ShinkuuR SRK
    Location: Savannah, Ga
    Main: Rose
    Alts: Makoto, Sakura, Ryu
    Being the only person to follow the rules, and then getting mocked relentlessly by my peers for it... that's the kind of shit that creates supervillans.
    -Shaft Agent

    SF4 Rose matches: http://www.youtube.com/user/ShinkuuR
  • CDB2CDB2 Joined: Posts: 3,520
    SRK Name: CDB2
    XBL Tag: cdb2k3
    Location: Houston, TX
    Character(s): Mains: Dudley (my #1 draft pick), Juri (2nd)
    Alts: Adon, Sagat, El Furete

    DBFZ: 18, Hit, Gohan
    Tekken 7: Kazyua, Dragnov
    Injustice: Black Adam, Starfire, Batman, Sub-Zero
    SFV: Laura, Akuma
  • azn707buffaloazn707buffalo Sweet3dog Joined: Posts: 68
    SRK Name: azn707buffalo
    XBL Tag: xpin0yxchr1sx
    Location: California (So Cal)
    Character: Balrog (Boxer)
    SSF4: Balrog (Boxer)

    Please watch my match videos and give me some advice! Thanks in advance!
  • HispanicNinjaHispanicNinja A.K.A. BDP Walmart Joined: Posts: 40
    SRK Name: HispanicNinja
    XBL Tag : GREATgamerman91
    Location : Huntsville,Alabama
    Character: Varies. ( but mostly Chun-li)
    SSF4: Chun-Li
    BBCS: Tsubaki, Noel
    KOF 2K2 UM: Yuri, Athena, Vice, Foxy, Leona, Blue Mary
    MVC 3: Chun-li, Amaterasu, Phoenix.
  • TPH GUNSHOTTPH GUNSHOT Low-Tier Joined: Posts: 36
    Location: Bronx, New York
    Characters: Juri
    SFV Main: Cammy, Necalli
    USF4 Main : Juri
    Steam: GUNSHOT_25Clips
    PSN: Pokeblack2
    Location Bronx, New York
    You weak pathetic fool.... Ahhh Tooo easy
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