Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Player Roster



  • gamewizard108gamewizard108 anime swag Joined: Posts: 467
    SRK Name: gamewizard108
    XBL Tag: gamewizard108
    Location:High point, North Carolina
    Preferably looking for people that play until very late, but if not then that's aright.
  • DogysamichDogysamich Designated Hype Man Joined: Posts: 296
    SRK Name: Dogysamich
    XBL Tag: E Dogysamich
    Location: Kathleen, GA
    Mains: Sakura/Guile/Balrog
    Follow me for random updates 'bout pretty much everything!
  • KillerXtremeKillerXtreme My Kicks Are Deadly Joined: Posts: 253
    SRK Name: KillerXtreme
    XBL Tag: KiIIerXtreme
    Location: IL Burbs
    Characters: Chun Li, Ibuki..
  • cursedDicecursedDice Joined: Posts: 39
    SRK Name: cursedDice
    XBL Tag: cursedDiceSRK
    Location: NorCal
    Characters: Bison and Ibuki

    Add me, I'm on all the time now and I'm hungry.
  • AmadanMorAmadanMor Joined: Posts: 15
    Srk name; AmadanMor
    XBL Tag: AmadanMor
    Location: Texas
    Characters: Guy and El Fuerte
    SSFIV: Guy & El Fuerte
  • Mexi-KenMexi-Ken "Rocco" Joined: Posts: 98
    SRK name: Mexi-Ken
    XBL Tag: Casual McScrub
    Location: Texas
    Characters: Ken, Dudley, Makoto
  • TheMajestikOneTheMajestikOne Joined: Posts: 34
    SRK Name: TheMajestikOne
    XBL Tag: TheMajestikOne
    Location: New Jersey
    Characters: Mostly Dan and DeeJay. (learning others)
  • nycityismenycityisme Joined: Posts: 42
    SRK Name: nycityisme
    XBL Tag: nycityisme
    Location: Texas
    Characters: Akuma
  • MarDot85MarDot85 Must Train Harder Joined: Posts: 8
    edited July 2013
    SRK Name: MarDot85
    XBL: MarDon85
    Location: MI
    Characters: Adon, Cammy, Yun
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  • heavyarmspheavyarmsp Joined: Posts: 22
    SRK Name: heavyarmsp
    XBL: Wesleyrausch
    Location: ON
    Characters: Chun-Li
  • heavyarmspheavyarmsp Joined: Posts: 22
    SRK Name: heavyarmsp
    XBL: Wesleyrausch
    Location: ON
    Characters: Chun-Li
  • scarsofzsaszscarsofzsasz Hunter Smith Joined: Posts: 221
    SRK Name: scarsofzsasz
    XBL: hsmith403
    Location: Whiteland, IN
    Characters: Chun-Li, Ibuki, Sim
  • FireCat4FireCat4 Joined: Posts: 113
    SRK Name: FireCat4
    XBL: firecat4
    Location: Ontario, Canada
    Characters: Fei Long
  • cjacksonCMYKcjacksonCMYK Joined: Posts: 97
    SRK Name: cjacksoncmyk
    XBL: brutalchris
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Characters: Ibuki
    MvC3: ???/???/??? LETS GO!
  • KmanKman Joined: Posts: 14
    SRK Name: Kman
    XBL: KmanDaShiz
    Location: London, England
    Characters: Cody
    You sure you wanna be goin' around startin' fights with guys like me?
  • papaj1mpapaj1m Joined: Posts: 1

    xbox GT:papaj1m

    main: ken
    alts: gouken blanka gody
  • xSILENTxPANDAxxSILENTxPANDAx Joined: Posts: 1
    Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Characters: Abel, learning Balrog.
  • LailendilLailendil Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK Name: Lailendil
    XBL Tag: Lailendil
    Location: Belgium
    Characters: Dictator, Boxer
  • DpendletonDpendleton Sneaky hands. Joined: Posts: 1,357
    Location D.C. Charcaters: Hakan,Honda, and M.Bison. I mostly play with Hakan though.
    "You did well it was an honor"- E. Honda. Come on CAPCOM fix that netcode son!!
  • Travis EpicTravis Epic Joined: Posts: 264
    SRK Name: Travis Epic
    XBL Tag: The Epic Ninja
    Location: Southern Ohio
    Characters: Ibuki, Cammy, Chun-Li
    SSF4:AE Main: Oni; Ibuki
    UMvC3 Alpha Team: Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye
  • HeavyRoundHouseHeavyRoundHouse Joined: Posts: 20
    SRK Name: HeavyRoundHouse
    XBL Tag: KickBoxinFlip
    Location: Las Vegas
    Characters: Balrog, Dudley

    Add me or send me a massage for some casuals
  • xITZ RYUxxITZ RYUx Joined: Posts: 1
    xITZ RYUx

    XBL Tag: ACoupleHedshotZ

    Location: Tacoma,WA

    Characters:Ryu, Balrog, and Guy

    Note: I like to use everyone
  • XFr0stxByteXXFr0stxByteX Joined: Posts: 6
    SRK name:XFr0stxByteX

    XBL Tag: jezic326

    Location:Brooklyn, New York

    Characters:C.Viper, Dee Jay, Guy(I like to use everybody really)

    I'm still very much in training, but I'm coming into my own.
  • Divine TenkenDivine Tenken Jedi Mind Tricks Joined: Posts: 282
    SRK Name: Divine Tenken
    XBL Tag: Ronin D Tenken
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Character(s): Ryu, Adon , Ken , Bison , Honda
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    The Founder Member of the Southern Syndicate.
    One half of Team Step Up.
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  • ShadeGlacierShadeGlacier Dr.Face Joined: Posts: 29
    SRK Name: ShadeGlacier
    XBL Tag: ShadowDarx
    Location: Texas
    Character(s): Cody,Gen,Ibuki
  • alanizzzlealanizzzle Joined: Posts: 13
    SRK Name: alanizzzle
    XBL Tag: alan dangerrr
    Location: Orange County, CA
    Characters: ryu
  • Von_Kunlun_BOOFVon_Kunlun_BOOF Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK Name: Von_Kunlun_BOOF
    XBL Tag: Von Kunlun BOOF
    Location: Arizona
    Character(s): M.Bison, Fei Long
  • Sheba BabySheba Baby The Gaming Diva Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Sheba Baby
    xbox live gt: x Sheba Baby x
    Location: Dallas, Tx
    Characters: Dudley, Ryu, Gouyken, and whenever the guy comes out yang.
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  • Moody SteveMoody Steve Joined: Posts: 120
    SRK: Moody Steve
    XBL: Sonic Shamanic
    Location: NYC
    Characters: Akuma, Blanka

    Looking for people to play casuals and mic'd casuals against - any skill (I'm not too good at the moment)
    XBL: Sonic Shamanic
  • AkitaZeroAkitaZero "The Foolishness!" Joined: Posts: 93
    SRK Name: AkitaZero
    XBL Tag: BlessedHands20
    Location: Orlando, FL. (East Coast)
    Characters: Guile (Main), Cody, & Abel
    SSF4: Guile/Cody (Bring Charlie back DAMMIT!!)

    MvC3: Wesker/Chris-Storm/Sentinel-Dormammu (Team DubEssEss/Team Level_Up)
  • ssj2jeffssj2jeff Joined: Posts: 701
    SRK Name: ssj2jeff
    XBL Tag: ssj2jeff srk
    Location: ft lauderdale, FL. (East Coast)
    Characters: rose, rog, dudley

    send me a friend req if your on the east coast.
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  • ilaikturtlesilaikturtles Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK Name: ilaikturtles
    XBL Tag: Flaminpoop
    Location: New york Queens
    Characters: Adon ..... Ryu ..... Rose(Not that good)

    Im not gonna be on for like 6 days xbox getting fixed but feel free to add i have like 40 extra slots and looking for buddies ( Please not i will not beable to talk with the mic and cause for some reason it dosent work with my TE round 2.....=] ) But if u do want to play and want to talk feel free to add me on Aim ( Vash The Sampted )
  • ThePaboThePabo Palo Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK Name: ThePabo
    XBL Tag: The Pabo
    Location: Northeastern Jersey
    Characters: Cammy, Balrog (not the best), Guile (somewhat)
    Hit me up on my aim or skype, or just plainly add me and say that you're from srk on xbox live.
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  • GrumpiSmurfGrumpiSmurf been usin Honda Joined: Posts: 106
    SRK name: GrumpiSmurf
    Gamertag: FNEXGrumpiSmurf
    Location: Brooklyn, NYC
    Main: E.Honda
    Sub: Ken (trainning)
    yo hood iz hood but yo hood aint BROOKLYN!!!
  • HigherTomorrowHigherTomorrow Clifton, NJ Scene Please Joined: Posts: 192
    SRK Name: HigherTomorrow
    XBL Tag: Higher Tomorrow
    Location: North Jersey
    Characters: Dudley, Cammy
  • Fortuna non DioFortuna non Dio Joined: Posts: 3
    SRK Name: Fortuna non Dio
    XBL Tag: Fortuna non Dio
    Location: Ft. Worth TX
    Characters: Ibuki, Akuma
  • ItsJustDavePItsJustDaveP Joined: Posts: 10
    SRK Name: ItsJustDaveP
    XBL Tag: ItsJustDaveP
    Location: Central Florida(Orlando)
    Characters: Balrog/Bison/Honda....actually anyone EXCEPT Adon and Gen LOL
    I don't go to tourneys anymore.
  • R.O.B.OR.O.B.O Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK: R.O.B.O
    XBL: Roboter Z
    Location: Florida, USA
    Characters: Everyone
    Playing Fighting Games Since 1991...
  • Professor_RouseProfessor_Rouse Delta Red Squad Joined: Posts: 146
    SRK: Professor_Rouse
    XBL: Professor Rouse
    PSN: Professor_Rouse
    Location: Painesville, OH
    Character(s): Cammy, Dee Jay, Juri

    Proud sponsors of Shadaloo Xtreme Fightsticks
  • xThunderxWolfxxThunderxWolfx Joined: Posts: 30
    SRK Name: xThunderxWolfx
    XBL Tag: xThunderxWolfx
    Location: Durango, Colorado.
    Characters: Main, Ryu. Seconds Cody, Sakura. In training, Abel, Deejay.
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