Basic Video Tutorial/Guide for Total Beginners for SSF4



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    Thanks a lot for the video tutorials... it really helped my understanding of the game.

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    Thnx Tbird your beginner tutorial really helped me out
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    Definitely something I'm going to check out.
    Thanks for posting OP:tup:
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    Thank you for these wonderful videos, they really helped!
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    Awesome! *favourites topic.

    I came in here thinking I could get some links to videos to send to some friends whom I'm trying to open there eyes and get them more into the game.

    Yet, even better, there is stuff in here that I needed to look more into myself.

    Mucho Kudos for this topic TBird (and thanks to the other video contributors).
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    I'm going to start watching these now, thank you.
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    Video on buffering was really helpful. I didn't realize the extent of buffering. I didn't realize you could buffer so many different things. It's nice to know how much easier it'll be for my EX SSB > FADC > U2 with Dudley now that I can buffer QCF before FADC. Thanks!
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,675 admin
    Great tutorials guys!!

    Keep the good work up!!
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,675 admin
    Thanks for these beginner video's. I've been playing fighters for fun for the past several years but have never really gotten into them too deep. Having just purchased SSFIV and a TE arcade stick I was looking for a good and clear tutorial to help me along :)

    Thanks a bunch :)
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,675 admin
    I'll join the many that have said thanks for the videos. Before SFIV last year, the last fighting game I played was Soul Caliber on the dreamcast in 1999, and the last 2D fighters I played were Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat II for the SNES, so yeah it's been a while. These videos are gonna help for sure.
  • sntinsntin Joined: Posts: 11
    love it!

    these tutorials are amazing!!! Thank you so much :) this will definitely help me and everyone else.

    your hardwork is very much appreciated :]
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    your vidoes helped me a lot thank you, for being german your english is very good
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    These are very informative videos. They have helped me out a lot. Thank you Tbird. :china:
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    Great guide. It's helped me get a lot better with my rog!
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    All I've got to say is, I got into street fighter because of your videos. Keep up the good work my man!
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    Whoa. Great work, TBird. I watched everything and will start referring your tutorials to other people. The community appreciates your work.
  • dDissAadDissAa Joined: Posts: 27
    Hi, and thnx for those amazing vids they do help!!!

    btw after i saw onehandedterror video explaining the frame data i thought i would make something simular so if u you guys want it here is a spreadsheet :)
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    and if u want to know which moves can be punished by an ultra or super just do what it says under the black thing and try it if it works :)
    ps: there are 2 sheets because one sheet wasn't able to cut it with the punishement listed next to the characters!
  • Fortuna non DioFortuna non Dio Joined: Posts: 3
    Thank you for taking the time to make these tutorials. I've been playing Super since it launched back in April and have found myself in between a rock and a hard place as of late. Your videos helped me see basic tactics I wasn't aware I could use. These tactics would have decided more than a few matches in my favor.(I feel dumb, but at least I realize some of the things I was doing wrong now).Thank you again TBird.
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    why would i use a ball top compared to a bat top? whats the goddamn difference?
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    I am glad I bumped into this thread, very helpful videos indeed, especially for totally newbies such as me.
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    hi i'm new on the forum.
    i look for vouchers has SSFIV !
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    Amazing tutorials thanks fo all the info
  • psyko12psyko12 Joined: Posts: 4
    Thank you for the videos!!! I've been playing EX1 and EX2 but this is entirely a different ballgame !! xD Hope I can adapt quickly.
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    Nice stuff man this can help me alot.
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    Danke TBird
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    thank´s a lot for the focus secrets ahehahhe now let´s practice
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    You could also add these videos to the first page of this thread. They all have arcade performance footage in real time and slow motion.

    Kara Throws


    FADC buffering and Basic Ultra Setups

    Backup Piano Roll Inputs
  • ChurroChurro Joined: Posts: 539
    Highly recommend any new players take a look at these, whether or not you believe you're "good". I know I learned at least 3 things out of these.
  • JDM98FerioJDM98Ferio ****MANIAK**** Joined: Posts: 520
    Very nice! Thanks. Ive played street fighter since it was originally in arcades. Played up till SF2 series went bye bye. Never played all the alpha stuff etc. Never learned all that combo stuff either. Never owned another game system either up until a month ago! Yay ps3! Man the game has changed and these tutorials really helped me understand what changes have been made and what I need to do to be competitive. Thanks Tbird... On to the training room. :wgrin:
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    if only i wasnt in denial of being a noob i would have ventured to this thread sooner and found the great videos on the first post of this thread. great videos... even though ive been playing street fighter since i was a kid i still found some of these videos to be helpful.
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    Started watching these, and I have to say I'm learning stuff from each one so far. For instance, in the 3rd video covering Gauge Management, I never thought about how unnecessarily using Supers and Ultras to finish off an opponent in a non match-deciding round gives them free Super Meter energy in the next fight. Made me think about how going overkill can be a bad thing if you're not careful.
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  • DIGITALFRAGDIGITALFRAG Legendary Monkey Joined: Posts: 229
    its fun to overkill but i dont like to contribute to someone else's EX bars. especially since i play cammy, ive learned that 9 times out of 10, better things can be done with those EX bars rather than use them for a Super. By the way, the frame data videos are very informative. i recommend it to anyone that has been playing street fighter iv.
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    I just found this thread.This is a great idea. I hope you keep it updated with new tutorials. It is extremely helpful for noobs like me.
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    Super cancel Buffers:
  • Dr.punchDr.punch Joined: Posts: 11
    Great material and very helpful!
  • ZealotJayZealotJay If only I were as boss as Gill Joined: Posts: 56
    It's a really good guide, I hope new players like I, see this.
    And for some reason when I attempt to use EX Tiger Uppercut to FADC, it cancels into Tiger Genocide.
    I use D-Pad and RT for Focus Attack if that helps anyone answer my question.
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    First of all, huge thanks goes out to TBird and everybody else who contributed to the guides in this thread. This helps out so much as relatively new players such as I are trying to figure out where to start in our game and how to step it up. I think working to expand and improve the population of SF players is a wonderful thing and helps put fighting games on the map moreso than it already is. Great work.
  • tanner833tanner833 Joined: Posts: 1
    For anyone that is needing help getting started playing Street Fighter IV

    For anyone that is needing help getting started playing Street Fighter IV, this is a perfect resource. I wrote it in my spare time. Just follow the link below. Hope it helps! :wgrin:
  • systransystran Joined: Posts: 209
    I'm looking at making a new tutorial, I'm thinking of doing it on frame traps and beating crouch tech. Any other requests?
  • ButtonMashEffectButtonMashEffect The Ultimate Rager. Joined: Posts: 19
    Mingtongzhi's tutorials are tight. So helpful if you didn't know what to do or your game was suffering.
    Damn i Rage hard sometimes...
  • HejinHejin Hyper Combo Finish! Joined: Posts: 40
    Great tutorials, TBird. I gotta say that I learned quite a bit from your informative videos. Now all I gotta do is practice, practice and practice some more.
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    WOW ! You are great Tbird! This is amazing. These forums too. all this time im just spaming hadokus,smashing buttons & jumping around but this shit is super serious!! i gotta get practicing!
  • akademix06akademix06 Joined: Posts: 13
    great post, helped me suck less.
  • EnnferEnnfer Joined: Posts: 1
    As a new comer to SSFIV (and this site) I have to say that these videos helped immeasurably. A big, big thanks for spending the time and effort producing them.
  • NeorussellNeorussell Annoy mode ON Joined: Posts: 1,105
    Hey guys,

    I created an SSFIV Yang Video. It's a compilation of all his movelist and combos that were taken from my own cap and also taken from direct footages. Find the video here.

    Comments and Feedbacks are always welcome.
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    nice guide! thank you
  • ChapterBChapterB Joined: Posts: 86
    Thanks for all the hard work. I watched the VesperArcade tutorials and they helped immensely, along with reading all the faqs and stuff and they've enlightened me so much about how to play the game. Thanks!
  • frenetic7frenetic7 Joined: Posts: 12
    As an older gamer and getting back into it, I really appreciate these newbie guides. Getting my game on has been so much fun!

  • TheCheeseStackerTheCheeseStacker Joined: Posts: 1
    This will hopefully help me out getting started.
  • ChaosReaperChaosReaper Joined: Posts: 8
    these are actually pretty good. better than alot of the crap thats out there.
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