Basic Video Tutorial/Guide for Total Beginners for SSF4



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    Came across this Japanese site detailing delayed crouch teching, how to beat it, and advanced option selects post crouch tech for the defender:

    Google Translate usually does a pretty crappy job of translating Japanese but you should be able to figure stuff out from the video examples.
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    I'm a newer player and I watched all these videos. Thank you so much for producing them, they've really helped!
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    Thanks so much for producing these videos guys. So helpful!
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    I'm having a really hard time getting buffering to work. With the Haduken into super for RYU it's meant to be D, DF, F HP and D, DF, F HP, right? I 've got it down a couple of times, but then I can't get it again.

    Do you hit the first punch just after the first circle movement, or at the end? It's too fast to watch.
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    Hey I'm trying to learn to plink on pad any tips?
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    It seems this thread/forum isn't used. Time to reroll Zangief!
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    just signed up to say thanks for these videos tbird, they're incredibly helpful!!
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    I watched this movie;

    Part 4: Basic Mix-up Ryu 4:33
    And I have a question regarding the blockstring they suggest. The blockstring is J.MK, C.LP, C.LP, C.HP XX Hadouken. Thing is, the C.HP very rarely hits because you get pushed back. Only if you land dead-near your opponent you can follow with the C.HP

    Should I learn another block string that's more reliable? If so, which one?

    edit: this mixup is so fucking bad either way, Jump-in does nothing but getting punished, worst fucking thing you can do. EVERY GOD DAMN TIME It's punished, fuck this "mix up"
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    lol that's my video. I think it says in the video you can do it without the jump-in. You can only do the jump-in off a knockdown and you have to time the jump-in properly. Against someone with a slow reversal you can do a forward throw, then step back and pause slightly, then jump-in and they can't punish. Off a sweep you can hold up-forward and jump with roundhouse and they can't reversal (shotos and really fast DP's can though, it's character specific whether it works!). You shouldn't be jumping in outside of resets or knockdowns, if you are that's the problem.

    The Cr. HP is so that you can force a stand when you cancel into hurricane kick, which you will want to transition into doing once you are consistent with cancelling into fireball. If you think you'll be out of range either do one cr. lp or just cancel into cr. mk.

    I made some more videos on my channel geared toward beginners, it's all of Ryu and it shows some other blockstrings you can use:

    edit: Actually watching it again it looks like I failed to emphasize that you need to knock them down first... sorry about that.
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    Awesome this series is perfect. I still such at links though lol
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    I love this series, beautiful start for me. Not a total beginner to the fighting-genre but definitely a newb to the SF series. This is perfect.
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    Thank you so much for these videos helped me alot:P
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    Thank you for these vids!
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    After playing all the later iterations of SF like SF2, I realized that I was missing some knowledge. These videos helped give me the understanding that, while some things are fundamentally the same, there are more tools available to use and I appreciate the time and effort that the OP took to make these. I hope a lot more people take the time to check these out and level up their game. I can't praise it enough.
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    this is a great thread. thanks for making such a comprehensive guide for the basics of sf4. this has helped me learn by myself without even having the game.
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    I really enjoyed watching these vids. I learned a lot and was disappointed to have 'graduated' and run out of new lessons to view.
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    I'm familiar with other fighting games such as Tekken & Mortal Kombat which I've mostly played over the years, but the first Street Fighter I wasn't exactly serious since I was kid and all I knew to do is button mash like crazy..Lol! After Street Fighter I messed around with Capcom Vs Marvel and Street Fighter Vs SNK in the arcades and still I had no clue what to do then also because I didn't own those games.This early Sept I will be getting SSF4 AE XBox version for the reasons of fighting my friends and wanting a new serious fighting game to explore.

    Your videos about the Ultra, Super Meter, Focus Attack, FADC, Linking & Chain actually got me to understand and even more interested in Super Street Fighter 4. Your videos is straight to the point and I totally suggest these videos to any newcomer as it explains everything they need to know from basic moves to the very complicated stuff. However the beginners I really agree with TBird on the fact that if your new to this game the first thing you need to do is head straight for the training mode before going to play. This way you will discover what character is right for you and learn what moves they have to offer. Now if you do the opposite of TBird's suggestion and go online without a single clue on how to use any character then I must say you have some guts. The truth is if you have no knowledge about any character you will lose a bunch and be smacked around like a helpless rag doll that is being fed to the wolves. True story and I have seen this happen to many people on different fighting games.
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    Now i'm doing much better , but i need to put in more time before i go online.
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    thank you T-Bird so helpful!
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    So links are connecting punches to kicks right? And chains are the same punch/kick?
    So for example:
    Link-Lp, Cr.Lk
    Chain- Lp, Lp, Lp or Hk, Mk, Hk?
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    So links are connecting punches to kicks right? And chains are the same punch/kick?
    So for example:
    Link-Lp, Cr.Lk
    Chain- Lp, Lp, Lp or Hk, Mk, Hk?


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    Any help with the stick command for guiles ultra 1
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    Is it just me, or are there no links to anything in the beginner level section? I want to watch these videos but all I can see is the name of the video and the length. Where can I actually watch the video, why isn't it linked?

    Sorry if this is a noob question, still getting acquainted with how this forum works.
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    Is it just me, or are there no links to anything in the beginner level section? I want to watch these videos but all I can see is the name of the video and the length. Where can I actually watch the video, why isn't it linked?

    Sorry if this is a noob question, still getting acquainted with how this forum works.
    Which post are you referring to? The first post in this thread has all the vids. If you can't see them there might be an issue with your browser.
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    Which post are you referring to? The first post in this thread has all the vids. If you can't see them there might be an issue with your browser.
    Just the very first post, all it has (for me anyway) are the name's. There's no videos on the actual page, nor are there links to any of the vids. I'm using Firefox, i'll try with Chrome.
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    Just the very first post, all it has (for me anyway) are the name's. There's no videos on the actual page, nor are there links to any of the vids. I'm using Firefox, i'll try with Chrome.

    Those links definitely show up as videos on the first page. Try Chrome, and be sure to turn off peerblock, or any isp limiting program you have, sometimes that can interfere with images and videos showing up.
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    Hey T-bird, I just got into SSF4, around 2 weeks ago and already thrashed my 2nd fightpad today, so while I´m on " SSF -cold turkey" for a few, until my round 2 FightStick TE, gets here in the mail, I´ve finally get a chance to see your videos. Just wanted to tell ya, what a big help they are, !
    BTW; could you make a tutorial on how to play with a fightstick, with a sleeping baby in your arms?? :o)
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    Welcome Mikester, I played many games holding my boys, but never found a way to use a fight stick AND keep them asleep :)
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    TBIRD, I watched every video and they are well done. Thanks for your hard work to integrate newer players to the genre and this beautiful game.
    Even though I have been playing SF since SF2, (though I am by no means a tourney worthy player) I learned a great deal.
    I shared a few of them with friends and will continue to pimp 'em out for ya! =o]
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    wow thanks from watching some i am learning from before!! those tips on using the super meter are just so helpful! now i know to never try to over do it! this really helps! i will watch them over again and again!!
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    TBirdSF4 Thanks a lot for the great videos and information. I have been struggling in general with the game combo/chain/links/cancel on the trials since I have not hit the online experience yet.

    I bought the game on monday and I already have around 15 trials on each character and I've finished the arcade with every character so I have some slight sense on the basics but this summary is extremely helpful to step up the game :)
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    This compilation seems really useful. I've only seen one but it's really helpful. Many thanks to you guys and to eltrouble who linked me here
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    My biggest humps right now are training more than I play Online and being indecisive with choosing a character. I'll get over there, eventually. Great and very helpful videos, TBird. Really appreciate it.
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    I watched the whole series. Very good!
    SSF4T on GGPO is very fun.
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    Yes! These are super useful videos that will help me out a lot! Its one thing to play the game and another thing to understand it which I've been getting more into. Thanks again for these.
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    I was introduced to fighting games through PSASBR and then downloaded SSF4 AE. These videos were amazingly helpful. Thanks!
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    Well here I am. Learning Street Fighter. I am pokemongeof, and since pplz here probably don't know me, I am a 13 year old Smasher, or a player who plays the Super Smash Brothers Series at a competitive level. Been watching many matches of Daigo, Justin Wong, etc, and then I stumble upon Noah the Prodigy. I always though that i'm too young for Street Fighter. But after seeing him, now here I am, signing up on Shoryuken to learn how to play. So far, these videos are good. Hope to be able to play at Tournaments soon using Ryu and maybe some Chun-Li!
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    Actually im a smasher too. Recently i've been at a tournament in Hamburg, germany, where i contested in a melee tourny but also watched others play SSF4 and i kinda liked it.
    So now i got it on steam, ordered me an arcade stick and practice like hell. I have no problems with executing supers and stuff but the movement is really confusing. I guess a reason for that might also be that im playing on my keyboard.

    So yea. Smash and SF unite, I guess.
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    This is my first post, and i would have to say im very impressed. thankyou so much for making these videos. im a former smasher myself and got into call of duty for a while, now im really hungry for the tournament scene again. dont have an arcade stick currently but i went to my local gaming store recently to put down a deposit on one. im going to be playing ssf4 in prep to eventually get into umvc3. thanks again :)
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    Ok, so I'm very new to forums, I don't do this very often but I feel that I have no where else to go to. I'm an experienced player of Street Fighter but I'm in a search for a teacher that can help me get out of this terrible learning vortex I'm in. I know my analyze ability is pretty good in this game and I know most of the terminology, but there's something off when I'm actually playing. I came here to the beginner forums because there's no intermediate skill forum. I feel that I have to learn the basics and fundamentals all over again, I'm completely willing to. I live in an area where there isn't an arcade scene so I can't get better outside of my Xbox. I'm a complex player that desires to become great, I just need someone that is willing to teach me. I love playing Street Fighter, sadly I takes breaks from the game because I see no improvement and I don't get that far.
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    Thank you so much for these. I've been playing for a couple months and I thought I knew the basics but clearly I didn't! I can't wait til I can actually implement what I'm learning here! Waka waka!
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    Thank you so much! I don't want to sound like a scrub, but my Rose execution has become a bit better due to theses shortcuts!
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    Just want to say i watched these when i first started playing and they are a huge help!
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    Thank you, these are so helpful!
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    Hey guys. I'm considering finally getting into the SF4 series. I've actually been playing fighting games (especially Capcom made) for a really long time; but until Marvel 3 I never got serious about them (i.e. taking the time to really learn things like frame data, match ups, optimal combos, setups, etc.-basically a lot of the nuances of the genre). That being said I was really disappointed when fighting games started to die. I basically stopped playing video games altogether once that happened and I honestly didn't think they'd come back. Needless to say when SF 4 was first announced I was ecstatic. However, once I actually saw the game in action, and especially after playing it once or twice, I was heavily disappointed. For me 3rd Strike was the greatest fighting game ever made. So 4 was just jarring to me because it feels so slow in comparison and it isn't nearly as "stylish" (not to mention original 4 had no 3rd Strike characters).

    All that being said: with Ultra having all of Dudley, Makoto, Yun, Yang, and now Hugo and Elena I want to give it a shot. My main questions are: 1) How similar will those characters be to their 3 incarnation in Ultra? 2) What are the main system elements in 4 that will come across as super new and jarring to someone who hasn't played SF since 3rd Strike? 3) Are the 3rd Strike characters bad for a noob to pick up? 4) Is the game as tier focused as Marvel? Thanks!

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