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    I see, so it may matter which throw is used. I don't want to make anyone into info servants, but I'd highly appreciate info on Chun's grabs; specifically if there's situational uses for each, like Honda's, and why.

    So if there's a myth about Boxer, that means not all grab mechanics are 100% understood? Some things do seem fishy...

    Yeah, I remember you told me about Vega's grab situation before, thanks. That walk speed is nuts, haha.

    In a single match the 50/50 wouldn't matter much statistically but it definitely comes up over thousands of matches. A clean break would be preferable in a game with so much grabbing. Ain't gonna happen but still.

    Not much info on Chun's grab. She has two, but her strong one does ridiculously good damage. So whenever possible, use her strong though. Obviously if you're trying to counter throw, I would just piano or double tap her throw buttons, just so you might have a higher chance of being successful.

    Grab mechanics, from a practical perspective, are pretty much understood for the most. The practical mechanics of it are understood. Boxer has a great throw range period, so it's hard to deduce from personal experience whether or not his throw differences make an ACTUAL difference in a match.

    Clean breaks are nice, but look rather odd, as throw breaks don't actually happen in real life, but soft teching a throw would. I don't know, it seems to work within the flow of the game. The only issue I have is that certain characters can repeat throw loops over and over again, which does seem ridiculous, but you just gotta learn to roll with the punches. Learning how to counterthrow is just as important a skill as learning how to reversal properly, both of which are difficult.
    probably with the hitbox viewer, it also shows throw ranges as boxes

    I'm not sure which version you're talking about, but the one that I've used doesnt throw throw ranges. Either way, how exactly would it show a 0-frame startup throw, since there's no animation to it whatsoever? I'm curious if these things were actually discovered, or if it's just rumors that float around. Wiki doesn't show throw differences, but it just mentions it as a blurb.

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    @eltrouble, lets bring @born2spd to it, he is the one who has added a ton of data to the wiki, hopefully he can add a visual of both boxer ranges, mp n hp
    <blitzfu> cool, and bastard is a loser, screen shot that
    <Pasky> he's always trolling, he has a macro button that troll
    <Kyouya>LoL Bastard, best post evah! But you forgot the tiger uppercut!!
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    Thanks for tagging me up bastard, i would never see this topic since its inside the HDR subforum.
    Anyway, all the explanation regarding my findings about Boxers throws are in this topic: it explains not only the difference between strong and fierce throws, but also the differences when facing different characters.
    I keep reading stuff about ST revival, about bringing this game back to life...
    Its nice to see big tourneys happening and old top players giving this game a chance again...
    But what we really need is new players... And having a strong scene obviously helps...
    But in my opinion what will really bring new players to our community is good tutorials/character guides so they can learn easily and have something to start... So, actually good players, stop being selfish and write stuff about the chars you know! The wiki is lacking so much basic content... Stop being lazy and do something about it.
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    Glad I asked. I just use medium punch throws since I'm already tapping it usually...thanks for the info!

    Well, I read earlier in this topic where some were debating simultaneous grabs don't do 50/50 but some other way. It definitely seems 50/50 to me with at least in mirrors...I forgot what the guy said happened instead.

    That is true, clean breaks do seem dumb and the flow works okay in this game even with the mechanic. Yeah, the loops suck but at least most need to work to get them.

    ^ So it's a context sensitive grab? Too bad they don't tweak everyone that way to balance the games intead of making a total change. It makes more sense that way, and would really make you learn matchups.
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