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    Should I leave this dead horse be or beat it a little more? I'm a somewhat recent transplant to MN and wondering if the FGC still meets up at the GNG..
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    We still check this thread time to time.
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  • thesleeperthesleeper Joined: Posts: 2
    Well work takes me downtown next Tuesday and Thursday so I'll throw the fightstick in the car and head over to GNG afterwards.
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    --100 yen series ep. 1--
    July 8th 2014
    Tournament starts 7PM SHARP
    Games N Go Rosedale
    $1 entry
    Single elimination
    2/3 rounds - 2/3 games
    Payout 60/30/10
    Results will be tracked, rankings given. Top ranked players at the end of the year get stuff. Nature of stuff TBD.
    Matches will be recorded. Bring your own controller.
    Register here to make life easier for everyone: http://tinyurl.com/100yenS1E1
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    Hey everyone! I just moved to the Minneapolis area and I'm wondering what the FGC is like in this area. I've heard GamesNGo in Roseville is the main spot and I plan to hit up one of the upcoming tournaments.
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    The Spring Showdown will take place on Saturday April 11th, 2015 in downtown Des Moines, Iowa.
    Holiday Inn Downtown Des Moines - 1050 6th Ave, Des Moines, Iowa 50314

    ---> http://www.payitsquare.com/collect-page/61429 <---

    The official registration page is live! You have over a month to register! There will only be a VERY limited late registration at the event. 99% of people should register through the payitsquare form. There is a special $5 venue fee for early bird signup until March 28th. IF YOU ARE NOT SIGNED UP FOR THIS EVENT USING THE LINK BELOW YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED A SPOT IN THIS TOURNAMENT.

    ---> http://www.payitsquare.com/collect-page/61429 <---
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    Doesn't look like this forum is active much anymore, but I figured I'd reach out to make an offer.

    I have an HRAP 2:SA, with an iNPiN PS2 to PS3 converter that I have no use for. I'm willing to part with them for $130. Please PM me if interested!
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    I have a Mad Catz Fight Stick Pro for the 360 for sale. Let me know if you're interested.

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    Came here feeling nostalgic, damn I miss this community. Hope all is well.
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    When does Games n Go have Street Fighter?
  • roostaroosta Joined: Posts: 27
    Any MKX scene alive in MN?
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    edited February 2016
    I get off right after gng closes. Any other casuals going on in sfv? Guess i could always play online
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    In light of meeting all kinds of new MN Tekken players over the weekend, I figure I will link anyone interested to the Facebook group. We are all amped up for Tekken 7.

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