SSF4 AE Guide App for Android and iOS (Frame Data included!)

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Since I'm tired as shit and I just want to update this to let everyone know, my SSF4:AE guide is now available on Android and in review process on iOS store. Below are the links and descriptions.

Android -
iOS -

This is similar to my SSF4 App and includes the following for all 39 characters in SSF4:AE:

- Profile
- Unique Attacks
- Special MOves
- Super Combo
- Ultra
- Combos
- Move Data
- Frame Data
- Notes
- Videos
- Forum

The frame and move data is the most recent from the Enterbrain guide, so the errors in my app are also in the guide. I will be updating it as soon as the update comes out. With that, there is no frame data or move data for Evil Ryu and Oni currently, but again, will be added as soon as the new guide is released.


Well that's it for now so enjoy.



Well before I post this I wanted to say that I asked the mods if this was okay and they told me it was. With that said...

Over the past few weeks I have been working on an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch, and it finally went live yesterday. Here is a link to it...

Super Street Fighter IV Moves and Frame Data for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

It is an app that basically gives you a quick essentials guide for all characters, lists of all their moves, and then last but not least the frame data for all of the 35 characters moves. Pictures and stuff can be seen on the link above.

If anyone grabs this and they have any suggestions for v1.2 please let me know. If you find any typos/errors or anything as well please let me know and I will fix them too.

For v1.2 I already have a new small feature that will be a button on the frame data page that goes to a page explaining how to read it. I also know of a few errors on the Essentials pages that I am going to be fixing. I plan on adding in BnB combos as well and possibly some more.

In general too if there are issues with the Frame Data I will be changing it to be more accurate as well. As of now I took a compilation of the data but mainly from the prima site. It seemed that the japanese entertain guide had quite a bit of wrong data in their frame section.

Oh and if you grab the app could you please leave me a good rating and review? Also if you want to nominate this for an article so that it can see the front page that would own too.


EDIT - 5/22/2010

The android version is now complete, and it is matched at v1.1. Here is a link to it from some website android store search, but obviously i don't have a direct link since you have to get it on the phone.

Super Street Fighter IV Guide - Android Apps and Tests - AndroidPIT

As with the others, if you purchase can you please find time to rate it as well! Thanks!

Here are a few screens from the android version

EDIT 5/24/2010

After some thought and debating in my head, with the Android release, I have decided to drop the price to $.99 for both versions. It will remain at that price and will not go up ever!

If you purchase please rate it thanks!!

All Bugs below here will be addressed in the next update!

- Ibuki shows Juri's Frame Data (iPhone Only at this point)
- Makoto shows some of Ibuki's Frame Data at the end of her list.
- When tilting the screen some whacky tacky shit happens (Android Version only)
- Juri is missing her close lp frame data.

These are currently in plan for the next update!
- BnB Combos for every character (maybe more than just BnB as well)
- Button on Frame Data screen explaining how to read it.
- Damage/Stun data for every move.

EDIT - 7/27/2010

I just posted this in the thread but I will post it here so people don't have to search for a reply from me.

Guys I've been busy as hell this summer with real life stuff going on, and it isn't going to slow down any time until mid august. I've had vacations and weddings to go to all summer and have a few more things in the upcoming weekends. I get home around like 8pm on week days and don't want to spend my evenings at the PC trying to get these updates done, especially when I've been at a PC all day at work.

Hell I haven't had power from Sunday afternoon until this morning about 30 minutes before I left to go to work.

That said, the next update is going to be more of a bug fix type update fixing some frame data errors (general ones, and the Ibuki issue on iPhone version), and I also want to get the android stuff from closing when you reorient the android, as well as get the hard back button making the app actually go back.

The app has only been out a little over 2 months now, so just bear with me and the updates will come out when I have a less hectic schedule.

Hell i haven't even been able to go to ANY local meetups since SSF4 has even been released.

I should have more free time though come middle of august, after I go to the beach, after my sisters wedding, after the 1 year anniversary of my fathers passing, and after my friends bachelor party.

EDIT - 7/29/2010

Well I figured I will post this here...

Today I got an email from google telling me they received a copyright infringement against my application from Capcom and they have to remove the application. On the document it is not only my sf4 app, it is about 20 apps total including a buncha moves lists and soundboards and stuff.

So as of today the android version of the app is officially finished. There will be no upgrades to it, sorry guys.

If the iPhone version isn't removed by the middle of next month I will still try to update it with bug fixes and frame data updates, but that will be the extent of the project most likely, because I don't want them to pull it. On the iPhone description I listed a disclaimer so no clue if that has anything to do with the app still being on the market.

EDIT: 11/11/2010

Well I know it has been a long time since I updated it, but I have been really burnt out of coding and shit at my newer job and I haven't felt like doing stuff on this project on the side. I know I promised some updates and just want to let you all know that the iPhone version has been updated with the correct frame data for Ibuki and a few other updates.

It went live today and you can update to it for free. The small fixes are listed in the actual description of the app on the app store.

As far as next updates, I would like to include updates that include move damage and stun and stuff like that. My main question to you all is, I am not sure where the most accurate data for this stuff is posted on the net, and I do not have nearly enough time to compile it myself in the SSF4 tutorial mode heh, so I'm wondering where the most accurate list of frame data and move data is online. I will update the frame data to whichever I hear from you all is the most accurate, and I will do the same for the move damage and what not.

I may also add in a combo section, but no promises on this front just yet because it will take me a lot more time to do that.

As far as the Android version goes, I am going to be updating the Android version to use no images and simply just have name lists, and on the "Essentials" page I am going to take the image out as well, and that should get rid of any copyright violations.

I promise the android version will be back in full effect, but give me a little bit of time (but sooner rather than later), and I promise it will not be a long ass wait like this past update was.

EDIT: 12/13/2010 - v1.3 Live for Iphone, Android version by end of the week!

So today my v1.3 for iPhone went live on the iTunes store. It includes the moves data for every character as well as a notes section for every character so you can keep your own notes for each character. I also updated all of the framedata with the SRK Wiki stuff, and that is where the moves data comes from as well. I also had to change the graphics to get rid of any capcom copywritten images so the look is a tad different graphically. All functionality is the same. More information can be found in the link at thet op of the OP with a full description.

About the Android version. I have been working on it the past week or so and it is JUST about ready to go.

I have fixed it so that it matches the iphone v1.3. It also has the new moves data and notes section, as well as the framedata and stuff from the SRK wiki. Of course I changed the images as well (since that is why it was taken off the market in the first place). I also fixed some small bugs with it, including the back button not going back a layer and just exiting, and when you changed orientation it did weird stuff as well. I may try to clean up a few other small things but they are kind of behind the scenes stuff and transparent to the user, so I may just do that later on and post the update when i finish it.

Now ... some funkyness about the whole Android thing....

As you know, they took it of the market due to DMCA complaint by capcom for copywritten images. I emailed google and they told me they CANNOT unsuspend my app on the store due to auditing reasons, which makes no sense to me but whatever. but they DID tell me I can put it up as a new app on the store, and to be sure i dont break any DMCA stuff because if it is taken down again I may lose my whole account privledge.

What does this mean to you?

Well those of you who have purchased it already, you won't get a free update notification, since it is technically a different app.

HOWEVER ... I know that is pretty jacked up, so those of you who have purchased it ... if you email me through the google checkout account you used to purchase it, with the name, order number and date of your purchase (because I still have y purchase history so I can verify this informatin), I will email you the apk for free since you already paid for it.

I hope this does not cause too much piracy with my app because this took some hard work and time to get finished, so please do not spread this and mail it out to other people for free.

I will let you all know exactly when the android version is done so that you can start emailing me about it, but it should be by the end of the week.

EDIT: 12/16/2010 - v1.3 Live for Android as well as iPhone!

Well I just published it on the Android market. Not sure how long it takes to be able to search and DL it, but it is now public.

Those of you who bought it previously will NOT be able to download this update for free. HOWEVER ... I will give more details on how you can get it for free if you have already purchased it, probably tomorrow when I have more time. Bout to go chill now.

So if you aren't in any hurry to get this and have previously purchased it, which I'm sure you probably arent, just hang on till tmoorrow I'll give instructiosn how you can get it without paying again.



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