Making a website for the American ST community



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    Update: Jrok came in having issues trying to troubleshoot sigh close but no cigar........
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    Sup, man. Man, I have listed your website on my ST website thread on the Brazilian forum, together with a post dedicated to it. But there is only so much I can do: most people here just want to either play KoF, Tekken or a FOTM game, which of course now is SF4. I have tried to run tournaments, considered giving the arcade owners some money to get a ST cab (abnormally expensive here, perhaps due to the absurd taxes), constantly played the game alone at MAME cabs to have others see it, but the more I try, the more the ST fans I meet disappear. I guess due to their usual age, most have jobs, or family, university or whatever and it is really hard to get them together. Most the posts in that forum which are related to ST are mine, so I often feel like talking to the walls or to the same friend who also posts there (agamemnon).

    But I will keep trying. The POS FOTM games will be forgotten and replaced, while the classics remain, even if it is mostly in the memories of the ones who understand their value. If there is something you need help with and I can contribute, if I have the time, I can try it.
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    Update: Jrok came in having issues trying to troubleshoot sigh close but no cigar........

    K tetsuosan just let me know if you get it to work.
    AKA SuperrV
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    Jrok works beautifully got a new capture card and that works extremely well, but there's a small problem. FME(flash media encoder) was working initially, but now its not and it doesn't like the pinnacle sound capture. I thought it was the pinnacle so I used the stock software and sound and video come in great. Hopefully I can get this fme problem solved asap. I might have to work tomorrow so no stream but if everyone agrees I could do it on Sunday. If my boss says I don't have to work then Ill do it tomorrow
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    whatever it hapenned to and dbt, they are gone
    <blitzfu> cool, and bastard is a loser, screen shot that
    <Pasky> he's always trolling, he has a macro button that troll
    <Kyouya>LoL Bastard, best post evah! But you forgot the tiger uppercut!!
    Imagine a snail being able to play fgs, and being a noob in it, it would sure be a salty snail, oh the tragedy of a snail!
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    I think the dbt guys closed their site.
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    DBT guys packed it up. Most of them lived too far away from each other, some dudes lost interest, etc... A lot of them are still actively playing though: Damdai, Mars, Riz, Tecmo, etc...

    F101 simply lost interest. He mentioned on FB he wanted to continue doing it, but doesn't really know what else he can cover.
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