How to Play C-Morrigan

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use j.:d:+:hk: as a low jump.

here's some flowchart:

beedrill > (opponent mashes jabs) > beedrill

beedrill > (opponent mashes something else) > counterhit s.:mp: > fireball?

beedrill > (you are close and feel sexy) > c.:lk: > c.:hp: > darkness illusion

beedrill > (opponent does nothing) > dashup > command throw

(opponent expects beedrill) > cross up :mk: > (hits) > combo

(opponent expects beedrill) > cross up :mk: > (blocked) > command throw

(opponent expects beedrill) > cross up :mk: > (blocked) > beedrill

so thats flowchart c-morrigan. of course you can get more advanced and bait counterhit setups, walk up setups, all sorts of other things.

i used to think c-morrigan was completely unplayable, but her drill makes her basically a low jump character on c-groove. the dash is useful for dashup > command throw after making them scared of counter hit setups after the drill. her seemingly useless jump is useful after creating a baseline expectaction of drills. this will allow you to land some crossups.

shes not nearly as good as n-morrigan, but still quite playable. imo she can be fun and is really useful if you are a flowcharty kind of player. in addition to the above flowchart, just walk around and do s.:mp: as well.

also, the drill command can be done with faster or slower timing to get it going at different heights. i havent really figured out how to make that useful really, but it may play in to some timing mixups.
Have fun, and be safe with it.

Just kidding. Fuck shit up.
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