Cheating in Halo 2 out of control...



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    Well thats good to here Anthony, now I don't feel so bad.
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    edit: troy, still play customs?
    speaking of cheating, I lost my 30 in head to head cause some guy got on top of lockout (not on top of sniper tower, on top of the elevator room). He sat there with a sniper rifle, and if I tried to go to the spot to super bounce, he shot a bullet to warn me not to go there since he got a hold of the sniper rifle. THerefor, I just ended up quitting since there was nothing I can do, I threw plasmas and frags, tried shooting him with a BR, nothing. Forget that shit.
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    Send bad feedback, that shit works
    [Originally posted by OrangeCat
    I have a sort of dilmma at this point of time.
    Right now, one of my best friends is fat. Not cute fat but he borders on being pig fat. He doesn't waddle, but he has the formings of fat tits forming.

    Originally posted by MrWizard
    The site was down due to the forum being too big.

    Ken Is So Top Tier. Just imagine Ken, with the Ben Stein Assist!!!
    Here is what would happen to any contestant that challenges. Low Short, Low Short, Call Ben Stein, Launch into Air Combo, End it with the special move, Trivial PUNCH, (roundhouse version) Super cancel into (FINAL JEOPARDYYYY!!!!!!) Thats already like 70% not to mention you can DHC into Alex Treebek's DAILY DOUBLE DEVASTATION Super. The Insanity!!!
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    I just suck at Halo 2 :sad:

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    i think halo 2 is coo if u know what ur doing..ur got ur clans going all that good stuff..i think the super bounces are cool if u can use them in the game against noobs...just like any other game..its alwayz cool to make a noob look dumb
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    Thank Goodness we got that cheating under control huh guys ;)

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