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how do u use this chick?

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simply how do u use this girl. rush down? turtle? poke? i just started and im not very good wit her i use K-groove. My K-team is cammmy, (chun-li/terry), and sagat-2 so a lil help would b appreciated thx
P.S. alrdy checkd previous threads


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    dunno about everyone else but i use her in p and she has really good pokes. her s.hp is insanely fast and easily links into the super. basically if you see the punch hit just do the motion for the super and you won't miss. can't remember exactly in how many frames it comes out but it's FAST. her s.hk has the range and priority and is a damn good anti air. don't get predictable though cause if you get parried or something you'll eat a super. j.lk cross up is really good too but i don't use it very much. build meter with whiffed c.mp's (won't apply to you cause you're in k)

    her best groove is p
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    With cammy in K, I just rush down, with a bit of mix-up.
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    actually i was thinking about moving over to C groove would that be any good? its because i went to the arcade and those Agroovers man especially wit sakura [grrrrrrrrrrr] damn that pisses me off no rolling in K groove and i cant get out of the way of a [shoshoshoshosho] till i get chippd to death aight guys late
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