Caesars Palace - NO Console Hookups in Rooms!



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    What is that would I know if it's in HD mode or not?

    this... and how would I put it in SD mode?
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    Left side of TV, there may be a panel that can be flipped open. Geese, what room ya'll in, we got some games going down in ours

    Whoa I'm I'm 1126 coulnt hook up anything. The engineer said no hook up possible even with all the wires o have. Of ucould help me over the phone....?
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    2016 Caesars Palace - Palace Towers HDMI input unlocked. No finagling. The input on the remote does not work, however there is a miniature joystick style TV button. Quick press is power, slight short press is menu, go to the right for the input list, HDMI 2&3 are on the side of the TV. NO REMOTE REQUIRED as it won't work..

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