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Will online for TvC

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Before I even buy the game is there is a way to make it "No lag" on TvC Wii Online? Just wonder cause I been looking around to see if there is possible a lag on TvC so I wonder what you guys opinion for make it not lag if you can help before I buy it? Thanks!


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    maybe a wired connecting?
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    maybe a wired connecting?
    This would probably fix the connection. I remember when a friend and I played Tekken 5 online on our PS3's and both used WIFI and it lagged A LOT, and then we both switched to a wired connection and it went on really smooth.

    And as a graduated network technician i have to say that this would probably help as a wired connection is most of the times twice as fast as a wireless (especially when it comes to gaming, lots of packages)
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    The wired connection doesn't always improve the input lag. It just makes it more consistent form game to game. I bought one at Best Buy a long time ago, and when I hooked it up, it auctually made all my games (Brawl,Tenkaichi 3, TVC, etc.) lag much worse when it did when I used wireless.
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    never played online in TVC, but i remember the LAN adaptor didnt help all that much in Brawl, both people should have wired connection...
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