Team Thick Chicks Get Dicked Image Thread!!!

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I'll start off with these classics!

Now we got an IMAGE Thread for those of us that like our tits D AND ABOVE and our hips WIDE AS FUCK and we don't like RIBS SHOWING if we want ribs we'll go grill some damnit!!!!!!!

Post up some fuckin' goodness ya'll!!!!!!! :party:
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  • KayinKayin rawr Joined: Posts: 2,115
    Not that into thick chicks, even tho I DO like a bit of meat on chicks, but she's hot. :tup:
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    Kayin wrote:
    Not that into thick chicks... but she's hot. :tup:
    Agreed, man. I tend to think boobs and ass have a maximum size beyond which they're gross, and that size isn't very big, but this girl is definitely hot.
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    A thread like this deserves a bump.
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    thread closed

    keep the chick pix contained in the existing threads, please.
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