Who do you use?



  • FatboielmoFatboielmo Joined: Posts: 233
    ragna cause im a scrub....trying to get better though
    SSF4-Blanka all daaaaay!
    BB:CS-Ragna....trying to get better at that game
  • mudkipzzzmudkipzzz Joined: Posts: 26
    I use Tager because he fights magical anime bullshit with magnets.

    He has cool shades and a cool underbite. He clanks when he walks and he extols the virtue of science while he's slamming your favorite cosplayer into the dirt. He hates his life because he's enslaved by a bitchy catgirl and has no control over his actions. Despite this, a slutty squirrel girl wants to ride his gigantic cyborg nuts. Tager would tap that somewhat furry ass and publish his findings in the journal Nature (or perhaps Applied Physics Quarterly, depending on how many magnets were involved).

    The only bad part about Tager is that he can't get any bars on his cell phone. Maybe if he took those fucking Tesla coils off his arm he could actually get some reception. But he won't, because magnets are more awesome than bars.

    lol, i main jin but i think i might want to pick up tager just because of this. GAJETO FINGAH!!!!
  • DrewTheDudeDrewTheDude Delightful Orgasm Joined: Posts: 121
    Bang since I've played him since CT.
  • ZarukaZaruka the Fool Joined: Posts: 856
    well since im kind of new to blazblue i just started using tao and rangna but i did a few of hazama challenges and i love how his combos work.

    so if you see me online i usually be scrubbing it out with hazama with occasionally using tao and ragna.
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  • XombieXombie No Armor? No Problem Joined: Posts: 654
    CT : Arakune and Jin.

    CS : Hazama. He's loads of fun and all of his combos are so easy to do after you practice them enough. I'm sure when Valkenhayn is released I'll use him as a sub, unless he's godly. :rofl:
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  • kataridragonkataridragon My DP is 8+triangle Joined: Posts: 1,037
    Tao is my main and Litchi is my sub.... even though I can't combo with litch.
    Idk I just love some taunt loops for breakfast. Meow!!!
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  • Aftermath1349Aftermath1349 God's Drippy Crevice Joined: Posts: 211
    I've mained Arakune since CT and now sub Hazama.

    Arakune is the reason I was able to get past the fact that the characters are Anime style (sorry, I love Akira and a few series but Anime really puts me off. The loli thing doesn't help either...) due to him looking and acting (and in fact being a straight up homage) like something out of an H.P. Lovecraft story.

    Hazama has a very unique playstyle which is something I look for in characters I play. Plus I can use my 3s Q colors, red and black.

    I'd like to use Valkanhayn if I like his playstyle due to my interest in characters wearing trenchcoats or generally just looking classy but the Valk bandwagon is awful big and I'm not one to use a character used by a lot of people... Luckily the Hazama army died pretty quick once they realized Ragna is easier so I can use him with a clean conscience.
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  • marcusgmarcusg Ramp Agent Joined: Posts: 1,114
    I main Makoto b/c I get tired of beating everyone with Tager. Makoto punches hard and like nuts. She gives me erections occasionally because of underboobs and the short skirt which isnt really skirt but a thong with a piece of cloth around it. She also has the power to freeze time.

    edit: I really wanted to sub Rachel but I couldnt use the old colors I purchased from the first BB. So fuck that.
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  • DonavanimeDonavanime Netplay King~ Joined: Posts: 104
    Jin and Litchi
  • MuffinOfFunMuffinOfFun MvC3 Crouching H is Magic! Joined: Posts: 101
    Makoto all the way. Seriously the one major reason I got BB was when my friend sent me a vid of her astral heat. Thinking about subbing Tager just to troll some scrubs.
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  • MrAbyssMrAbyss /troll Joined: Posts: 5
    Lambda all day every day. Easy to learn, hard to master charecter(corner loop).
    GGAC+:O-Sol, Sol, Slayer
  • MowatManMowatMan Joined: Posts: 156
    I use Bang in CT. CS still isn't out in Europe >:(

    In CS I'll probably still use Bang but Makoto looks fun so I may use her as well.
  • Shin KaizokuShin Kaizoku Joined: Posts: 20
    In CT I used Ragna. I was never any good in CT, but Ragna was simple enough that I could get some decent damage off of a BnB.

    In CS I use Ragna, Jin, and Hakumen. I like using Ragna 'cause he does really good damage (around 3-5k) off of regular BnB. He's got really good range on most of his moves, ID is a good wakeup if used correctly, and I just find him a lot of fun. I use Jin because he's got a decent oki, he's fast enough for me, and does decent damage in the corner. He's a very well balanced character imo. As for Hakumen...dat damage. D:

    I'm also in the process of learning Lambda.
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  • Pwnag3Pur3lyPwnag3Pur3ly Joined: Posts: 50
    I used Jin in CT and i main Jin, Tsubaki, and Mu in CS..
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  • ShiawaseShiawase Joined: Posts: 270

    Impatiently waiting for Platinum.
  • TrueGunnerShadowTrueGunnerShadow Shadow The Hedgehog Fan! Joined: Posts: 129
    Noel all the way.
    Sometimes Tager, Hazama, Mu-12, Makoto and Valkenhayn.
    Now I got to wait for Platinum (<-Waits so Impatiently)
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  • xJayxxJayx FlowChart <3 Joined: Posts: 70
    JIN IT TO WIN IT i use jin cause...i like his style?
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  • ArkkaiArkkai Yare Yare Daze Joined: Posts: 372
    i main carl

    :c i feel so lonely lol
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  • CirnoCirno Joined: Posts: 8
    plat is the most sugoi main and wow these forums are dead
  • OmgsikkiOmgsikki 8.95% GDLK Joined: Posts: 30
    In Calamity Trigger, I was a devout Bang player, with bits and pieces of Ragna in there for good measure. Once CS hit I just decided to stick to Ragna, he's a simple character with a pretty reasonable metagame. After the long awaited Valkenhayn DLC, I toyed around with him, really really liked his gameplay and meta as well, and took him up as a second, although the guys I play friendlies with always say "Why don't you just play your main, you know, Valkenhayn?" lol.
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  • SwordzSwordz Whew! Joined: Posts: 103
    Tager because he can do stuff like this.

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  • 1000DollaSocks1000DollaSocks That's an overhead?! Joined: Posts: 618
    Bang :rofl:
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  • GuiltyGuilty まこと Joined: Posts: 255
    CT: Hakumen and Jin
    CS:Makoto and Hazama. Still messing around with Jin and Hakumen though. Also waiting for Platinum :/
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  • mr. tibbsmr. tibbs λ=11 Joined: Posts: 573
    I started with Tao, then picked up Hazama cuz I like his style. Then i tried Jin. Then Tsubaki. I still play all of them, but I really only know any combos with my new favorite, Lambda. So I'm a scrub with the first four, and a scrub+ with Lambda.

    Go, Lambda, go.

    (Add me if you want to scrub out sometime.)
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  • HawkingbirdHawkingbird I am thou...thou art I Joined: Posts: 25,659
    I play Tager and stuck with him the entire way. Mainly because he is the only character in the game I managed to get a decent handle on. I suck with all the other character including the easy characters like Ragna.
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  • OzShinjiOzShinji SA's Air Dasher Joined: Posts: 142
    Noel for me, always have and always will. I also picked up Makoto as soon as she came out for DLC, but I didn't get to really learn her until near the end of CS1.

    As for ease of character use, you can go Ragna, Jin, or Noel. But I'd just suggest picking a character you like and sticking with them. Everyone is different enough to where if you put the time into learning them, you won't have to worry about the ease of use for the BB system.
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  • Sol BadguySol Badguy SHEER HEART ATTACK Joined: Posts: 106
    Arakune, Hazama, Ragna, Rachel, Jin, Tager.
  • MetalNeverDiesMetalNeverDies Joined: Posts: 12
    Litchi because I like long combos, and I like to give myself a challenge by using some of the harder characters.
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  • MadBaterMadBater Joined: Posts: 60
    Hakumen is the best. I am in the process of relearning some of his stuff due to not playing much over the last two months and new the new CSII patch.
    BBCS2 Hakumen
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  • D_DollarsD_Dollars the BASED ken Joined: Posts: 1,655
    CT it was ragna through and through. i thought he was badass as fuck with a sick ass design. and him being easy to use also helped. in cs i did try ragna but he felt mad boring and braindead as fuck. so i tried tsubaki who i also like, and while she was fun, she was garbage that she makes hsien ko from mvc3 look gdlk. so i ended up quitting that pos. as for cs2, it's pretty much just tsubaki with ragna here and there.
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  • JocelotJocelot Don't give up! Joined: Posts: 5,194
    Arakune in CT, than Hazama in CS. I'm really starting to like zoning characters, or at least characters with a nice handle on zoning. I'll probably go Hazama again for CSII.
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  • Son of a GunSon of a Gun That Man Joined: Posts: 328
    Bought it since CS2 and right back to Rachel! :D
    I like to try out Valkenhayn because he looks cool and, well Rachel needs her butler..
    Hologram Summer Again.

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  • ZeromurasameZeromurasame Too much wrist action Joined: Posts: 364
    I play Makoto almost exclusively. I just recently got back into the series(haven't played since CT first came out on consoles). I used Ragna back in my scrubby CT days.
  • Zip7Zip7 asdfghjkl; Joined: Posts: 192
  • TrippfanTrippfan That Bob Ross Guy... Joined: Posts: 990
    Taokaka FTW!
    ST: Claw, Dictator, SSFIV AE: Cammy/Vega, KOF XIII: Clark, Mai, Iori, TTT2: Anna/Kunimitsu
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  • CrimsonMoonMistCrimsonMoonMist Joined: Posts: 480
    Lambda for a change of pace from my usual completely offensive style of play
    so i can gain some experience with keepaway.
  • DoriaNDoriaN Woe is me, praise christ Jesus Joined: Posts: 388
    Noel since CT, subs Hazama Arakune and Platinum in CS2.
    Yang for sf5 please.
  • TrueFistTrueFist UK Wannabe Professional. Joined: Posts: 197
    CS1: Bang + Hakumen
    CS2: Makoto + Hazama
    CSE: µ12, Bang
    AE2012: Cody, Chun-Li, Ryu
    KoF: Saiki, K', Benimaru
  • HavikHavik Joined: Posts: 434
    Tager all day bro. Thinking between palt and noel.
    I hope the Bulls, Bears, and Cubs will win a championship soon.

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  • Mackblitz ZX AdventMackblitz ZX Advent Joined: Posts: 68
    i am Good with every body in ssf4 ae and mvc3 mvc2 mortal kombat
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  • Son of a GunSon of a Gun That Man Joined: Posts: 328
    That's good to know in BB topic...
    Hologram Summer Again.

    BB Main: Rachel & Valkenhayn
    SSFIV: AE Main: Vega/Claw, Yun
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  • TrueFistTrueFist UK Wannabe Professional. Joined: Posts: 197
    i am Good with every body in ssf4 ae and mvc3 mvc2 mortal kombat
    You read WAN PEES?

    I now fully understand why that post was full of 'wat'
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  • YoohooDudeYoohooDude Joined: Posts: 69
    In CT, I alternated between Noel and Bang, and then when CS came out, I threw Tsubaki into the mix (enjoying it so far). I think it'd be best to pick one and focus on that one, but it's trying to choose that's killing me.
  • xero cool 18xero cool 18 Joined: Posts: 9
    didnt play ct
    well in cs i main: platinum cause i rarely see alot of them and shes fun to play with. i play a little tsubaki here and there just to change up the pace a little . but in the next installment of blazblue im playing with ragna and jin's sister (name slips my mind everytime i think of her)
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    UMVC3 :ill leave that to your imagination
    SSF4AE: Fei long/Juri
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  • CStaticCStatic Was it something I said? Joined: Posts: 765
    Taokaka because she's just too much fun, plus, I love her animations.
    I also use Hakumen and Ragna
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  • TrueFistTrueFist UK Wannabe Professional. Joined: Posts: 197
    I can imagine Saya will be like Arakune +1 in the next game, calling down some Holy weapons or something. Y'know, because she is like Paraletic.
    CSE: µ12, Bang
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  • Tomo009Tomo009 Joined: Posts: 2,268
    Lambda but I want to learn Hazama since he give me so much trouble and is a little more controlling in his zoning style.

    With Relius revealed I wonder if Jubei has a chance...
  • xero cool 18xero cool 18 Joined: Posts: 9
    hopefully not i cant stand arakune and his play style
    Gamertag: xero cool 19

    UMVC3 :ill leave that to your imagination
    SSF4AE: Fei long/Juri
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  • KayahticKayahtic Joined: Posts: 6
    Currently using Mu. <3 Hope to get better with her later on. =]
  • ThinobunsThinobuns I am young nation and young nation is me Joined: Posts: 457
    Nu in CT
    Lambda in CS
    PSN: Teenohs
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