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Who do you use?



  • JocelotJocelot Don't give up! Joined: Posts: 5,438
    Arakune in CT, than Hazama in CS. I'm really starting to like zoning characters, or at least characters with a nice handle on zoning. I'll probably go Hazama again for CSII.
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    jak d ripr wrote: »
    That shit had me in stitches. Nigga went for all these flashy set-ups and doom was like hold these boots.
  • Son of a GunSon of a Gun That Man Joined: Posts: 328
    Bought it since CS2 and right back to Rachel! :D
    I like to try out Valkenhayn because he looks cool and, well Rachel needs her butler..
    Hologram Summer Again.

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    SSFIV: AE Main: Vega/Claw, Yun
    T6 Main: Lars
  • ZeromurasameZeromurasame Too much wrist action Joined: Posts: 364
    I play Makoto almost exclusively. I just recently got back into the series(haven't played since CT first came out on consoles). I used Ragna back in my scrubby CT days.
  • Zip7Zip7 asdfghjkl; Joined: Posts: 192
  • TrippfanTrippfan That Bob Ross Guy... Joined: Posts: 990
    Taokaka FTW!
    ST: Claw, Dictator, SSFIV AE: Cammy/Vega, KOF XIII: Clark, Mai, Iori, TTT2: Anna/Kunimitsu
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  • CrimsonMoonMistCrimsonMoonMist Joined: Posts: 508
    Lambda for a change of pace from my usual completely offensive style of play
    so i can gain some experience with keepaway.
  • DoriaNDoriaN Woe is me, praise christ Jesus Joined: Posts: 388
    Noel since CT, subs Hazama Arakune and Platinum in CS2.
    Yang for sf5 please.
  • TrueFistTrueFist UK Wannabe Professional. Joined: Posts: 197
    CS1: Bang + Hakumen
    CS2: Makoto + Hazama
    CSE: µ12, Bang
    AE2012: Cody, Chun-Li, Ryu
    KoF: Saiki, K', Benimaru
  • HavikHavik Joined: Posts: 434
    Tager all day bro. Thinking between palt and noel.
    I hope the Bulls, Bears, and Cubs will win a championship soon.

    BBCS2: Tager, plat
    Mk9: Jax, Quan Chi, Jade
    Ah3: Fiona, Eko
  • Mackblitz ZX AdventMackblitz ZX Advent Joined: Posts: 68
    i am Good with every body in ssf4 ae and mvc3 mvc2 mortal kombat
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  • Son of a GunSon of a Gun That Man Joined: Posts: 328
    That's good to know in BB topic...
    Hologram Summer Again.

    BB Main: Rachel & Valkenhayn
    SSFIV: AE Main: Vega/Claw, Yun
    T6 Main: Lars
  • TrueFistTrueFist UK Wannabe Professional. Joined: Posts: 197
    i am Good with every body in ssf4 ae and mvc3 mvc2 mortal kombat
    You read WAN PEES?

    I now fully understand why that post was full of 'wat'
    CSE: µ12, Bang
    AE2012: Cody, Chun-Li, Ryu
    KoF: Saiki, K', Benimaru
  • YoohooDudeYoohooDude Joined: Posts: 69
    In CT, I alternated between Noel and Bang, and then when CS came out, I threw Tsubaki into the mix (enjoying it so far). I think it'd be best to pick one and focus on that one, but it's trying to choose that's killing me.
  • xero cool 18xero cool 18 Joined: Posts: 9
    didnt play ct
    well in cs i main: platinum cause i rarely see alot of them and shes fun to play with. i play a little tsubaki here and there just to change up the pace a little . but in the next installment of blazblue im playing with ragna and jin's sister (name slips my mind everytime i think of her)
    Gamertag: xero cool 19

    UMVC3 :ill leave that to your imagination
    SSF4AE: Fei long/Juri
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  • CStaticCStatic Was it something I said? Joined: Posts: 765
    Taokaka because she's just too much fun, plus, I love her animations.
    I also use Hakumen and Ragna
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  • TrueFistTrueFist UK Wannabe Professional. Joined: Posts: 197
    I can imagine Saya will be like Arakune +1 in the next game, calling down some Holy weapons or something. Y'know, because she is like Paraletic.
    CSE: µ12, Bang
    AE2012: Cody, Chun-Li, Ryu
    KoF: Saiki, K', Benimaru
  • Tomo009Tomo009 Joined: Posts: 2,268
    Lambda but I want to learn Hazama since he give me so much trouble and is a little more controlling in his zoning style.

    With Relius revealed I wonder if Jubei has a chance...
  • xero cool 18xero cool 18 Joined: Posts: 9
    hopefully not i cant stand arakune and his play style
    Gamertag: xero cool 19

    UMVC3 :ill leave that to your imagination
    SSF4AE: Fei long/Juri
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  • KayahticKayahtic Joined: Posts: 6
    Currently using Mu. <3 Hope to get better with her later on. =]
  • ThinobunsThinobuns I am young nation and young nation is me Joined: Posts: 457
    Nu in CT
    Lambda in CS
    PSN: Teenohs
  • Zero ShiftZero Shift Level 5 Esper Joined: Posts: 64
  • Black-ToofBlack-Toof Joined: Posts: 451
    New to the game as of yestruday, i chose Arakune ^-^
    ('ll admit i don't like his speeches keep cutting out, although it's supposed to be character. Still.)
    Gouken - ~15,000 BP / 4040 PP
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  • OverGregarOverGregar Air dashing is nerfed... Joined: Posts: 4
    I've been playing since CT and I was using Hakumen
    In CS I've been using a variety of characters, but I mostly use Hakumen, Lambda, Rachel, Makoto, and Valkenhayn.
    Mostly same in CS2 and soon CSE.
    BBCS2:Main: Lambda, Hakumen
    :Sub: Makoto, Rachel, Arakune, Valkenhayn
    SSF4 AE: El Fuerte, Hakan, Evil Ryu
    MVC3 Team: DP/Morri/Hulk, Morri/Dormm/Tron, Morri/Wesker/Chun-li
    Needs to think of a new plan...
  • FuziunFuziun Fuzzy Onion Joined: Posts: 1,080
    CT: Hakumen
    CS: Hakumen
    CS2: Hakumen and Platinum

    Not sure who for CSEX but probably just still Hakumen and Platinum, but I might pick up Taokaka for fun.
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  • DeikanDeikan Jesus Kick Masher! Joined: Posts: 128
    For me who just picked up the game yesterday, I really enjoy Rachel Alucard. She's awesome, interesting and I like her powers and abilities.

    I'm still learning how to dash into combos in this game (I've been playing SF IV for too long), but I can't wait to get into the Blazblue scene and learn new things.
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    SF3 Third Strike OE: Ryu & Makoto
    Arcana Heart 3: Petra Johanna Lagerkvist & Lilica Felchenerow
    Blazblue: Rachel Alucard
  • TrazzyTrazzy Joined: Posts: 13
    I chose the hero of love and justice as my main as i watched the opening of CT for the first time and have never looked back!!!!
  • HecatomHecatom Aka Black Gorilla (・Д・)ノ Joined: Posts: 24,343
    CT,CS, CS2 : Tager
    CSEX: im planning to stay with Tager :rock:
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  • oodkoodk Joined: Posts: 344
    CT: Jin
    CS: Lambda
  • NickExtremeNickExtreme Joined: Posts: 41
    CT: Jin/Tager
    CS: Tager/Mu-12/Valkehayn
    CS2: Valkenhayn/Tager
    CSX: Valkenhayn , probably Relius as second.
    PM me for any help in BlazBlue, I am always open for help and suggestions.

    BBCSEX- Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Iron-Tager, Mu-12, Relius Clover
    UMvC3 - Dante, Frank West, Wesker, Hawkeye, Spencer, Sentinel, Vergil, Thor, Dormammu
  • Jaguar131Jaguar131 Joined: Posts: 1,239
    CT: Noel/Litchi
    CS: Noel/Tsubaki
    CS2: Tsubaki
    Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/sctourney
    R.I.P sksksksksk222
  • BurakkurozuBurakkurozu The User Of Burning Soul Joined: Posts: 14
    For the sake of the actual subject of this thread, I use Tager and side/sidelearn Litchi and Hazama. Tager was a choice based on the fact that Blazblue is the newest fighting game I've came into, and I have a thing for grapplers. Picked him up after using Jin for a bit at a friend's suggestion, and began doing pretty well with him. Litchi I picked up due to her dual-mode stuff with her staff and such, and Hazama just seemed great zoning, so I began learning him as well.
  • Zoidberg747Zoidberg747 Joined: Posts: 59
    Arakune, his unpredictability and strangeness drew me to him.
  • orcitectorcitect Joined: Posts: 132
    Recently started on CS2 (Got it at xmas) But I've gone for Ragna, Will stick with him with Extend too most likely.
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  • Huggy BearHuggy Bear Scoops Häagen-Dazs® Joined: Posts: 2,149
    CT: Bang
    CS1: Bang, Mu
    CS2: Bang, Mu
    CSX: Bang, Mu

    Logan / Spencer / Gouki

  • DestroyahDestroyah Ones Own Ruler Joined: Posts: 51
    Hakumen need I say moar?
  • skooskoo strong strong tager. Joined: Posts: 5
    Tager for that real science damage.

    Nothing felt better than demolishing randoms online who picked Nu-13 when they saw I played Tager thinking it was a free win.
  • Sabin41Sabin41 S4B1N - OG scrub :P Joined: Posts: 1,000
    I mostly play Tager, in both versions of the game. He reminds me a bit of Potemkin who I enjoyed a lot in Guilty Gear.

    I also play Hellsing, I'm a sucker for command throws and tend to play quite aggressively, Hellsing is probably the highest damage character if played right.
    SFII & IV - Main: Zangief Sub: Honda
    GG & GGX2^C+ - Main: Potemkin BlazBlue (CT & CS) - Main: Tager
    UMvC3 - Main: Thor (b)/ Dormammu (b)/ Magneto (a) Sub: Haggar (a)/ Sentinel (a)/ Magneto (b)
  • Amun G. OsirisAmun G. Osiris Joined: Posts: 62
    Taokaka is the reason I decided to pick up this game, I just wish I had more people to practice with.
  • oOParadoxoOParadox Keep it classy. Joined: Posts: 153
    Smooth Criminal, all day everyday.

    He's got a slick playstyle that really drew me to him. Very damaging otgs and he's just a powerful character overall. His Distortions don't do very much damage for some reason, but he doesn't play the Distortion game like some of the other characters do. Plus I love being able to get around the screen quickly.

    Which is probably why I like subbing Tao as well.

    Litchi as third, I guess.
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  • AirkAirk Joined: Posts: 1,024
    Wait what? Hazama doesn't play the "Distortion Game"? Like half his offense is centered around Jayoku combos. o.o
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