Who do you use?



  • JinnyKisaragiJinnyKisaragi Niisan Stalker Joined: Posts: 8
    CT: Jin/Nu-13
    CS: Jin/Ragna
    CS2: Jin/Ragna/Tsubaki
    CSX: Jin/Ragna/Tsubaki
    I initially picked Jin because of Ky Kiske and I liked him a lot so kept using him.
    I chose Ragna because I liked his character and he was pretty fun to use so I kept with it.
    Tsubaki I was just good at naturally oddly enough. Hmm.... not sure why...
    I used to use Nu-13 but dropped her because I was pretty bad with her compared to other characters.
  • rubixgrooverubixgroove Joined: Posts: 227
    Just picked up CS and right now I am playing/learning several characters but I have a wub affair with Tsubaki... tons of fun.
  • SMWongSMWong I suck at games now. Joined: Posts: 82
    Tao is my baby, I can play mean keep away and I can punish a little....All I know is her distortion where she grabs you is a clutch all the time.
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  • WrathWrath Modder and BlazBlue Fan Joined: Posts: 211
    I play Hakumen as my main on CSE, mainly because I just liked his style. The counters are there, but they're mainly mind game. All the really dangerous stuff I like involves Lotus or Firefly :)
    thank you so much dood. I feel alot more prepared now
    ^^ that's a prinny in disguise O.O
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  • FighterJunkieFighterJunkie Ouroboros, ACTIVATE! Joined: Posts: 22
    Makoto, because she has a kick ass combo system, Hakumen, because of his Parry system, Litchi (Again, kick ass combo system with a variety of moves) and Valkenhein, because of his Fast and Powerful Moves. Those have to be my main characters.
  • awkward_comboawkward_combo Joined: Posts: 56
    I personally love how Jin looks. His ice powers being so good looking is a bonus. He is my main, i just wish i was good enough to use him like the pros use him.
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  • SonOfTheNortheSonOfTheNorthe Joined: Posts: 35
    I never stick with just one person in fighting games.
    In Extend, I use Arakune, Tager, Taokaka, and less frequently, Jin, Hakumen, and Noel.
  • KankuriKankuri Kankuri Joined: Posts: 263
    Been maining Rachel since CT. I'm a die-hard character loyalist, so I've stuck with her.

    Although I own it, I haven't played a lot of EX. I do like what I have experienced. There is absolutely not BB scene around here though.
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  • rubixgrooverubixgroove Joined: Posts: 227
    Been sticking with Tsubaki still! Definitely my favorite out of the bunch. :)

    I recently put BB on during a local gathering and it was really funny to see the reactions. Quite a few players have never seen it in person and completely tripped out. Was really nice. Didn't know that there is a really great Jin and an equally awesome Carl! After seeing some Carl in action, I've started to pick him up... just enough to learn some tricks.
  • Huggy BearHuggy Bear Scoops Häagen-Dazs® Joined: Posts: 2,149
    Carl is the only character that legitimately scares the shit out of me. I can play him enough to compete, yet I come up against a good Carl. I just his panic buttons. Amazing character.
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  • J-Will!J-Will! Joined: Posts: 6
    I just picked up CT last week, It was ten bux so I figured I'd give it a shot. Carl for life! I just got a few essential loops and strats down with him, and it feels good. Every victory is so rewarding. I just got my first 25+ hit combo off mid-match and have been oozing with hype ever since. I have a hard time dealing with Arakune at the moment, he just out-traps me I guess. :shrug: maybe I'll just second a more conventional character.
  • Huggy BearHuggy Bear Scoops Häagen-Dazs® Joined: Posts: 2,149
    Stick with Carl. The guy is a beast in Extend. If you focus and just learn Carl you will pretty much make the world look free.
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  • J-Will!J-Will! Joined: Posts: 6
    I'm getting good ideas for a bunch of situational set-ups, but it's starting to make my brain cramp up a little. sometimes when I try to do his 6d I habitually do his 8d instead etc. Also, I've noticed sometimes his 623c goes through them if you try to add it to a combo. Is that because I'm too close to my opponent sometimes, or does it randomly just phantom like that? I get punished really hard from that!
  • AirkAirk Joined: Posts: 1,024
    Well, I don't think Cantabile (623C) hits right next to Carl at all, so if the opponent is too close, it won't land.
  • VerimeloniVerimeloni Joined: Posts: 116
    Cantabile hits about a step next to him but you can easily combo like 5b -> 5b -> 623c - that is the most common lead-up to Cantabile I dare say, for newer players at least. Don't try 5b -> 5c -> 623c, at least without having Nirvana do 6d in the mix 'cause otherwise it can be blocked.
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  • J-Will!J-Will! Joined: Posts: 6
    Sometimes I use 5b -> 5b -> Cantabile and it will miss too. :S I just need to stay aware of how close I am to my opponent I guess. Thanks for the advice!
  • VerimeloniVerimeloni Joined: Posts: 116
    You're welcome :D Just try doing different things with Nirvana and try combo them to Cantabile. Then you can easily take your combos to the air and start some loops :tup:
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  • CaButlerCaButler Joined: Posts: 36
    I use Tsubaki. Honestly, I really love using her. I know many claim she's trash, and when looking at her overall ability, it isn't, um, good; but I feel like with more practice, I could use her much better than I can now. Another one I use is Rachael, tho I'm not as good with her as I am with Tsubaki. Rachael's pretty hard for me to control.

    Yeah, I'm trying to learn how to use Tsubaki myself, but it's been slow. I know a great Tsubaki player and play with him often and he'll kick my ass more often than not with her.

    And, surprise surprise, my main is Ragna, but that's always been the case, but I like playing with Makoto, too. She's a fun squirrel to play with.
  • black_death100black_death100 Joined: Posts: 1
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    Lambda 11 and Ragna.
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  • ProjectRealityProjectReality Joined: Posts: 26
    Arakune is the only character I know how to use. Currently, the results of my matches with Arakune are surprisingly better than I expected.
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