Looking for SSFIV players in Arlington TX

Sturmgeist13Sturmgeist13 Joined: Posts: 37
Nothing special no tourneys or anything, I just can't seem to find a good scene nearby & just need better competition in casuals. Thanks.


  • galvan2356galvan2356 . Joined: Posts: 257
    post here
  • ChuvyliciousChuvylicious Joined: Posts: 441
    post here

    what if he doesnt want to.
  • galvan2356galvan2356 . Joined: Posts: 257
    then he can go to dustloop and hang with drgnak and his blazblue buddies.
  • Sturmgeist13Sturmgeist13 Joined: Posts: 37
    Thing is that DTX thread is very unorganized & is mostly around Dallas & Houston. Dallas is close but I need people to play for casuals. Still I'll give it a try just to see who's close.
  • isuckatgamezisuckatgamez Joined: Posts: 204
    then he can go to dustloop and hang with drgnak and his blazblue buddies.

    Ey fuck you buddy... blazblue is the shit
  • thrawn2112thrawn2112 Joined: Posts: 75
    you're pretty lucky to have a place as close as dallas to get games in
  • P.Y.TP.Y.T Joined: Posts: 282
    SSF4 my place tonight, anybody down just P.M me ur number and ill give u directions..

    Played on X360
  • Fury XFury X GORO WINS! Joined: Posts: 436
    Sup Guys just giving you a heads up of whats happening in Chuco-town and your all invited to

    The more comp the better so it be awesome if you can attend

    Any questions you can Pm me
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  • FindMyFarmsFindMyFarms Joined: Posts: 1,060
    Ne players in downtown?!
    "you all some stank ass bitches yo. i heard yall be on da cock and dont even feel bad about it. danng. fuck"

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