Anyone here bought a VEWLIX kit from KRAY?



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    Someone please have this art ready to print? Can you please send me by email?
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    Thanks again Dirty-D

    Can you share the artwork with me please? Send me an email if possible!
    Dirty-D art for being old is no longer available! thanks in advance!
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    So, I've been currently working on getting all my stuff together for when my Custom Kray Vewlix arrives at the end of the month or in January. I made a cabinet recently at our work.....and it took forever, so I'm paying him to handle all my paint work.

    I ended up scoring 2 of the PS360 pcbs for the cab, and got my JLF stick led wired up along with the buttons (2 leds will be on all ways, and 4 turned on when pressed). The stick led will always be on as well.

    I finished the art for the Control panel, the command list panel, and the marquee. They are actually being silkscreened on a lexan plexi with back light film. I just ordered a custom cut EL Panel for the control panel so it will also be back lit as well.

    should be sweet once everything gets into place. here are picks of the art.....let me know what you guys think?

    I went a different route in terms of the art being in my own style.....but with some gamer influences. (akuma/gouken fireball art....with ryu dragon punching the side.)

    The colors were based of of the marvel versus capcom 3 scheme.

    Anyway I'll post more as my cabinet slowly starts to come together. Kray is the man...glad he could hook me up. :)



    can you share with me your art please! your work is amazing! I wish I could use it on my Vewlix! this is if you allow it! You can send me by email.
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