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PTX-40A Advance/Trick combo video!

GcYoshi13GcYoshi13 #1 PTX-40A PilotJoined: Posts: 1,489
I hide my fraudulence with cool characters that no one else seems to like

I am sponsored by Marvelous Customs. Their dual mod services are top notch, and they make customizable sticks/frames/plexiglass covers. They also sell parts and T-shirts. Check them out: http://marvelouscustoms.com/


  • frustratedsquirrelfrustratedsquirrel Masky stripey man! Wtf is a raccoon? Joined: Posts: 3,761
    And people say the giants are boring to watch...
    From team Sp00ky's TvC stream:
    "Alex? He will put his mitts all over you dude. Like he's so grimy, he shows up to the party and is like 'RAAAGH' and rips his shirt off"
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