DUNGEON FIGHTER ONLINE: Nexon NA DFO Shuts Down, Help Choose New Fighting Game MMO! (Nexon DFO)

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0) Nexon events http://dungeonfighter.nexon.net/default.aspx
DFO Shutting Down: New Games (the below list will keep getting updated)
1) Kritika

2) PSO2
3) Mystic Fighter Online aka MFO
4) Rusty Hearts
5) Elsword

8) DFO Account Security: http://dungeonfighter.nexon.net/Community/#%2Fshowthread.php%3F671398-Happy-Holidays-and-Don-t-Forget-To-Keep-Your-Accounts-Secure%26nxid%3D11

What is DFO? Click on "Toggle spoiler" to see the videos where spoilers.
As you can see, the gameplay greatly varies depending on the class:
Spoiler: PvP
Spoiler: PvE
The third post in this thread has actual tournament videos.

SRK <-- Main SRK Guild
SRKPvP <--  Under Glad6 move to SRK; Glad6+ move to ElderGOD
ElderGOD <-- OV/Res/Daily/Endgame Guild (also storage for less active SRK 70s, only SRK "senior" accepted)
Members in any of the three guilds can participate in all guild events.

Guild Rules
1) Everyone starts out junior status with guild buffs. I prefer no more than two characters for new members if both active.
2) No cheating/scamming/hacking/racism/harassment/impersonation, no turbo/auto fire, no gold buying (not allowed: $ for gold, gold for $, NX for gold, gold for NX), etc. Avoid words like "rape." No trade spam in /g, /g is not trade channel. Exception for events swap items (ie: fmage hat for mmage hat).
Don't abuse guild help, don't abuse guild safe. We can help you with awaken mats and runs and other dungeons, but we will not provide mats and carry you through relic for personal farming. Senior members encouraged to help, officers required to help (unless other higher priority tasks assigned).
3) Display mods that give you an unfair advantage over another player are banned.
4) Our guild level for SRK is maxed (17) and this isn't a token farm guild.
5) The SRK guild has a 14 day inactivity policy for users with no memo and 21 days for users with a memo.
SRKPvP and ElderGOD guilds currently don't kick for inactivity.
Memo format: forum: user (examples: SRK for shoryuken, DFOS for DFO Source, NEX for Nexon's forums):
SRK: ElderGOD or NEX: Elder or SRK/NEX: ElderGOD/Elder or DFOS: ....
Memo Tutorial by SirOrange: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/dungeon-fighter-online-nexon-dfo.119024/page-30#post-7802842
Other Rules
1) Nexon's ToS.
2) All violations must be reported to me and I must acknowledge receipt. Failure to report violations intentionally will result in infractions.
Inability to follow rules will result in a warning or infraction(s) ranging from one to two rank points.

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