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Announcements! Guild announcements will be posted in our Raidcall channel in the Events room.
1) DFO IS BACK: http://www.dfoneople.com/
Facebook (announcements): https://www.facebook.com/dfoglobal
Events: http://www.dfoneople.com/events/celebration
Tutorial for new players: http://download.dfoneople.com/guide/DFOguidebook.pdf
Blog (announcements): http://dfo-notice.blogspot.kr/2015/03/existing-issues-after-emergency.html
2) Our Guilds are only on NA East Cain Server: SRK is public. SRK2 is only for alts from SRK. GOD reserved for now.
3) To start, log on or create an account at http://www.dfoneople.com/. Link your Facebook in Account settings to get your DFOG characters back.
The HUGE download starts after running the installer, if you get an error redownload the installer and SELECT THE REPAIR OPTION.
4) Legit, kind, respectful players only, hackers will be kicked (we will retain blacklist for future use).
5) Guild events open to all our guilds (and some to all DFO players). We will use point system until cash shop returns.
6) First post of this thread will be updated continuously, but also check newest posts of this thread for what's new and events.
7) Reminders:
a) We have unlimited free skill resets. b) Don't forget to do dimensional quests (press Q then dimensional tab).
c) Don't forget to do CEO quest daily and use the FP pot daily. d) Characters over level 50 can be used as assists, use them.
e) If you keep running out of FP often, you can make another character which will have a separate FP bar.
f) Don't forget to set correct memo, which is used to tell who is who in the game.
g) If you have any issues, contact our guild officers in-game (they will have star in-game next to their character name).
PM me on these forums if you feel that a guild officer was unable to resolve your issue(s).
h) Don't forget to read the remainder of this post!
i) If your character is stuck type //setcharacter if your item is unreachable type //setitem don't use these often since DFO keeps track.
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What is Dungeon Fighter?
Dungeon Fighter is a free game that is derived from elements found in a fighting game like Street Fighter, a beat em up like Streets of Rage, and an RPG like Diablo 2. The feel of the game will depend on what class you choose to play, they vary greatly, and you can use your arcade stick to manually shoot "hadoukens" or use the hotkey system like Starcraft for skills.

Gameplay videos for each class can be found here:

Several combo videos:

Guild Rules

1) Everyone starts out junior status with guild buffs.
2) No cheating, no scamming, no hacking, no racism, no turbo/auto fire, etc. Trash talk is banned in guild chat but may be used in private party if no one in party objects. No trade spam in /g, /g is not trade channel. Exception for events swap items (example: your mage has slayer event hat and a slayer has mage event hat, you can ask to swap in guild chat assuming equal worth).
Guild help is not to be abused. We can help you with awaken mats and runs and other dungeons, but we will not provide mats and carry you through relic for personal farming. Guild safe is also not to be abused. Senior members are encouraged to help others and is a factor when choosing/maintaining guild officers.
3) Display mods that give you an unfair advantage over another player are banned.
4) Our guild level for SRK is maxed and this isn't a token farm guild.
5) The SRK guild has a 7 day inactivity policy for users with no memo and 14 days for users with a memo (can PM me to request an extension for each character).
? guild has 21 day inactivity (can PM me to request an extension for each character).
Memo format: forum: user (examples: SRK for shoryuken, DFOS for DFO Source, NEO for Neople's site):
SRK: ElderGOD or NEX: Elder or SRK/NEX: ElderGOD/Elder or DFOS: ....
Memo Tutorial by SirOrange: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/dungeon-fighter-online-nexon-dfo.119024/page-30#post-7802842
Other Rules
1) The guild follows Neople's rules as well, so please be aware of Neople's ToS which you agreed to when you created your account.
2) All violations must be reported to all officers online at the time and to the guild master via private chat. The report is not considered delivered until I reply saying received (I refers to ElderGOD). Failure to report violations intentionally will result in infractions.
Inability to follow rules will result in a warning or infraction(s) ranging from one to five rank points.

Guild Rank System

The rank levels are as follows:
1)GL 2)Alt GL 3)Guild Manager 4)Guild Specialist 5)Senior Member 6) Junior Member 7) Junior Member 8)Recruit 9)Banned/Kicked
A senior member(5) receiving a one point infraction(1) would be degraded to a junior member(6=5+1).
A junior member(7) receiving a two point infraction(2) would be degraded to banned and kicked(9=7+2).
[u]Rank Promotion[/u]
a) 7->6 Set the correct memo. Removal of memo will cause demotion to 7.
b) 6->5 Actively play with other guild members and request promotion. Granted by ranks: 3, 2, 1.
c) 5->4 Continued support including but not limited to answering question in guild chat, helping, etc.
d) 4->3 Official officer status in-game and is not easily achieved. Requires months of active dedication as a rank 4 member to be considered.
e) 3->2 Rank 3 member selected to act as the guild leader when the GL is absent for over a week or in emergency situations. Selected by GL.
f) 2->1 Rank 1 can only be attained as a promotion after months of guild dedication as a rank 2 member. Promotion must be requested by the rank 2 member.

Current Guild Rank Positions

In order to provide the most awesome DFO experience possible, the guild will be needing people to help fill in the following roles. Each position has three possible values, open if it's open, pending if someone contacted me to apply and we are reviewing their request, or if taken I will specify the SRK account name. Rank 2-4 members will be receiving training and must attend at least once every two months.
Rank 1: GL: ElderGOD [Description: Guild leader.]
Rank 2: Alt GL: Vestax [Description: Serves as guild master when guild master is not present.]
Rank 3: Guild Manager: 1) Azarl 2) Flambeau 3) InvulnerableDFO 4) Unknown_Drive 5) VinceOmega
Description: In-game officer status.
Rank 4: Guild Specialist: Responsibility is limited to specialization as per below.
4a: Event Manager: 1) open 2) open 3) open
Create event procedures, coordinate details of events, notify/update guild members in an appropriate manner (work with Promoter for events that aren't only for guild members), calculate budgets and request funds (work with Chief Financial Officer), run/manage events, ensure that all payments to event winners/participants are on time and maintain records of payment. Reports to guild leader.
Please be advised that while we won't have cash shop in the beginning, we can still maintain a point system with payouts when cash shop will be implemented.
4b: Chief Financial Officer: 1) open
Manages the guild's resources. Works with Event Managers and Sponsors. Reports to guild leader.
4c: Intelligence Specialist: 1) open 2) open
The role of the Intelligence Specialist is to keep up to date with the Korean version of Dungeon Fighter, which is updated before our DFO version, and to convey this information to our guild via, including but not limited to, translating the information and posting to these forums. Reports to guild managers.
4d: Promoter: 1) open 2) open
Must have mindset of promoting the game DFO instead of our guild. Requires creating and maintaining accounts on different sites and providing information as necessary. Must create and maintain a positive image. Reports to guild leader.
4e: Sponsor: 1) open 2) open
Develop and implement sponsorship policy. Arrange meetings with interested sponsor prospects. Works with Chief Financial Officer. Reports to guild leader.
4f: Streamer: Streams, including but not limited to, tournaments, gameplay, events, PvP sessions, tutorials, interviews, etc. Works with Promoter and Sponsor. Reports to guild leader.
1) pending (link will be added)
2) pending (link will be added)
3) pending (link will be added)
4) open
5) open
4g: PvE Specialist: 1) pending 2) pending 3) pending 4) open 5) open
4h: PvP Specialist: 1) TylerAtWork [DFO] 2) 6Hwl [DFO] 3) Hzol [DFO] 4)  [DFO] 5) pending 6) open 7) open

CLASS LEADERS: Best player for each class. Best PvP Player for MONTH. Best PvE Player for MONTH.

Female Fighter:
Nen Master: PvP: ninjamaster0 [DFO]

Male Fighter: Brawler Grappler Nen Master Striker

Male Gunner:
Launcher PvP: 6Hwl [DFO]
Ranger: PvP: Hzol [DFO]

Female Gunner:

Elven Knight

Female Mage: Battle Mage Elementalist Summoner Witch

Male Mage: Elemental Bomber Glacial Master
Monk: PvP:  [DFO]
Male Slayer:
Soul Bender
Weapon Master: PvP: TylerAtWork [DFO]

Female Slayer:
Dark Templar
Demon Slayer
Sword Master

Shadow Dancer

Dark Knight: 

The rest of the information in this post below has not been updated for a long time. To be updated:

Where do you guys meet?
Raidcall channel: 10904755      http://www.raidcall.com/download.html

Who is who in the SRK in-game guild? Memo in-game in the guild tab has information. Please keep it updated!

Here are some links you should be aware of (also these sites have a few errors, so consult others before making your character):
DFO wiki: http://wiki.dfo-world.com/
Skill Planner: link contains malware, so not listing
Official Neople DFO sites:

No #srkdfo irc channel.

How do I start?
1) http://www.dfoneople.com/ Log in or create account, download the game, then start.
2) If this is your first time playing, you will have to CREATE a character in order to play (if you do not have an account then you will need to create one as well in order to access Neople games), which leads us to the next question.

Which character should I start with?
Your initial choices for characters are:

If you click on http://wiki.dfo-world.com/index.php?title=Mage and scroll down a little, you will see that all Mages start out with access to certain skills. All characters can choose a class advancement, and when you advance you get access to a ton of new skills.

When a character advances its class, the stats it receives per level change. It also receives access to a ton of new class specific skills, including a new armor mastery. You should be aware of which advancements exist, as you should create your character based on the advanced class you want, which vary greatly.

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