Sega Stick Appreciation Thread!

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We have the Namco thread and the Konami thread, but why not a Sega one???

Lets show some appreciation Gents.... Whether it be an HSS, VSHG, or any other Sega Stick, lets show some love.....

Heres my Freshly modded HSS-0130, currently has 2 DB25 Breakour boards with DB25 cables out the back to be run to Project Boxes.


Everything fit perfectly insode this stick with no modifications needed. This is without a Doubt, the best stick I have ever owned. I took out the stock Panel (Keeping it in case I ever decide to sell this masterpiece) and dropped in a spare Seimitsu Panel I had. This panel has LS32's and Sanwa OSBF Buttons. This thing plays like a DREAM.
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