Hacking in GGPO



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    Artayes, who's a really good Necro player.

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    If you play Artayes be prepared to block 700 random supers.
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    I was the first GGPO hacker. I had an unlicensed surgeon in Chinatown hack off those bulky, useless chunks of flesh on the sides of my hands to make them lighter and more aerodynamic, and now I can mash faster than anyone else in the 3rd Strike room.
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    Ya'll niggas suck and this shit is just trollbait.
    Top candidate for being closed asap.
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    Ya'll niggas suck and this shit is just trollbait.
    Top candidate for being closed asap.

    Can you guess what the top candidate for never closing is?
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    has toasted been banned from ggpo? I've not seen him since a long time which is unusual...
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    Nah, he was on 2 days ago.
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    oh ok thanks Womble
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    Are there any actual hacks for GGPO games? Like shit that isn't meta?
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    has toasted been banned from ggpo? I've not seen him since a long time which is unusual...

    he plays AE now

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    Ken? wrote: »
    That said, I cannot let a troll get the final word in as it shows weakness.
    Sums this up.

    This louiscipher guy is probably one of whiniest people on GGPO, and a "scrub" - see David Sirlin's e-book titled "Playing to Win"; where he defines what a "scrub" is.

    "The scrub talks a great deal about 'skill' where as he has skill, and players who outright defeat him, do not." -Sirlin

    louiscipher thinks he is the most skilled individual ever to grace the semi-competitive scene of online Street Fighter III: Third Strike

    Without getting into many technical details of his actual 'skill' - he doesn't win much, he wins against newer players, and -new- players, who don't know "how 2 shot firebael?"

    Everytime he loses (quite often) he brings up:

    1. Tier lists
    2. Cheap tactics (Tick-throws, etc)
    3. How it requires skill to execute a certain combo, and players who beat him are less skilled
    4. Lag
    5. Continues to point out how much more skilled he is than you - even though he was just defeated, thoroughly.

    So to sum it up

    Louiscipher is:
    • A scrub
    • Win ratio of 1%
    • Gigantic mouth - talks trash to people he loses to, and people he beats
    • Incredibly skilled because he took 1/6 of your life bar, remember, you're playing Yun, and hes playing Alex. So hitting you twice obviously won him the round (mentally) because Yun vs Alex is a 9.9<->0.1 matchup.
    • "Competitive" gamers cry about "Cheap moves" - What?

    So to sum this up

    Nobody that has talked to him/seen him enjoys his presence. He is a gigantic trollbait.
    Toastedsub is a cool guy, he challenges through bad guys and doesn't afraid of anything

    However, louiscipher
    If you're up to stop being a crybaby, bad player; I'll teach you how to play Third Strike, and I'll give you the proper mental preparation for being in a GGPO chatroom; as well as the mindset of what "competitive" gaming is.
    I'm a good 3S player. Not the best, I'm not a Nica KO (this motherfucker perfected Momochi...); but I'll teach you the ropes.

    Otherwise; you can keep bitching and moaning; while sucking fiercely because you get trolled for bitching and moaning because you lose to mediocre players with basic strategies that you don't know how to counter because you are a new, "scrubby" player; yet think you are still better.

    I fully support toastedsub in his conquest to eliminate GGPO of self-praising BAD players, unwilling to learn anything; and talking a lot of shit.

    If you think I'm some random scrub on the internet; go ahead. You can check the ESB with my tournament record from Campus Cove arcade in Vancouver City (Entered 3 Round Robins against the best locals and had the highest RRA) - don't shit talk me, at this very moment in time; you're not able to back it up.

    Sup to all my online friends, sorry I don't play or post much!

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