ATL North XBL/PSN ids | Whats a good day for everyone?

BacardiBacardi steal this avatarJoined: Posts: 5,392 mod
Post up and swap Gamer Tags. Same region so hopefully better connections

forgot to add mine

xbl: sp00ky monster

I randomly hop on for mvc2/hdr and once in awhile ssf4
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  • HBRDHBRD why Joined: Posts: 2,464

    I mostly play SF4 and sometimes 2K2UM or HDR.
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  • BacardiBacardi steal this avatar Joined: Posts: 5,392 mod
    They fix online for 2k2um?
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  • del1riumdel1rium Hype Junkie Joined: Posts: 1,802
    XBL: delirium83

    Mostly play SSF4. I also have BBCS, MvC2, and NGBC but I've spent such little time with them. Still, I'd be willing to be someone's punching bag while I learn.
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  • elDarkelDark 100% white meat Joined: Posts: 89
    PSN: AsianManz
    i'll be playing on xbl sometime later in the future

    but uh i mostly play ssf4, and for fun i play mvc2 and puzzle fighter lol
    XBL: HyugoStiglitz
    PSN: AsianManz
  • BB DiggsBB Diggs Joined: Posts: 9
    PSN: BBdiggs

    On and playing SSFIV pretty much every day between 5-9pm. Let the pugilism commence.
  • trollface_227trollface_227 keep it classy Joined: Posts: 3
    PSN: lou-baggins

    Only play SSFIV. I'm usually on for a while every night.
    trollface.jpg also, the game.
  • 0_El_Flako_00_El_Flako_0 Sim Business... Joined: Posts: 140
    PSN: TD_PR

    usually play ssf4 @ nights currently living at the new england area
  • moosehummelmoosehummel Joined: Posts: 521
    xbl ssf4,and any fighting game....I also have a kinect,codbo, and pretty much any game.
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  • Chronos411Chronos411 Team MAW Joined: Posts: 216
    xbl: Chronos411

    I'm usually on SSF4 but also play BBCS, MVC2, HDR and sometimes puzzle fighter
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  • TheStreetmanTheStreetman Back to business Joined: Posts: 182
    xbl ssf4,and any fighting game....I also have a kinect,codbo, and pretty much any game.

    Sir you deleted me off of your friend list sir........I should kick you the next time I am in VA....LOL
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  • BacardiBacardi steal this avatar Joined: Posts: 5,392 mod
    So yea ill be on tonight around 9pm if anyone wants to throwdown
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  • jwanggggjwangggg Delusional Joined: Posts: 980
    jwangggg on psn and xbl. I don't really sign on though. I will when 3so comes out if it doesn't suck fat cock.
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  • THEFURY215THEFURY215 Mediocre Rose Player Joined: Posts: 410
    Nohmz- is my psn name, my main psn account friends list is full!/Umarion215
    Me + Pad = Pad Player = FREE
    SSF4 AE Main: Rose , Secondary: Akuma
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  • DeRezzDeRezz Richmond Resets Joined: Posts: 321
    PSN: DeRezz9

    Only play SSFIV at the moment. I'll be on almost every day in the evening.
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    Local Richmond stream. You can find me playing on here often.
  • NecrotrophicNecrotrophic Isn't a communist. Joined: Posts: 5,946
    xb: Necrotrophic

    northeastern PA

    I play S/SF4, and Third Strike on ggpo (same user name)

    I also play mark of the wolves, hd remix, kof 98

    the only games im somewhat decent at are street fighter games, and ssf4 being my best because i put more time into it
    Northeast PA
    570 Necro
  • chachadesmondchachadesmond this micropenis is destroying my life Joined: Posts: 237
    Xbl: chachadesmond

    Hdr ssf4 garou, 3Sonline and mvc3 when they drop
  • haitian_sensationhaitian_sensation Laura's side nigga Joined: Posts: 298
    XBL: HaitianSesation

    I'm gonna change the name soon but I play SSF4, BB:CS, and MvC2.
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  • LightxdreamLightxdream Alex Strife Joined: Posts: 102
    PSN : Lightxdream
  • WorthlessWorthless SHOOTTHECORE Joined: Posts: 1,228
    I know it's the less popular of the 2 but i'd still be down to play HDR on ps3

    IMM mod....still bad at fighters though :/

    av by me
  • DpendletonDpendleton Sneaky hands. Joined: Posts: 1,357
    PSN AND XBL. I play HDR,SSF4 and sometimes I play but rarely BBCS and MVC2. I am on mostly on weekends.
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  • TrueGunnerShadowTrueGunnerShadow Shadow The Hedgehog Fan! Joined: Posts: 129
    PSN: TrueGunnerShadow (For BBCS and Japanese Arcana Heart 3)
    XBL: ShadowXSatsuki (For Fighting Games and others.)
    I mostly play BBCS on Xbox, rarely play SSF4 and Tekken 6 like once or twice a month.

    Coming Soon: Mortal Kombat 9 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 for Xbox 360.
    PSN: TrueGunnerShadow
    XBL: xTsukaharaKaoru (Only for P4U2)
  • IamtheCoryIamtheCory Joined: Posts: 285
    Iamthecory434 on XBL I mainly play SSF4, I also have BBCS, MVC2, HDR, and KOF2k2 although I'm pretty trash at everything aside from super.
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  • Trini_JudokaTrini_Judoka salty...since 09 Joined: Posts: 1,317
    Location: Brooklyn
    PSN: JoBronze
    Games: SSF4 **when available** MvC3, 3SO
    Characters: Zangief, Dhalsim, Balrog and a crappy Abel
    Currently playing: I wish. gotta work son

    psn/xbl: JoBronze

    Brooklyn Bitchezzz
  • BacardiBacardi steal this avatar Joined: Posts: 5,392 mod
    people post up nights that would be good for people get some games in on xbl and pick games so everyone can play
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  • Trini_JudokaTrini_Judoka salty...since 09 Joined: Posts: 1,317
    people post up nights that would be good for people get some games in on xbl and pick games so everyone can play

    man, i need to get on the box. :(
    Currently playing: I wish. gotta work son

    psn/xbl: JoBronze

    Brooklyn Bitchezzz
  • IamtheCoryIamtheCory Joined: Posts: 285
    I can play pretty much any night except wednesday. I'm def down with super, and I'm willing to play BBCS or HDR i doubt anyone would be interested in KOF lawl.
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  • i Koni Kon aka Fasc-Bleach Joined: Posts: 16
    PSN: Jimmy278

    My name isn't Jimmy.

    I only play Super.
  • jaguarjaguar Joined: Posts: 1,477

    i sandbag online, but i'm not too shabby ;\
    twitter: @NOVADOJO
  • RahontsiiosthaRahontsiiostha Shinobi Joined: Posts: 537
    XBL: Incognativ3

    I play ssf4 online mostly but will play 3s OE, MvC3 and MK9 when they come out
    {SSF4: Ibuki }{ MK9: Kabal/Skarlet}
    Handle pronouced: "la-hoon-g-os-ta"
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  • Mr.hitBOXMr.hitBOX Always H8LK Joined: Posts: 441
    XBL:TGA BigLe
    currently my hours are 7pm-whenever i get bored or tired of xbl
    Marvel crack addict since 19H8H8!!!
  • Darkside989Darkside989 Sith Happens. Joined: Posts: 3
    PSN: UMassDarkside
    Location: Western MA
    If I'm on, it's usually after 7pm EST (weeknights; weekends are random to be honest). Right now I'm all SSFIV, but I have MVC3 coming, and I'll be getting MK9 and SFIII:OE when they drop.
  • juddzjuddz aka JUDDERMANG Joined: Posts: 117
    Location: Washington Heights, NYC
    Play hours: Random
    Games: SSF4, MVC3
    Beware the JUDDERMANG...
  • wnb85wnb85 Joined: Posts: 3
    I'm new on this site. XBL: wnb85. lookin for some intermediate players to train with. I'm on just about every day
  • HalfEmptyHalfEmpty Move by Will Alone Joined: Posts: 165
    XBL; AKAHalfEmpty

    my connection sucks lately though. I just wanna fight some people in good casuals once I get my PP up a bit in Super; would be nice to quit ranked matches altogether

    currently playing SSIV and BBCS, will be playing MAHVEL when it drops. I've also got KoF2k2 UM and MAHVEL 2
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  • LiQuiDSwOrdZLiQuiDSwOrdZ They Live... Joined: Posts: 1,220
    xbox tag is under my nick

    I play

    halo reach
  • ken123103ken123103 You're just mad because your angry Joined: Posts: 597
    PSN: Ken123103 Im usually on playing ssf4 and mvc3 once i get it so lol hit me up
    UMvC3: Captain America, Spencer, Hawkeye <---- Amazing Captain America Videos, Check it out!

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  • AsTheWorldBurnsAsTheWorldBurns XFactor Mammory Cannon Joined: Posts: 41
    xbl gamertag- AsTheWorldBurns

    I play MvC3 right now. I'm on weeknights, for the most part. I am a beginner, though, so I'm definitely looking for people to train with.
  • jwanggggjwangggg Delusional Joined: Posts: 980
    XBL tag is now joro3s. I will be playing a lot of Marvel from now on and DEFINITELY 3so when it's out. feel free to add me!
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  • Giniro ShouraiGiniro Shourai The One-Handed Demon Joined: Posts: 690
    PSN: giniroshourai

    I play Soul Calibur 4, and I'm trying my hand at MvC3. Both literally and figuratively -- I play one-handed
    XBL: Giniro Shourai
    UMvC3: Hulk/Vergil/Sentinel | SF4: Juri
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  • lolshinlolshin Action Bastard Joined: Posts: 2
    XBL: adeliciouscake

    I've been reading this site/forum for awhile now and finally decided to get in on this sweet, sweet fightan action.
    I'm not anywhere near tourney skill, but hope to be eventually. Hope to get in some matches w/ you guys!

    SF4, MVC2, mostly MVC3 now that it's finally out, just ordered SSF4 (yeah I know, long overdue on that one)
    Mr. Sandman's a dick.
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