ATL North XBL/PSN ids | Whats a good day for everyone?



  • Mak0t0Mak0t0 Joined: Posts: 173
    Baltimore, MD
    XBL: JBourne001

    Mostly AE, but I throw down with some MvC3.
  • BacardiBacardi steal this avatar Joined: Posts: 5,392 mod
    Anyone play MK9? Whats a good day for people to play in a lobby?
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  • IPlayVideoGamesIPlayVideoGames Joined: Posts: 16
    upstate new york
    PSN: IPlayVideoGames

    Mostly MvC3, SSF4:AE, and MK9 - but willing to play Tekken 6/HDR/MvC2/Blazblue/AH3 also.

    Good mannered - just looking to have fun and level up.
  • ifearlesswarriorifearlesswarrior Joined: Posts: 5
    PSN : ifearlesswarrior I play SSF4 AE I main KEN, AKUMA, RYU and my friend (who is always training with me) Osiris plays a top notch Gouken, ryu, evil ryu, guy, makoto and some adon
    Im based out queens NY. Im only looking for above average fighters, my friend Osiris gets bored with the amateurs
  • JoshyJoshy Ambiguous Bedrame Joined: Posts: 69
    xbl: JoshyLifeSoHard

    mainly AE (crappy dudley, but I'm trying), although I do own BB I've had very little experience with it, also have HDR
  • Zonk KnuckleZonk Knuckle Bingo Joined: Posts: 29
    XBL: Zonk Knuck1e

    AE primarily. Up for anything really. Thursdays are best. I would love to have a nice 8 man tournament or endless battle for a change.
  • KrisppyKrisppy Joined: Posts: 155
    xbl: iOnlyPlayTetris

    i play ssf4 and mvc3.

    also if any1 has demul with cvs2 i definatley want to play. or maybe arc live sf3s
  • StormnormStormnorm Joined: Posts: 7
    PSN ID: Stormnorm
    XBL: stormin009 (Temporary Down atm)

    Anyone lives in Orange County, NY area who plays MvC3, or SSF4 AE, add me and hit me up. I'm also going to create a new thread as well.
  • KingElric21KingElric21 Joined: Posts: 4

    I will strictly play AE. I am free any day, and am seeking great players to play against. Hope to play against anyone today.
  • KingElric21KingElric21 Joined: Posts: 4
    xbl: iOnlyPlayTetris

    i play ssf4 and mvc3.

    also if any1 has demul with cvs2 i definatley want to play. or maybe arc live sf3s
    I challenge you in AE :)
  • geminisurvivorgeminisurvivor Joined: Posts: 12
    XBL: geminisurvivor

    I'm sharing my account with my brother who mostly plays CoD, I myself however will be playing MvC3 or SSF4.
  • wizdam99wizdam99 Joined: Posts: 20
    Xbl is sylvan knoll
  • THEFURY215THEFURY215 Mediocre Rose Player Joined: Posts: 410
    PSN: TheFury215
    From Philadelphia PA
    Mostly play AE. looking for some good competition occasionally!/Umarion215
    Me + Pad = Pad Player = FREE
    SSF4 AE Main: Rose , Secondary: Akuma
    SFxT: Vega, Lili #teambeautiful
  • Demon FlipzDemon Flipz Y So Serious ? Joined: Posts: 3
    XBL : Demon Flipz SRK
    From Brooklyn New York
    Just switch to 360 so.. yeah add me.Need the friends
    Just switch from PS3 to 360
    GamerTag : DemonFlipz SRK
    SSF4 AE Main: No Main Rite Now
  • RynoRyno Joined: Posts: 4
    Psn: Rynocerious
    Loc: Suffolk, VA

    I mostly play mvc3 and play at least two times a week. I'm wired too
    PSN: Rynocerious
  • OnlyWingedAngelOnlyWingedAngel Nemesis T-Type Guru Extrodinare Joined: Posts: 9,496
    I feel like I've posted here before but I guess not

    PSN: Dangerexcite
    From: Central Jersey
    Games: Mvc3, SCIV all PS3.
    UMvC3: Nemesis T-Type (y)/Hawkeye (a)/Strider Hiryu (y)
    SCV: Siegfried, Nightmare, Leixia, Mitsurugi TTT2: Lei Wulong/Marshall Law
    PSN: OnlyWingedAngel
    Nemesis T-Type - Tutorial and Combo Videos Here
  • darkjeffrodarkjeffro Joined: Posts: 14
    GT: darkjeffro
    Games: ae, mvc3, 3s, pretty much any fighting games and more
    Location: lexington park, md
  • FatsFats Supersonic Joined: Posts: 114
    GT: Epic Fats
    Games: MvC3 for now
    From: Boston MA.
    Supreme stream overlord of Kanto
  • striderblackstriderblack Joined: Posts: 19
    PSN: striderblack
    Games: UMvC3 (a little AE)
    From: Central CT

    Side Note: If anyone plays MW3 or Rock Band 3 a lot, I'm on 360, GT: striderblack
  • DagonDagon World's worst throw-tech-er Joined: Posts: 839
    XBL: EOT 00000100
    GWFL: EOT 00000100
    Games: AE for PC, AE and UMvC3 for Xbox
    From: Boston, MA
    "Hakan is for the dedicated." - Samurai Drew
    Super Street Fighter Four: Arcade Edition version Two Thousand and Twelve: Chun-Li/Dan
    XBL: EOT 00000100
  • kid_shaekid_shae Joined: Posts: 13
    i play AE and im in desperate need of competition
  • SerrisSerris ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Joined: Posts: 375
    PSN: Herple-Derples

    Plymouth, MA. I only play Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Phoenix on point. Be warned, my connection is terrible.
    Steam | YouTube | PlayStation Network ID: Herple-Derples
  • MiyagiShin XMiyagiShin X Going Hard at UMVC3 Joined: Posts: 1,002
    PSN: MiyagiShin

    Great Connection

    Mainly 3s, BB, and UMVC3 however, as long as its a fighting game ill play.
    Challenge me on PSN MiyagiShin:nunchuck:
  • X_SwordX_Sword -+FGs, Art, and Beats+- Joined: Posts: 1,781
    Games:MvC2, UMvC3, whack ass AE.
    The Chinese Connection. pm me with the games you play and we could do a potential ft10-20 then discuss the matches after
  • Chipp Zanuff v5Chipp Zanuff v5 Tell me where it hurts.... Joined: Posts: 917
    gamertag: bus Orez
    Games: Kof xiii, Umvc3
    From: Fayetteville PA

    Hit me up i guess lol
    XBL: Bus Orez

    Guilty gear xrd: ky
    USF4: Zangief
  • NephinelNephinel Jill - Mistress of Wyverns Joined: Posts: 705

    XBL Gamertag: Nephinel
    Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition
    Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting (coming soon)
    The King of Fighters XIII (coming soon)

    Location: Hyattsville, MD

    I'm game on weekend nights I guess
    This battle is about to explode. FIGHT!
    PSN: Nephinel
    NNID: Nephinel
  • Murk-TacticsMurk-Tactics Dat 1 frame link Joined: Posts: 13
    XBL: o MurkTactics o
    PSN: Murk-Tactics
    Time: Random
    Games: mostly AE

    GamerTag: fallbacktryf1

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  • NuezNuez Joined: Posts: 17
    Nuez NYC on xbox live. I'm on early weekday mornings believe it or not. If anybody is up and down to session M-F 6am-8am EST send me a message I'll always be down. My availability is all screwed due to marriage/job/school. Fun....
  • wolverine-masterwolverine-master Trinidad's finest Joined: Posts: 1,763
    XBL: wolverine masta
    LOCATION: Brooklyn, ny
    GAMES: Mostly umvc3, but if I have a game that you want to play, I'll play you out of good measure.
    I'm usually on after 2pm
    No chippers (i like to shoot and teleport players, please.)
    XBL: wolverine masta
  • X_SwordX_Sword -+FGs, Art, and Beats+- Joined: Posts: 1,781
    if anyones gonna be on tomorrow around 9 i will check this page out and send some invites
  • DagonDagon World's worst throw-tech-er Joined: Posts: 839
    if anyones gonna be on tomorrow around 9 i will check this page out and send some invites
    Sounds good! I might be on PC, I'll get an endless lobby going in there for all of the people out there with no Xbox =D
    "Hakan is for the dedicated." - Samurai Drew
    Super Street Fighter Four: Arcade Edition version Two Thousand and Twelve: Chun-Li/Dan
    XBL: EOT 00000100
  • X_SwordX_Sword -+FGs, Art, and Beats+- Joined: Posts: 1,781
    im gonna be on this whole week at around 9-10 for some UMvC3, ill invite for lobbys again -_-
  • drewsandrewsan Joined: Posts: 12
    psn: Drewsan_

    games: umvc3, mvc2, ST, for now

  • thebutcherthebutcher Joined: Posts: 14
    XBL: joonthebutcher

    games: ST, trying to learn AE but terrible at it

  • savy9savy9 DrunkardEmpireReborn Joined: Posts: 90
    My gt: CPT SPANK M3
    I mostly play SSFIVAE2012,UMVC3 and SCV when that comes out
    "The Wrath of an Untamed Flame is Unknown. Our Ashes, of young and old shall be the mark in which I shall leave behind. May you see what true meaning of agony and hatred really is."
  • SentientProgramSentientProgram XBL:HaffDolla Joined: Posts: 141
    XBL: HaffDolla . Up for HDR, KoF. 2012. I am a nice guy.

    Will beat you in HDR I think.
  • XilusXIVXilusXIV GGPO's 3s Whipping Boy Joined: Posts: 6
    LIVE: XilusXIV

    SSF4. Nights/Weekends.
  • leakeyleakey It's about the RESPECT. Joined: Posts: 89
    XBL: Leakey88
    I play KOF 13 and SSF4. Can also play 3SOE. In Harrisonburg VA.
    Feel free to add me everybody
    "Don't count the days, make the days count" -Muhammad Ali
  • Resident StevilResident Stevil The immovable object AND the unstoppable force Joined: Posts: 52
    XBL: ResidentStevil0

    I have SSFIVAE, Tekken 6, SSF2THD, MVC2, SFIII, and Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. I can't be the only fighter on Cape Cod! If there is someone in this section of Mass looking for another player like me, hook me up!

    EDIT: Just got my XBL account back up again today if anyone wants to hit me up or send a friend request
  • tripwire240tripwire240 The Demon Joined: Posts: 20
    Hey guys, I am an old school fighter fan but only been playing SF4 for a few weeks when I snagged the AE 2012. I am very happy that I did as I am loving the game and my other titles are getting ignored. ; )
    Anyways, I have a few friends that play.. but not as competitively as I do.

    A friend of mine said this website would be a good place to find someone to play with. Basically I am looking for someone (or several people) that play on a pretty regular basis and would be interested in some sparring matches (voice chat preferred) in order to get some advice/feedback.

    I do a lot of research online, I spend a lot of time in the training room, but nothing helps me learn better than fighting other people - being able to do that while also getting some feedback/advice would be great.

    I play on PS3 and my PSN is Kid_Braver. Shoot me a request and let me know if you are interested.
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