ATL North XBL/PSN ids | Whats a good day for everyone?



  • Moss_Ur_MomMoss_Ur_Mom Joined: Posts: 36
    Psn - Moss_Ur_Mom
  • DeathwiiishDeathwiiish Joined: Posts: 7
    My Xbox gamertag is Deathwiiish.

    Been playing SSF4 trying to get better and in a few weeks it will be injustice. Im on late at night and early in the day due to my job. Not the best so if some guys want to practice hopefully i can get better haha.
  • FallenGalaxyFallenGalaxy Joined: Posts: 77
    GT Fallen AtH
    UMvC3, SSF4AE
  • KirvinKirvin Joined: Posts: 3
    edited April 2013
    XBL: vXKirvinXv
    I play UMvC3 and SSF4
    Rarely play TTT2 or SFxT.
    PSN: Solokirv XBL: OG SwerveGod Steam: vXKirvinXv
    USF4: Yun/Decapre/Seth (I play AE online more)
    UMvC3: Mag/Doom/Dante
    Killer Instinct: Orchid/S.Jago/Fulgore
  • leakeyleakey It's about the RESPECT. Joined: Posts: 89
    XBL: Leakey88
    Usually on AE practicing free Sagat
    Will also run ST, 3S, or Vampire Savior

    Charlottesville, VA
    "Don't count the days, make the days count" -Muhammad Ali
  • ItsBernardItsBernard Yo UMVC3? kappa Joined: Posts: 44

    XBL: CrstianSdeHug92
    PSN: xDarkHad0uXx92 (zero)

    AE, SFxT, TTT2

    Upstate NY
    Street Fighter: Ryu
    Tekken: Jin Kazama
    Mortal Kombat: Scorpion
    Dead or Alive: Ayane
    Virtua Fighter: Sarah Bryant
    Soul Calibur: Seong Mi-na
    Smash Bros: Prepubescent Link
    King of Fighters: Kyo, Iori, Terry

  • nsreedernsreeder I run tournaments in Camp Hill, PA. Check us out on Facebook: Rushdown Gaming or send me a message. Joined: Posts: 154
    Xbl LordFlopyRoostr
    From york, pa
    Mostly play sfxt very little sf4. Always down for some sfxt matches. Come get some of Hugo lol
    XBL: LordFlopyRoostr

    SFXT: Hugo x Zangief main team. Also Ogre and Ryu
  • JockinJokaJockinJoka Joined: Posts: 2
    not sure if this is where I post this:
    XBL: JockinJoka
    Live in Teaneck NJ
    Plays: KOF13,AE2012,SFxTK,UMVC3..... plays other fighters as well.
    Looking for some fighting game buddies.
    Can't seem to find a store/gaming lounge in NJ.....
    Might think of heading to Next Level Arcade.... even if its a 1h 30min ride.
  • HavenshineHavenshine Joined: Posts: 8
    I am trying to find people for weeklies and tournaments for all fighters. MVC2&3, SC5, Injustice, SF4 anyone in the RI area?
  • EpiEpi Joined: Posts: 348
    XBL: Ado Edem
    Location: Upper MA

    Mainly plays UMvC3, SSF4 and P4A.
    Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend: Arakune
    Guilty Gear Xrd - Sign - : Leo=Whitefang, I-No
    Link to my sticks:
  • SirMixahLotSirMixahLot Proud member since 2003 Joined: Posts: 3,379
    PSN: m1x4h
    Central New York
    SFxT, HDR classic mode, 3S, Vampire, Guilty Gear, Virtua Fighter 5FS, MvC2.
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • TafseerTafseer Joined: Posts: 6
    PSN: Tafseer
    Warminster, PA.
    Main: UMVC3, Blazblue, Guilty Gear and Tekken.
  • Tricky913Tricky913 Joined: Posts: 2
    XBL: xTricky x
    Location: Marlborough, MA
    Main: Injustice, SFIV
    Also Play others like UMvC3, SFxT
    Looking for players around my age group(I'm 18 so around that area) to play against.
  • SirLightingBoltSirLightingBolt Joined: Posts: 2
    West Haven,Connecticut
    Main: SSFIVAE,P4A,KOF,
    Also play UMVC3
    Still a beginner
    Hopefully People will Update their posts to include the recent games that have come out...

    Games: AE/ULTRA, SFxT, Darkstalkers 3/VS3, HDR, 3SO, Injustice, MK9, KOFXIII - I have a ton of FGs, just not enough time to play them all. I'm not particularly incredible at many of them, my main Ones lately are SFxT, AE, Injustice, 3So and DS3. Just started KOFXIII. I'm SERIOUSLY looking to improve my game and learn, thus I don't mind being bodied, as I'll hopefully learn something in match.
    I've been playing FGs since SF2 and MK1 came out in the Arcades, just not at a tournament level.
    Unfortunately, I've been playing a lot of Halo 4 recently... Gotta get that cured.. ;)
    Location: DMV
    Times Available: Random (I tend to play long sessions, so I am down to spar, get and give advice, etc...)
    Disciplines: Bushin-Ryu-Ninpo, Street Fighting, Demonology, IGA Ninjitsu, Bushido, Alchemy, English Boxing, Wing Chun, Shaolin Gung Fu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Igyo Tenshin-no-Jutsu, SFCQC, Swordplay, Garou Ryū MMA, Kusanagi Ryū Kobujutsu, Yagami M.Arts, Gun Kata...
    “There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.” 武神

  • MercurialMercurial Recoverin XSF Addict Joined: Posts: 136
    GT: Mercurial Hg
    Location: Southeast MA
    Games: Primarily Marvel, some SFIV
    Time: Mostly late-night

    Looking for good competition(in marvel mostly, still learning SFIV), and if anyone wants, also have a quality Capture Card and setup, w/ my youtube @ /prozacstylings

    Send a message any time.

  • jellgetajellgeta Joined: Posts: 13
    XBL: Lv0 Magikarp
    Mostly play SFIV, but dabble in others
    Located on Andrews air force base, MD
    I would love some local competition or just plain get togethers.
    Let's play some SF4 AE 2012 matches on Xbox: Lv0 Magikarp
  • cjt11203cjt11203 Joined: Posts: 2
    psn: cjt11203

    Street Fighter 3rd Street
  • BonnieBladezBonnieBladez RL | RedJasmine Joined: Posts: 12
    GT: BonnieBladez
    Buffalo, NY

    MK9: Baraka (tryhard), Smoke (freeeeee) // IGAU: Nightwing, Hawkgirl // T6: Asuka (scrub-tastic!) // TTT2: Asuka + Jun
  • majin_sephirothmajin_sephiroth Joined: Posts: 4
    ps3 id-majin_sephiroth
    games i play- ssf4ae,tekken revolution,sfxt
    games i play but need a practice partner to improve on-doa5u,p4arena,umvc3
    play for fun-dcu,dragons crown,castle crashers,scott pilgrim,cod bo2
  • majin_sephirothmajin_sephiroth Joined: Posts: 4
    oh yea and training in kof
  • tony_cannolitony_cannoli Joined: Posts: 8
    Psn id: tony_canolli

    I play Super Street fighter 4, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Mortal Kombat 9
    I play for fun but I am down to play anyone I'm always up for a good challenge I just started not too long ago but I'm getting better so hit me up if anyone wants to play sometime
  • TonrenTonren The Baddest Dude Joined: Posts: 142
    XBL: Tonren

    Brooklyn (Crown Heights)

    Mostly SSF4, I love to play 3s with people who still play it though.
  • Lil_WestieLil_Westie Joined: Posts: 6
    edited July 2014
    XBL: WestSide2884
    Boston, MA
    Im trying to learn Street Fighter 4, but I also play a little MK9, TTT2 and Marvel.
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  • XBroken13XBroken13 Joined: Posts: 17
    I'm looking for people in the Morris/Union County NJ area to play/train for competitive Ultimate Marvel 3, USF4, and I recently started getting into Injustice, I also have SFxT but I haven't really had time to seriously sit down with it and not even sure I'm going to. I'm also considering getting into KoF13, trying MK9, P4A and I need to download 3SO because it's been far too long since I've played 3S. My XBL Gamertag is XBroken13.. my practice one, at least ;). Hit me up, I'm usually on everyday, various times, but usually in the evenings.. if you see me on XB1 or playing something else just message me and we can get down as long as I'm not directly in the middle of something.
  • GokooGokoo Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN gokoo654 Add me for some fights. Im on everyday.
  • TralfamadoreCallsTralfamadoreCalls 4th Dimensional Alien Joined: Posts: 8
    PSN: TralfamadoreCall

    Eldersburg, MD

    Games I play heavily: Blazblue Chrono Phantasma, Persona 4 Arena
    Games I have and totally down to play : King of Fighters XIII, Soulcalibur V

    I am pretty bad regardless, but I am definitely more familiar with BBCP and P4A.

    Mains: Tsubaki (BBCP), Chie (P4A) & Labrys (P4A)

    I wish I could refuse to cave in, but it's so easy to pretend I'm brave when in the end I'm collapsible at best
    PSN: TralfamadoreCall
  • encore36encore36 Joined: Posts: 21
    XBL-Jamaal 36 I play USF4, Injustice, KI............ usually on everyday
    USF4 - Bison (Dictator) / Balrog (Boxer)
  • MikeandIke12MikeandIke12 Average player. Joined: Posts: 36
    Yo what's good.I'm from South Jersey. I have both Xbox and ps3 and ps4
    fighting games on ps3: TTT2, USFIV, MK9, Tekken 5, MVC Origins, MVC2, SF3 Third Strike, Persona 4 arena( I suck at most of these lol )
    Xbox: USFIV.. and that's it all
    Psn Id: MikeandIke12
    Xbox GT: MMA4Life69
  • LordFuckWadLordFuckWad Joined: Posts: 13
    Xbox One

    Gamertag: Screech Blue

    Games: Killer Instinct (Only have the free version but will buy characters when I get some money) and MvC Infinite (when it comes out)
    Thats a Spicy Meatball
    Gamertag: Screech Blue

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