Project: LLC Metal Replacement Panels Round 9 Stainless Steel

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LLC Steel Replacement Panels
General information and FAQ
Hey Guys and Gals and welcome to your source for Metal Replacement Panels. These panels were made for the sole purpose of changing the layout of your manufactured arcade stick to a more personalized and preferred layout while at the same time giving the best support a panel can have, sometimes even stronger support than the stock panel.
Now another reason these panels were created were to allow for many different other joysticks to be mounted, including many different types of Japanese sticks, Korean sticks, and even Happ and IL sticks. Although these panels are able to mount different joysticks whether the joystick will mount properly depends entireley on the case depth. I will provide as much info on which joysticks are able to mount in which cases.
For more information regarding the panels and how to order please visit the Vital Information page and take your time reading up on all the important information.
Currently Supported Sticks
Hori RAP VX/V3 SA(Stock Covers and Metal Replacement Panels)
Hori FS3/Wii/SC4(Stock Covers Only)
Sticks being worked on or on the radar
Madcatz SE
Hori EX2
Hori VLX
Hori Fighting Stick VX/V3
Qanba Q3
Madcatz Fightstick Pro
Modding solutions for you Hori RAP V3/VX SAs now available!!!!!
Lightning Label Customs -> Arcade Sticks and Custom Metal Control Panels(TE, Hrap, V3, Custom, etc)
The Game Surgeons -> Game System Repairs



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