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Texas A&M-Commerce Brawlers

CrownieCrownCrownieCrown Joined: Posts: 19
Looking for anyone that attends Texas A&M - Commerce, or is around the area to start some weekly sessions.

Please let me know if you are interested.


  • pkrstdntpkrstdnt Joined: Posts: 802
    Texas Bar Fights III is in little over a week. Hope to see you guys come out.
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  • RoTeNdORoTeNdO The 'Hardcore Gamer' Joined: Posts: 4,518
    CrownieC: You're in SoCal right now?

    Anyway, being an Aggie and all, we have a College Station thread if you're in Texas. I was in SoCal, moved back to Texas end of '09. I post in Central Texas thread.

    Your best chances to get some games in are in Dallas/FW area. So hit their thread :tup:
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