Need a Modder in Your Area? Check This Post.

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Quoted from Tech Talk by MonoTekETeA:
So I was reading the Think Aloud, and people were talking about how to inform people of their services. Not to mention you always see threads of "I need a modder" posted here and there. I figured a really easy way would be a thread for people to look at a quick glance and to see what modders are in their state.

Not everyone likes the idea of shipping their stick across the country to have some guy tinker with it, so why not deal with some one you can shake hands with?

So, take a look at the list. If they are in your state, click on their name and it will take you to their post where they also list their modding knowledge.

I am in no way liable if a modder can not preform the service he offers. This is simply a list for people to find who is close to them saying they(the modder) can do the work.

If you would like to be added, respond with your State/Providence/Territory/etc. (Please, if outside of the US, include your country), County/Town, and your modding abilities. A link to your trading thread with feedback would also be beneficial. (If you have one.)

With this stated! If you are a modder with out feedback, start up a thread for your services. Then have SRK members post and give you feedback after doing work for them. This will help foster a community of trusted modders that people can turn to in any area if they need help.

(I do not include myself in this list, because I do not find the time to mod sticks for others. However, if your stick has been modded but isn't working, I am solid at troubleshooting. I reside in South Jersey, Camden County.)

Any feedback would be great, so let me have it. :china:




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