Official 'Kitty' class boards thread

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And let's get this started....

'Kitty' reffers to a new class of boards. The other boards I've made were made to be as usable in as many places as possible; Cthulhus, Imps, and FGW LED Controllers have been installed in all sorts of different sticks with great results. The Kitty boards represent a very different viewpoint. Instead of trying to make a single board that can be used in a wide variety of situations, these will be made to be installed in very specific sticks.

1. Make installation as easy as possible in the specific Xbox360 arcade stick.
2. Make use of all of the features available in the stick as if the Kitty was part of the original design.
3. Add as much awesome as is physically possible.

As of this writing, boards and kits are ready to go for the first two products in the Kitty line: 'TE Kitty' and 'VLX Kitty'. These are made specifically for the MadCatz Tournament Edition FightSticks, and Hori VLX stick. I'm still in the middle of writing the normal documentation, but I welcome early adopters. Feel free to send a PM if you're willing to get your hands dirty with a new toy.

Most recent firmwares will always be available at these URLs:
VLX Kitty firmware:
TE Kitty firmware:

How to order:
Easiest way is through the Paypal checkout page I've setup:



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