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Rocky Rose has aliens visiting his cornfield?

SpiderbaneSpiderbane BerserkerJoined: Posts: 71
This is one of the messages he sent to me via Youtube:rofl:

12 more hf vids coming the last HF vid ill unveil the cornfield Ill let you all see it with your own eyes COMING SOON.Ill show you what kind of man it really takes to stand in the cornfeild Ive dealt with wolves,coyotes, you name it.Ive had 7 crop circles appear last season alone from ufos in my feild,when they land for good they will do it in MY CORNFIELD and you all will be soo mad and jeolous of me I am THE CHOSEN ONE the aliens will land SOON and BROWBEAT all your feebal religous bee leeves.GROW UP and stop with the fairy tale jesus and santa claus shit or the aliens will do it for you YOUR CHIOCE.

How are those aliens treating you, Rocky Rose? Quit ducking me, man, and come get some. I'll eat you for breakfast in ST/HDR, along with some corn on the cob:pleased:


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    Rocky has taken down some big names on remix. Guy has such solid fundamentals
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