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Hd remix vs hyper fighting

beecoybeecoy Joined: Posts: 18
HD REMIX is more like character vs character more then player vs player.What I mean is HD remix is soo broken 80%of the time 2 top level guys play whoever picks the counter or better character WINS.

IN HF its all about which player is better and not which character your useing.Its more technical and involves more strategy.Theres really no bullshit matchups like thier is in HD remix all matchups are winnable based on player skill

In the end HD remix is a jumbled mess I cant bee leeve capcom had the gall to release this broken game with the excuse given by them on why the games soo broke thier response was the same as mvc2s JUST HAVE FUN WHAT???? how can you have fun when you play to win and the game mechanics are soo ass capcom just says ignore the broken things in the gm and just have fun LOL LOL


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    Just stop please. We already have discussion threads for this.

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