Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Matchmaking thread.



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    Hi Everyone, my Xbl is Airtightplaceabo. I spend most of my time in training/mission mode. X-23/Wesker/Morrigan or Dante/Frank West/Morrigan
    Ultimate:Marvel vs Capcom 3: X-23 / Doctor Doom / Wesker
  • MVDKMVDK Nostalgia-driven man-child and button mashing extraordinaire Joined: Posts: 127
    Gamertag: MarioVsDK

    Hit me up anytime when you want a few rounds. Don't let my 6th lord status fool you though, I'm not that good, I just play tons :P
    Gamertag: MarioVsDK (For UMVC3, SSF4:AE, MVC2, SC5, BBCS:EX, 3rd Strike)
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  • klutchklutch Joined: Posts: 2
    GT= dat on3 guy

    i like to think im pretty good add me if u want to play
  • BanzboyBanzboy Neo Angelo Joined: Posts: 307
    Looking for anyone in the dutch scene, seriously finding match is next to impossible now. Warning though, I'm still in the scrub stage: meaning I play alright by myself in training but when I go against someone I get this huge rush and drop combo's and forget gameplans.

    So expect to win a while till I get comfortable.

    Gamertag: BFORFUN
    The Banzboy's champ
  • abacusabacus Joined: Posts: 112
    hey all, East Coast US here looking for games

    EXjohn is the gt
  • J.DJ.D EVO Staff Joined: Posts: 4,499 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    yo, this thread is still active??
    anyone looking for games, fuck this section.
    Go to the Offtopic thread in the UMVC3 section.
    You can find games on the spot :tup:
    Fight For The Future!!
  • Justin MasudaJustin Masuda JMAS Joined: Posts: 29
    GT: JMAS92
    looking for people who are new to FGs because I just started
  • discovigilantediscovigilante I'm associated with this guy! Joined: Posts: 3,037
    West Coast player looking for Morrigan/Doom missiles team to fight. The lamer the better. GT in signature.

    (Honestly though I'll play whoever, haha)
    Nova β Doom α/ɣ Ammy β
    Nova β Strange ɣ Ammy β
    Ammy β Doom α Dante α

    SF5: Bison, a lil Birdie, waiting on Juri

    Stuff I should play more
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  • Oni-SanOni-San Joined: Posts: 1
    relatively new to the online scene but seeking friendly matches with anyone that plays UMVC3.

    GT: masquerade zero
    This is not a game of who the hell you are.
    Always up for a friendly game
    XBL; masquerade zero
    PSN; dark442001
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  • TrixdeeTrixdee Joined: Posts: 111
    GT: Trixdee
    :) I'm still learning would like to play others who are just starting out as well. If u want to record and post the games online that's cool too.
  • ReploidReploid Joined: Posts: 3
    Hey everyone, I've been playing Marvel for a while now, I'd say I'm intermediate at worst, but there are just some supposedly super easy things I'm not getting around.

    Anybody up for some online training (I'm going to SuperVsBattle in a week)? I'm looking specifically for people within the UK, though- my internet should be fantastic by now, but some people still manage to lag :[

    GT: NocturNeru
  • BluemanderBluemander Joined: Posts: 12
    Hey, just looking for some people to run some sets with whenever(most friends I talk/play with don't own it), looking for people in US. I'm probably an intermediate player looking to get some sets in online for SCR and get some casual online matches. Main team is Ammy/Frank/Wesker and run others as well, in case you'd want to know.

    Gamertage: SmashMaster34
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  • FearTheFuhajinFearTheFuhajin Trying to git gud Joined: Posts: 212
    edited February 2015
    I don't play much Marvel anymore, but I'll slide this in
    XBL: SoraTehGoon (will be changed to TaiteFGC soon)
    Location: Central Alabama
    Time: Fridays-Sundays. I'm a high school student and a JROTC Cadet, so my time is pretty varied.
    Character: Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye and sometimes Sentinel or Strange
    Mic: No, but I can pick one up!
    Playstation Network: TaiteFGC
    Steam ID: TaiteFGC

    UMVC3 Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye (RIP MAHVEL)
    SFV Karin
    GGXrd Faust

    I wish I could change my username...
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