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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking & Discussion)



  • YamatsuYamatsu when will you learn? Joined: Posts: 53
    My PSN is Yamatsucoffee.
    I main Cody, am open to any opponents.
    If you're in the US I'd prefer to play against east coast people, I live in Ireland and E.C games are the only (surprisingly) playable US games, despite almost always being orange bars.
    moar AE is always a good idea ;)
  • DanshowDanshow Joined: Posts: 7
    Hey everyone, new to SRK but looking for people to play with to increase my gameplay knowledge, character development, and overall performance. Have a Mic and willing to spectate matches to study up on match-ups and to talk with anyone with helpful input.

    PSN: Danshow
    Main Character: Makoto [Just starting to learn]
    Back ups: Dhalsim, Adon, Deejay.

  • illness690illness690 Joined: Posts: 17
    I'm looking for some fellow fighting game players in the Houston/Spring/Tomball TX area, since I have ZERO friends that play fighters. Maybe some people on here that play at Monster"s Arcade or something? If so please add me on PSN, I play marvel and SF, and I'm trying to level up by playing people who are at the same level or better than me. I have two PSN IDs, illness690 and aphelion895.
  • CreepyChrisCreepyChris Joined: Posts: 5
    Hello everyone. First off, I'd just like to say that I'm new to SRK, but not entirely new to fighting games. However, I AM new to SSF4, and am hoping to meet and play with others as well. As of now, I'm hoping to main Dudley and Juri. I've worked a little bit on Dudley. Juri...not so much.

    PSN name is Creepy_Chris. Feel free to add me!
  • midnightgreen20midnightgreen20 I got them moves like jaguar Joined: Posts: 177
    Just wondering, because of the online lag, is it possible that the inputs will come out wrong and you'll do a completely different move or nothing at all?
  • chubbyfingerzchubbyfingerz Kore ga Saikyo-ryu da! Joined: Posts: 1,584
    Anybody wanna help a crappy Dan become less crappy? Add SaikyoForever !
    PSN: SaikyoForever

    Test yourself against Saikyo!

  • SkilledShinobiSkilledShinobi FINISH HIM! Joined: Posts: 34
    Hey , I'm not new to street fighter , but new to arcade sticks , so I need alot of practice . However I know most basics - Pokes , Spacing , AntiAiring . Haven't got the FADC down for Arcade Stick YET , but I'm practicing alot! I'm relatively active In UK usually Mon-Fri I'll be on between 3-8 On weekends 10-8 ! If anyone with good connection to this area is up for sparring then add my PSN : Sensei_CC
    Also I main Ryu if you want to train with him!
  • chubbyfingerzchubbyfingerz Kore ga Saikyo-ryu da! Joined: Posts: 1,584
    Dude I just added you, you havent accepted yet
    PSN: SaikyoForever

    Test yourself against Saikyo!

  • SpaceOutNightmareSpaceOutNightmare Stays Sandbaggin' Joined: Posts: 2,351
    Hey, psn is Spaceoutnight, not my real psn, but when you go look at it, my real psn will be visible at the little blurb above your name on the playstation network.

    Just picked up makoto, and I play rose.
    Thinking about redoing BOB tournament for the patch, anyone game?
  • SkilledShinobiSkilledShinobi FINISH HIM! Joined: Posts: 34
    Dude I just added you, you havent accepted yet

    If you mean me , then i'll add you tomorrow morning as I can't play today . But I cant play alot tomorrow as I'm seeing faamily after midday (GMT)
    Hey, psn is Spaceoutnight, not my real psn, but when you go look at it, my real psn will be visible at the little blurb above your name on the playstation network.

    Just picked up makoto, and I play rose.

    Also , I'll add you tomorrow and if you can , have a few games!
  • RekkasRekkas Joined: Posts: 171
    Looking for beginners to play with, add me OMGITZDOOM
  • KaiboKaibo RuinBegetsBeauty Joined: Posts: 45
    PSN: Fuyu-Kai
    Game: SSF4 AE2012
    Char: Vega
    Location: UK

    3k PP / 11k BP
    Just bored, willing to play anyone and make friends really - come join me :D
    The thought of friendship bores me. No-one is good enough for me anyway.
  • nemoonemoo Pussy & Patron Joined: Posts: 68
    Umm... Hey PSN! Trying to find some solid players in the EC.. I'm a casual player (Don't really involve myself with the scene or tournaments anymore.) but I take a serious tone to learning and progressing at the game.

    Location: GA
    PSN: efffinaye (It has 3 f's)
    Main: Cammy
    I sing like a thug angel.
  • chubbyfingerzchubbyfingerz Kore ga Saikyo-ryu da! Joined: Posts: 1,584
    Gotta love a pro Vega!
    PSN: SaikyoForever

    Test yourself against Saikyo!

  • TheChosenOneTheChosenOne Joined: Posts: 59
    Sup people. I am not a new member, but I thought id dust off sf4 and start playing again. Looking for average to high level players to play on a regular basis so I can level up or atleast try to, because I am lagging behind severely. Decent experience in cvs2/ST so I am competent with the basics. Criticism most welcome.

    PSN ID: Blockswordordie
    Location: East Coast (NC)
    Characters: Ryu, Bison, and in the process of trying to learn Yang.
    "Anybody can get their ass whooped at any given time and moment. I train hard to reduce the possibility."
  • dman1963dman1963 Tiger................................. Joined: Posts: 98
    PSN: SF_Fo_Life
    looking for more comp...
    main: Adon, Sagat
    Sub: Balrog, Dudley, Gen

    lot of times when I am on I am Playing SFA3, SFA2, of SF3 send an invite and I will play SSF4
    (SF2 Series) Claw, Sagat (SFA series)Sagat, Adon,Gouki, Claw (SF3series)- Gouki, Dudley
    (SFIV Series ) Adon, Sagat, Claw, Dudley (SFex series) Gouki,Sagat, Claw, Darun
    Rushdown, Zoning, Grappling, Poking, I can do it all...lol
  • Ryuken9Ryuken9 Joined: Posts: 504
    Anyone from Canada who needs matchup experience against Seth feel free to add me PSN = MoroccanJack
    SSF4 AE : Seth/Ken/Sagat/Evil Ryu

    PSN is full of pussies
  • HanSoo417HanSoo417 Joined: Posts: 105
    PSN: HanSoo417
    Currently located in Louisville.

    Absolute beginner looking for help improving my game. I have a mic :)
    PSN: HanSoo417
  • GooseMooseGooseMoose Joined: Posts: 99
    PSN: ahchamna
    Location: Silicon valley, CA (pretty much next to San Jose)
    Characters: Pretty much only maining Juri. I do have other characters but don't play them that well outside of combos: Sakura, Yang, Ryu, Cammy

    Looking for green bars and people who are better than I am so I can learn from them. Mostly looking for charge character or vortex characters as I currently do not know how to approach or defend against them.

    I'm a '12er so my experience with the game is not the greatest :p.
    PSN: ahchamna
    XBL: ahchamna
    Steam: ahchamna
  • FenixDarkblazeFenixDarkblaze Joined: Posts: 1
    PSN: Kylanu

    I'm currently in the process of learning how to use Yun, so I could definitely use some good sparring partners that are willing to critique my play as well and help me improve.
  • HokuwokkHokuwokk Y.A.O.W.A Joined: Posts: 146
    Anybody tryna get a ft10 right now or something? Send me a msg on psn ASAP!!

    Welcome to the Terradome

    XrdR: I-No

  • Vlad7779311Vlad7779311 Joined: Posts: 374
    edited March 2013

    I play on PSN and mine account name is the same as the one on SRK. I main Juri and sometimes I play as Ibuki, Guy, Fei Long and Dan. I'm rather free in this game and still can't do links, but I think I'm slowly improving my Anti-Airs and Footsies. I live in Estonia and I would prefer to play European players with a decent connection.

    Please add me (Don't forget to write you're from SRK) if you main these following characters especially:
    El Fuerte

    The online has too many Ryus and Kens even in Endless. Whenever I come across someone like Chun-Li, I have NO IDEA how to beat her (That and I know one offline player who's very good with her and I still can't beat him). I use a mic if you want to chat or ask me for Skype.
    Playing as:
    UNIEL: Yuzuriha, Gordeau
    BBCPEX: Bullet
    GG Xrd Revelator: I-No
    Koihime Enbu: Kan'u
    Killer Instinct:/ Fulgore
    Nitroplus Blasterz: Ignis
  • AcolyticAcolytic Air tatsu sandles. Joined: Posts: 101
    edited March 2013
    Hello, I mostly play on PSN because there isn't a local scene where I am and everyone is too obsessed with fps games to bother learning this game lol. My PSN names are FalconP446 and mj6yt. I use Akuma and Gouken (just started using Gouken yesterday). I mostly need help with defense, in fact, that's the only thing I need help with. Doesn't matter who you use because I need the matchup experience no matter which character. Unfortunately, you'll find yourself wanting to troll me because of how bad my defense is. xD

    If you're going to add me, just say you're from SRK.

    Characters used:
    Akuma (main)
    Gouken (fun, hoping to turn into secondary)
    Ryu (fun)

    I use these characters because they're three of the easiest to use with a ps3 controller.
  • wattwatt Joined: Posts: 3
    edited March 2013
    Hey guys,

    I am new to this forum and I am looking for some peeps to play SSF4:AE with. My PSN tag is danielc1983. I main Ken. Feel free to add me (please add SRK in the subject). Oh, I am on West coast of Canada.

  • lostducklostduck Joined: Posts: 3
    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to add people to friends list to practice and get better at SF, I live in Nevada.

    Psn I'd: lostduckwizard
  • DopeSauceDopeSauce Joined: Posts: 45
    edited April 2013
    I have been playing SSFIV for like 2 months now and I really do not feel like I am getting better. I was wondering if there was anyone who would help me own preferably in the form of a coach (trying to main Ibuki, Fei, Honda, or Sagat) I am a type of person who need to be told what I am doing wrong to get something right :P. So add me if you would like to help me or just to play.

    PSN: FunkSauce (I live in California)
  • KiddoStreetFighterHDKiddoStreetFighterHD Joined: Posts: 2
    i am trying to get better on SSF4 arcade edition i am decent i use almost everybody so if you want to help me add me on psn
    PSN: Kiddo_SF
  • Crusader884Crusader884 Joined: Posts: 3
    Hey guys I'm looking to have a online session with recordings of matches,highlights and recaps along with other fighting games on 4/6 starting at 6pm from my PS Home space if anyone is interested hit me up PSN-Crusader884, I'm intermediate level just looking for rivals and awesome fights, my youtube account is chaser884 I did a little promo for it,thanks
    SSF4: Ken
    SF X T:Ken x Heihachi
  • scratchbackscratchback Joined: Posts: 1,063
    edited June 2014
    Would love to play some decent players so feel free to add me guys. The infinite amount of random freaks online is just staggering and it really makes me hate playing this game sometimes.

    Location: East Coast
    Main: Gief
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  • gouki786gouki786 Joined: Posts: 2
    Hit me up as well gouki786 on psn.
  • JesseRedeemedJesseRedeemed Joined: Posts: 97
    PSN: Jesseredemeed (spelled just like that, made a typo when making my account.)
    location: east coast, Alabama
    main: adon

    looking to level up massively. add me or invite me. im ready to play tonight.
  • NumberSix1967NumberSix1967 Joined: Posts: 11
    edited April 2013
    My PSN: is Number_Six_1967 and feel free to add me. I main Ryu (so original) and I'm looking to go up against, well, anyone. In particular I'd like to take on Dhalsim, Bison and some of the more 'obscure' characters in the game. Hope to play you soon!
  • OJ4OJ4 cool as ice Joined: Posts: 1,165
    edited May 2013
    Hi everyone. i've recently gotten back into SF4 after a break. i'm learning a new character and i'm looking for some solid play in endless battle. You don't have to be the greatest but at least solid so that we both can help each other and not resort to "online" tactics(constant taunts, random play etc).

    SN: hotboyollie

    just msg me on psn with the message srk or something like that and i'll gladly add you.

    i live in VA btw

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    team TRUTH:coffee:

    I literally quit and sat there with my stick in my lap. I was overwhelmed. I realized at that point I was "free."-chromer, 2010
  • TheAdvocaat21TheAdvocaat21 Joined: Posts: 1
    Hey guys. Im looking for players to play on sf4ae for a better experience of the game. My PSN: iBeReadyMarc97
    Location: Uk
  • razersaw36razersaw36 Joined: Posts: 4
    Hey everyone. I I'm looking to get into SF4 AE, but my problem is I completely suck. Looking for anyone at a beginner's level to play with/have fun so I can try to get better. I'm totally a scrub when it comes to this game.

    Ps3 tag is razersaw36
    Region: US.
    State: LA
    CT Timezone

    Add me please!

    PS: I prefer voice chatting on Skype than Ps3 game chat. Skype is ryan.alford36
  • Gary.NGary.N Bisonsautoshop Joined: Posts: 278
    Bison/Sagat player here, East Coast
    Toronto area, Ontario Canada
    PSN ID: Bisonsautoshop
    on at random times, but frequent
    Visit http://BISONSAUTOSHOP.COM Tri-City Fighting Game Chill spot. We play SFV/USFIV
  • Raij1nRaij1n Joined: Posts: 1,213
    Psn - feiinweltall

    I'd say I'm intermediate level on my good days.

    Primarily play Fei Long. Dabble in the rest of the cast

    Looking for fun matches.

    Live in south Texas. San Antonio specifically
  • darkdragon88darkdragon88 Joined: Posts: 39
    My PSN is ttham88

    I admit I'm not very good, but I am looking to play people online. I avoided playing online because of lag, but sometimes it isn't so bad.
    Please feel free to add me. I'll play anyone.
    I live in Western Canada (Vancouver)
  • DrellyFishDrellyFish Joined: Posts: 4,622
    Trying to get into SF4. I main Sakura.
    PSN: DrellyFish
    I'm in the Bay Area of Cali just a heads up incase region highly affects lag for any of you guys.
    Shoot me a request anytime I need sparring partners!
  • locolorenzo22locolorenzo22 Joined: Posts: 3
    Hi all. Newbie (2-3 weeks), maining Ryu right now to get fundamentals down. Looking for others to play with who just want fun and practice into getting things together. PSN name is locolorenzo22, chicago region. Also looking for anyone who would have good tips for beginners. Looking forward to meeting others.
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