Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking & Discussion)



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    I am not necessarily a beginner. I kind of recently got into fighting games. I am okay at them but I definitely need a lot of help with the neutral game.

    My experience with fighting games isnt much. For the last year my friends and I get together and play a random old fighting game every thursday night but I want to get into a game. I know its kind of late to get into Ultra but I'm excited about Street Fighter V coming out and I want to start establishing a base skill.

    I play on PS4 so I'm wondering if there is a group that gets together in a party, then just kind of plays? Thats the only way I enjoy playing fighting games, is with a group. Playing, joking around a little bit and having fun. I dont enjoy just playing random people online.

    Or maybe if someone wouldnt mind helping me out some.
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