Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking & Discussion)



  • ChoppaholicChoppaholic Sometimes Down Never Out Joined: Posts: 174
    Hey everybody, I play Sf4 and SFxT. Psn name Choppaholic. .I main Sagat and on Xt I main sagat/dudley...hit me up whenever. .
  • LoneWolf80LoneWolf80 Joined: Posts: 122
    Hey guys, I'm a Chun/Rose main looking to improve my game some. I don't think I'm all that good now, but want to change that, lol. I'm in Upstate NY, would prefer East Coast players for better connections. PSN is UnGodlyCarnage, if anyone's interested! Just let me know your from SRK, otherwise I probably won't accept lol.
  • ChimpsChimps Joined: Posts: 1
    Hey. Looking to improve my game with Cody. Also if you main somebody that counter picks him great I'm trying to learn to play through a bad match up.
    PSN: ChimpsxMcGee
    Don't care where your from just as long as we can play with a decent connection.
  • Tek7Tek7 Joined: Posts: 71
    Tek7 wrote: »
    I'm a casual player looking to improve my Chun Li game. I plan on playing more often after I upgrade my FightStick SE with Sanwa parts, but would like to add other SSFIV players who enjoy helping others learn the game to my PSN list starting now.

    My primary goal is to enjoy the game more. I'm not interested in entering tournaments, but I would like to improve. Street Fighter has, for me, always been more about the social interaction and friendly competition.

    One disclaimer: I've been blessed to play online games with a fantastic group of polite and friendly gamers over the last 12 years, so I'd prefer not to play with gamers with negative attitudes or who use profane language.

    PSN: gummyzergling
    GFWL: GummyZergling
    Location: Midwest USA
    Characters: Chun Li, Akuma
    Mic: Yes

    Re-posting as I cleared most of my PSN friends list earlier tonight. If you'd like to add (or re-add) me, please do! :)
  • matman17matman17 Joined: Posts: 2
    yo guys give me an add my PSN is matlab22
  • PrinnyGal3000PrinnyGal3000 Joined: Posts: 7
    Any European players up for some practice?
  • ayupanayupan Joined: Posts: 4
    I'm looking to get some practice in.

    PSN ID: nezumiiro
    Location: California
    Time: 7pm-11pm & other random hours.
    Characters: Makoto, Juri, Dee Jay, Guile
    Mic: No
    PP: 1000-1500
  • NoodlesNoodles Joined: Posts: 27
    Looking mainly for AE players for long sets in preparation for ultra but I'll take Marvel and Tekken players as well :)

    PSN: smadj6470
    AE: Balrog
    Marvel: Magneto, Dr. Doom, Dante
    Tekken: Marshall Law/Forest Law or Lee (still learning)
  • NoodlesNoodles Joined: Posts: 27
    Oh and I live in Europe and I don't mind if you put on a mic during lobbies
  • avid9736avid9736 Joined: Posts: 4
    Don't mean to necro, but I'm a new(ish) player in Canada. I'll play anyone - criticism encouraged.

    Game: SSF4 AE2012 (soon Ultra)
    Char: Juri
    Location: CAN
    PSN: Drakster12
  • alfredo gonzalezalfredo gonzalez nightmarex98 psn goodluck good game Joined: Posts: 1
    Hi guys im looking to improve for some tourneys in orlando fl, feel free to add me my psn is: fog_raven
    Main: dudley guile, working on rolento
  • jaydomjaydom Joined: Posts: 5
    hi everyone i am new to here. just got a ps3 and SF4AE version and from singapore. hoping to find some players to learn/spar with. or anyone sharing their USF4 account for $9-$10 :)
  • LaxjpLaxjp Joined: Posts: 1
    Hey guys, Brand new to this forum and pretty fresh on Ultra street fighter 4, I'm looking for other players to play with if anyones willing to play my Id is Laxjp on psn.
  • xx007iamxx007iam Joined: Posts: 3
    Hey all. Canadian player trying to get back in to SF. I'm not new to the game, just a bit bad, heh.

    I'm looking for sparing partners. I don't care if you can't throw plasma or you will perfect me every round. I'm fine with ether!

    xx007iam is my psn. Feel free to add me.

  • 419DP419DP Joined: Posts: 1
    Hey people, Londoner here and new to the game been playing a week or so and starting to warm towards what currently looks to be my character adon.

    LF a sparring partner, on my side I'd like to work on footsies and bnb combos.Hit me up on psn: xFOR_WUN_N9NEx
  • ThaBiggBaddWolfThaBiggBaddWolf Kono bega sama ga aite shiteyaru. Joined: Posts: 34
    Yo. Looking for a training buddy. I'm decent with Bise already, but I can stand to be way better. If anyone who is on often would like to take me up on this, add me. My PSN name is the same name here.
  • TheStrongBananaTheStrongBanana Joined: Posts: 1
    Hello, pretty new to SF4, I know all the basics of the game but I just have trouble in match putting it all together. Especially because everyone else has been playing the game for so long. I'm on PSN, my ID is same as my username "TheStrongBanana".
  • AvailableNameAvailableName Joined: Posts: 1
    Hey dudes, I've been playing sfiv for a while but I've bee trying to take it more seriously in addition to a character switch. I'm on pretty much every day after 5pm CST, my psn is Physalis69. Hit me up for some games!
  • RekkasRekkas Joined: Posts: 171
    Add me Omgitzdoom if you're fairly new to the game.
  • FearTheFuhajinFearTheFuhajin Trying to git gud Joined: Posts: 213
    edited July 2014
    Hey guys, I'm on the fence on making the switch from XBL to PSN (ps3 is in my brothers room, so the 360 is in mine and I'm thinking about trading it in and getting my own). Is the "online struggle" as real as some people make it out to be? I'd hate to trade in my 360 and not have any competition or get my matches ruined due to lag and whatnot.
    ~ Thanks in advance!
    Playstation Network: TaiteFGC
    Steam ID: TaiteFGC

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    SFV Karin
    GGXrd Faust

    I wish I could change my username...
    Check out this guide created by myself and the boys over at the Sakura thread (RIP USF4):
  • BrriianBrriian Joined: Posts: 8
    I'm pretty new to SF and want to get better. Let's play.
  • Maximum DriveMaximum Drive Joined: Posts: 12
    Trying to get back into the groove of things. Fairly decent but by no means perfect. PSN is DivinityRider
  • ClunkClunk Joined: Posts: 2
    Trying to improve my game and would like at least a few people to add to friends to play with every now and again. My fundamentals are pretty poor so that will most likely be what i'll focus on for a while. PSN is Clunk551
    Hey guys, I'm on the fence on making the switch from XBL to PSN (ps3 is in my brothers room, so the 360 is in mine and I'm thinking about trading it in and getting my own). Is the "online struggle" as real as some people make it out to be? I'd hate to trade in my 360 and not have any competition or get my matches ruined due to lag and whatnot.
    ~ Thanks in advance!

    I haven't noticed PSN matches being bad at all however I only play people with green connection and on training stage. There is definitely less people playing on PSN vs. 360 (from what I can see on streams / videos, don't have an xbox myself) but I've always been able to find a non-lagging match within a minute or two. I think people go over the top with the PSN hate, just because it's worse doesn't mean it's not playable. (however I would choose xbox personally if given the chance lol)
    PSN: Clunk551

    USF4 Characters: Makoto
  • eltwopeeeltwopee Learn 2 Play Joined: Posts: 1,578
    edited August 2014
    GGs to everyone I owned last night. And especialy GGs to the few that beat me. PSN - eltwopee
  • docbrown1985docbrown1985 Dr. Emmet L Brown Joined: Posts: 12
  • IR_Baboon2IR_Baboon2 Joined: Posts: 128
    edited August 2014
    Australian PSN players:

    Having bad experiences online in Ultra. Almost every single match is with someone who is very new and inexperienced. Nothing against those players but it gets very boring and I gain nothing from fighting them. Looking for players my skill or better (around 1-3k PP range) that I can spar with and hopefully we improve a little bit too. On AE I was about 2000K PP and I use Guile, Boxer and Dictator mainly. My PSN ID is the same as my account name here. Feel free to add me or shoot me a message if you want to play.
  • AC_LerokAC_Lerok Joined: Posts: 1
    Been playing casually since vanilla, but never really dug into online play seriously. Trying to get back in with a little more focus on playing correctly. In the midwest looking for fellow scrubs to practice with online, or anyone willing to beat some fundamentals into me.

    PSN: ACLerok212
  • ozmanloveozmanlove Joined: Posts: 3
    Hello everyone.
    I live in the UK, psn: ozmanlove

    Ryu and Cammy are my pals. I am a relative beginner. I would like to have regular online fights to improve.

    I also play Soul Caliber.

    Feel free to add me.
    "You've come a thousand years too soon!" - Edge Master.
  • randomhighfivesrandomhighfives Joined: Posts: 8
    Looking for people to spar with from time to time. My main is E.Ryu. Other characters are Abel, Fei-Long and Dudley. My PP is usually from 1800-2100. Add me and tell me your from SRK!

    psn: RandomHigh5s
  • EXKayoEXKayo Joined: Posts: 10
    edited August 2014
    Looking for a Solid Ryu and or Decapre player to mentor / beat my ass or someone to just train with im on quite often.

    PSN: kayo_24
    Location : WA state.
  • altogether_altogether_ Joined: Posts: 1
    edited August 2014
    I'm a Ryu, Guile, Akuma, Gief player and I'm trying to get better. let's spar

    Edit: derp forgot my psn is the same as the user name.
  • MikeandIke12MikeandIke12 Average player. Joined: Posts: 36
    Looking for people to play with. I play with Decapre, Cammy, and I can play Ryu too. Psn is MikeandIke12
  • ef937ef937 Joined: Posts: 1
    Been playing casually up until Ultra. Trying to get rid of the scrub moves and getting more into the technical stuff. Maining Sagat (Only character I've ranked up to C). Also playing/training with Juri and Zangief
    PP: Usually lower than 1000
    I don't mind a proper ass kicking at all. Need to learn matches no matter what. lol

    PSN:ef937 / SoCal Player
  • BlueDemon_ZBlueDemon_Z Joined: Posts: 3
    Hi! I play SF for quite some time now. Some years i just did it for fun. Jumping HK and sweep, stuff like that.
    But now im trying to get more into the game and increase my Guy. There is no other char im
    really familiar with (in terms of playing) . However, i also play Gen, Akuma, Evil Ryu and Oni and im moving
    between 2,8-3,2k PP. I play SSF4AE, but getting Ultra tomorrow.

    Iam from Germany/Austria.
    People form Europe, Britain and near by are welcome to add me if they just want to train
    or think they can help me improve my game. Well, anybody can add me, as long as the connection
    bar ist at least orange :smile: PSN: BlueDemon-Z

  • SargeSpartaSargeSparta Joined: Posts: 14
    I play USFIV on PSN as SargeSparta. My mains are Ken, Cammy, and Poison. HMU.
  • nixodemus1nixodemus1 Joined: Posts: 2
    edited October 2014
    Yo I play ultra street fighter 4. I live in north Carolina. I main ken. I'm still pretty booby, so hoping someone can be my sparring partner and teach me a few tricks. :)
    Psn: nixodemus1
  • iWinWeDateiWinWeDate Whiff punish everything. Joined: Posts: 303
    I main ken but im from the uk so wont be able to play a lot of people on here. Psn is sora3960
  • RGOnautRGOnaut Joined: Posts: 20
    Hit me up if you wanna do some matches! I'm down in SoCal and am always up for some practice. PSN: RGOnaut
  • BossguyBossguy Still Training... Joined: Posts: 19
    Hey, RGO! We fought yesterday.

    I live on the west coast of the US. Looking for people who can help me improve. My main is Chun, and I usually hover around the 600-1000 PP range. Looking for peeps higher than that. :)

    PSN: bossguyplanet
    PSN: bossguyplanet
  • Haitian AkumaHaitian Akuma Joined: Posts: 38
    PSN_haitian_akuma. My main is pretty obvious. Also looking to train another player. Looking to join Orlando tournament next year. Location : Orlando Florida
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