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  • CUTWESTCUTWEST In Jimmy G We Trust Joined: Posts: 1,794
    Yeah we moved over to fightcade bruh. I thought that too at one point.
  • SesshomaruSesshomaru Joined: Posts: 599
    it has been actually months since I went on GGPO, wtf is fightcade?
    Anyways, I'm quitting ST, good riddance I guess.
  • Jion_WansuJion_Wansu Joined: Posts: 6,526
    GGPO RIP? Looks like GGPO is done or something. Guess I quit until GGPO comes back. If it comes back...
  • eltroubleeltrouble Joined: Posts: 5,731
    Or don't be lazy and just go download fightcade.com
  • OGSFOGSF Joined: Posts: 713
    Is GGPO down or something?
    "The few prosper, while the rest suffer." - OGSF
  • oldschool_BRoldschool_BR Projectile spammer Joined: Posts: 2,443
    OGSF wrote: »
    Is GGPO down or something?
  • Jion_WansuJion_Wansu Joined: Posts: 6,526
    Now both FightCade and GGPO are down. WTF!!!!!
  • CUTWESTCUTWEST In Jimmy G We Trust Joined: Posts: 1,794
    edited December 2014
    I honestly think that DDoS excuse Cannon gave is complete BS. He just wanted a reason to shut GGPO down for good now that fightcade is around LOL! Fuckin exposed.
  • TelMarineTelMarine Joined: Posts: 38
    good thing I checked these forums. Been wanting to play some again and found ggpo appeared to be toast. Probably for the best, no development had been done on it since 2008. Sad to see it go though, at least the work lives on.
  • Jion_WansuJion_Wansu Joined: Posts: 6,526
    Came up with an analogy between casinos and arcades. Poker is like the 1on1 fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken while baccarat and roulette are like the cooperative games that suck you money dry. Like those beatem ups and shootem ups...
  • Jion_WansuJion_Wansu Joined: Posts: 6,526
    edited January 2015
    Now I finally get it. I guess I'm getting too old for this shit. When people always get that retarded answer of "Darude - Sandstorm" when people as what song is what... Lame...

    From Youtube:
    Bobay4224 wrote:
    Yea, a League of Legends streamer would always play this song and people in the chat would always say "What is that song" and the answer would always be the same "Darude - Sandstorm" so it basically became a meme.

    Some other guy from Youtube wrote:

    It didn't start with a video game. This joke began a LONG time ago, because this song would be played in clubs or in random stores in the mall, or somewhere on TV and nobody actually KNEW who the song was by, they just knew the tune because they were always hearing it SOMEWHERE.

    And thus, having always heard this song for the first time on accident, the second time they heard it, they always asked "What song is this???". The reason it became a joke on DOTA or League or wherever, is because it was already a joke.
  • 7 5 07 5 0 Joined: Posts: 471
  • 7 5 07 5 0 Joined: Posts: 471
    Idk why I like this weird video
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