"What other players message you after you beat them" MK9 edition

Oni_RyuOni_Ryu Don't call it a come backJoined: Posts: 129
First day after release and we've already got a voice message :rofl:

Sent to us after a tag match. My buddy throwing out those hand grenades and pistol rounds with Striker!
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  • Karas13Karas13 Joined: Posts: 276
    PUUSAAAAAAAY... hahaha
  • ChibiChibi Woosh Joined: Posts: 52
    The finest message I've ever received. :tup:

  • MarkyXMarkyX Joined: Posts: 47
    First day after release and we've already got a voice message :rofl:

    Sent to us after a tag match. My buddy throwing out those hand grenades and pistol rounds with Striker!

    Jesus christ, I had problems with turtles before (Sektor here, one slow overhead!), but I did this amazing thing that I couldn't do in SF, and one that I could.

    First one? Kick em to chip em, get my meter growing. Second? Throw the bastard.

    Last night I played a 2P tag match and I remember finishing off the fight 1v2 guys. My friend was laughing his ass off on how bad the players were. It actually came to the point where I heard over their mics that they were bitching at each other.
  • VoidNLVoidNL 09 Baybee Joined: Posts: 206
    lol how the hell are you gonna trashtalk to someone cause he was blocking in a fighting game.

    Welcome to the internet.
    You can't touch me, Trust me.
  • ChibiChibi Woosh Joined: Posts: 52
    That's what the "?" block was for, but yeah, internets.
  • HawkingbirdHawkingbird I am thou...thou art I Joined: Posts: 27,338
    The opposite happened to me. On day one I made a friend after playing a few matches with my Stryker.
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  • ChibiChibi Woosh Joined: Posts: 52
    As it turns out, the guy was drunk that night. The messages were so awesome that we are now friends.
  • AuruAuru Joined: Posts: 56
    been playing a bit more online, still so laggy :(

    had two messages though:

    "kabal is for noobs get a life"


    "bugged my teleport never hit, gg hacker"

    the second one was funny, he was playing smoke and spammed his tele punch almost the entire match.. I was just blocking.. then hitting him back :P
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  • ArkkaiArkkai Yare Yare Daze Joined: Posts: 372
    i got this morning a voice hate mail =D

    "fucking bitch aaasfbafsbf blocking ****** you think you're soooo good you are only good in being a dick bitch"

    by BRIAN6555 a angry mmm i think 12-13 years old kid and a tele spammer scorpion =)
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  • AzuroAzuro C L E B O Y Z Joined: Posts: 1,132
    I'm seeing a trend here...dudes hate blocking here like it's some goddamn unbeatable option. And EVERY single one of these players tend to just throw out teleports like it's some goddamn safe DP LOL!

    Some random dude named Fatalshot81x is one of these guys. I literally just would walk up to this guy and he'd be mashing on teleport. So...like any normal person would do, I block him. Lol he's clearly getting upset over the mic. I win, he declines a rematch, I get called a scrub in the lobby and decide to have fun and egg him on and even try to direct him to where he could get better, until eventually he gets to the point where he's like "I don't care, I have money, I have a girl" or some shit like that (To which I'm thinking, "I seriously don't know any morons that actually have money...").

    I swear, dudes like this would NEVER pop off at the mouth if they were to play IRL. Which makes it all the more hilarious, I guess lol.
  • MuffinOfFunMuffinOfFun MvC3 Crouching H is Magic! Joined: Posts: 101
    Megaman X is like Zero only shit.
  • KhentimentiuKhentimentiu Scrub-tacular Joined: Posts: 422
    out of the 30+ games i had i was only able to finish 2 of them, the rest rage quit on me. everyone i have played against so far spammed teleport punches even while i was blocking
  • Ema LovelyEma Lovely Jelly Fish Pirate Commanda' Lovely Joined: Posts: 189
    I got called "A Disgrace to girl gamers"

    I don't think he knew I'm a dude, lol.
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  • CitizenCIACitizenCIA Flipping tables since 96' Joined: Posts: 1,139
    ^You're a dood!? Well I learned something new today. :d

    Anyway I got some messages. "Learn how to do a fucking combo you spam spical moves your trash" Everything I landed besides a few projectiles were 25-40% combos and I said that then he said "yeah but all of the hits was special moves" I lol'd.

    And finally after years of online fighting games...I got a message after a win that actually MADE SENSE. "wow i suck lol" Haha. I gave that guy props.
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  • xStingyxStingy Joined: Posts: 303
    I'm going to check this day everyday.
  • RKWRKW Joined: Posts: 5
    I played a scorpion who would spam the FP,FP,FP target combo, then fail to cancel into spear, he'd also toss in a few random teleports and used his x-ray the second he got it. Anyway, I beat him in the second round by just dashing forward and sweeping, got it off about 5 times in a row. He sent me the following (Read bottom to top)


    I sent some back asking "u mad?" etc. The final few messages were sent as he joined a KOTH room I was winning in, I guess he had the intention of beating me to prove a point? But he got flawlessed in the second round. The last message had me in stitches.
  • Amadeus PwnsAmadeus Pwns Get fed. Stay Hungry Joined: Posts: 50
    I've only gotten love mail, weird enough. People trying to add me and asking how I do my combos.
    I think I'm just getting lucky.
    Flex on nerds.
  • dookieagaindookieagain Fat Pride Joined: Posts: 118
    Sort of unrelated, but what's up with scrubs and their obsession with variety? I keep getting these messages about "Stop doing the same combo." It's the best combo, why would I do another combo? I had someone say that in a KOTH, they gave me a 6 because "You're good, but you keep doing the same combo. I deducted four points for that, if you were wondering about my score." (Real message)
  • SkuddSkudd Downback Fighter IV Joined: Posts: 216
    I'm honestly not sure why people even still use Photobucket, but it'd be nice if you could rehost this at imgur.com so that we can actually view it.
  • RKWRKW Joined: Posts: 5

    Don't use it often, funny how it's not available via that link, but still available if I login to photobucket.
  • 302mike302mike Joined: Posts: 3
    I got a couple so far.

    The first message was "combo spammer"...

    The second was "your garbage", followed by a voice message calling me a turtling bitch after I told the dude how free he was. Of course it was funny because he was ranked #1 on live at the time...and was utterly horrible at the game.
  • rootnoderootnode Joined: Posts: 121
    Some guy quit on me when I shut down their offense with sub-zero. They messaged me saying I was camping 0_0
    Street Fighter x Tekken is garbage.
  • VoidNLVoidNL 09 Baybee Joined: Posts: 206
    lmao camping in a fighting game.

    I was in a KOTH with 4 people and EVERYONE in there ragequitted.


    it's not even that Im that good, they're just that bad.
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  • alexgators1alexgators1 Joined: Posts: 50
    I've gotten all nice things, in fact I have a couple new friends on my friends list.
  • rootnoderootnode Joined: Posts: 121
    lmao camping in a fighting game.

    I was in a KOTH with 4 people and EVERYONE in there ragequitted.


    it's not even that Im that good, they're just that bad.
    Games still fresh so you're going to get plenty of those for the time being. Also if you play Kung Lao like your avatar suggests I can see that happening alot. He's just so frustrating :)
    Street Fighter x Tekken is garbage.
  • icephoenixicephoenix Joined: Posts: 11
    Just had some jobless loser with a gamertag of "xBEASLTYBALLAx6" (yes, he spelled the word "beastly" wrong in his gamertag) send me a voice message of the following. "Yo how many hours did you sit around learning that combo you fucking loser? You must be a 500 pound albino for real. Get a fuckin' life, Smasher."

    His only strategy was tele-upper with Sektor into a poorly timed uppercut.

    Haha, unreal. In reality, he wouldn't say that to me. That's for sure. This is why I miss the arcade. It's just another reason kids are assholes these days.
  • fullmetalsnakefullmetalsnake Joined: Posts: 102
    just rage quitters ans silence.......its unsettling.
  • KoeniggKoenigg Joined: Posts: 247
  • EngravingsEngravings Joined: Posts: 208

    Hahaha. Dude, that's my video.
    I just posted it a few days ago.

  • MakkiworthMakkiworth Joined: Posts: 184
    Someone got mad at me after I had a winning streak going, calling me garbage because I was "spamming" fire balls. I was using Shang Tsung at the time.
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  • xStingyxStingy Joined: Posts: 303
    Hahaha. Dude, that's my video.
    I just posted it a few days ago.


    400+ matches and no hatemail here o.O. Someone sent me a message saying "Use som1 els lol" but it didn't seem hostile since he stayed on and gave me a 10.
  • FoegrinderFoegrinder Joined: Posts: 61
    Hahaha. Dude, that's my video.
    I just posted it a few days ago.

    I want to friend this guy just so I can send him a gg and get a personalized rant.. GG...awsome
  • QuandaghostQuandaghost u gotta use dem ashy feet Joined: Posts: 108
    well from my experience playing like bitch is code for u blocked and punished me every single time and use a different character is kode for i cant beat you with someone your good with now pick someone u cant play and let me win lol shit is effin ridiculous man lol next time i play im looking for this man
    And let me guide you to the PURPLE RAIN PURPLE RAIN
  • purbeastpurbeast Joined: Posts: 5,119
    Hahaha. Dude, that's my video.
    I just posted it a few days ago.

    hahaha wow that shit is hilarious, that guy is mad as shit hahahaha.
  • Tim StaticTim Static Kid Thunder!! Joined: Posts: 4,635 mod
    that made my day. Online MK peeps never let me down. ever.
  • Ki ShimaKi Shima This tiger isn't dead.... Joined: Posts: 8,504
    so I kept this guy in the air for what seemed like the entire match and crushed him when he dropped, but all of a sudden I lost connectin to host eventhough his body was still there
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  • Guile'DGuile'D SRK is truly Outrageous. Joined: Posts: 510
    day one patched baraka....
    "Cheap Ass baraka"
    Montrarious:go back to spam camp u ***** you *****licking Q**f!
    LinKuei82:lol u p****y
    Ray Curbelo:cheater

    all cuz of Kung Lousy!!!
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  • PhinnyCupcakesPhinnyCupcakes Summertime Huggles Joined: Posts: 260
    I get too many. people calling me pussy, telling me to "stop throwing shit". Not once have I gotten a "gg" or any positive remarks. It seems much more prominent in this game than other fighting games. It kinda makes me question the community. Whenever I'm in a lobby, everyone's calling everyone a Smasher and a pussy, and everyone's got X's in the front and back of their names. I'm pretty sure this game has the youngest of the fighting game players, and also the angriest. Most of them must have gotten the game just for the blood, gore, tits, and fatalities. It's just bound to happen. Kids on the playground are more likely to talk about how cool baraka's fatality is than talk about, say, an ultra in streetfighter. I just may have to put this down for a bit and wait for the community to weed itself out so I can later have the chance to play a guy who plays the game for its system and intricacies.
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  • MrStabbyMrStabby YOU SCARED? Joined: Posts: 301
    ^ One of the reasons why I quit playing this online, haven't played it outside of local vs for about a month. The vast majority of the player base doesn't seem interested in learning anything about the game, they just want to spew silly shit in the lobby chat and cut you into 3 pieces at the end of the match. I've played a handful of people who seem to be genuine fighting game fans who have their shit together. It really tarnishes the image of the game, doesn't make it fun to play at all when you destroy people consecutively because they don't want to learn anything. Not to say I'm brilliant or anything, but at least make me work for my wins. It's why I can play Super for hours, I'm rather shit at the game, my Cammy is awful. Can't link shit outside of cr.hp, cr.mk. But I can get a good fight with someone who's took the time to develop their skills. Baseless comparison, though. SF4 has been out for years, and SF has always had a devoted fanbase who like to learn their shit. Maybe in a few months the kids will get bored and fuck off someplace else, leaving the people who actually like the engine and stuff.
  • strizzmatikstrizzmatik Brick = Shat Joined: Posts: 250
    I frequent the TRMK room on XBL and met some good players who all stayed on and won/lost like any other non-salty fighting game fans... just network with the good, sporting players. Definitely hit up TYM for matchmaking too.
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