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Mortal Kombat 9 Video Thread

SweetJohnnyCageSweetJohnnyCage East Coast ThrowdownJoined: Posts: 1,136
Figured we should get this thread started so people can easily see new matches instead of sifting through YouTube. I'll start it off with a playlist of matches I recorded last night.


The list showcases Johnny Cage (played by yours truly), Reptile (Dark Rob, 9.95), Nightwolf (9.95) and Sub Zero (Dark Rob). It shows how necessary it is to have a counter character for projectile characters like SZ.

I'd recommend you guys subscribe to this channel since it will be the repository for recorded MK matches from not only casual get togethers but tournaments as well without official streams.


  • VoidNLVoidNL 09 Baybee Joined: Posts: 206
    nice vids, subscribed.

    when I play jc I have trouble landing his x-ray, you've landed some very nice ones.
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  • AYO?!AYO?! Strong Style Hips. Joined: Posts: 19,033
    It has begun...

    Oh, thanks for making this thread SJC, I tried to find some match vids at TYM but uh...yeah good luck with that. If I can get a camera or capture card thing soon I'll upload Nightwolf stompings.
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  • HavatchuHavatchu Joined: Posts: 4,734
    It's cool seeing how much faster projectiles are in this game than in SF. Nice videos.
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  • enagamerenagamer Joined: Posts: 16

    I don't know why but the quality messes up a bit on some of the combos :/
  • ArasmusArasmus Joined: Posts: 11
    A very nice Cyrax combo that does 56% with only one bar:

  • UrichinanUrichinan Play BlazBlue Joined: Posts: 357
    Team DAI
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  • VaramathrasVaramathras May be Giants Joined: Posts: 90
    Cyber Sub-Zero Tutorial Video

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  • ReyArtReyArt It's Super Dynamic Cooking Time! Joined: Posts: 1,424
    Thanks for all these MK9 video links everyone, keep it up!

    Subscribed! \m/
  • ZebsterZebster Joined: Posts: 3,742
    A bunch of online matches (not my videos):

    KOF 14 team: Robert/King/K'
  • m33tm33t Joined: Posts: 8
    I made a little combo video for Sektor. Figured it'd make a good enough first post.
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  • kaworu_scottkaworu_scott neoempire.com Joined: Posts: 245
    I bought the Mortal Kombat Prima Official Guide and it's shit, as you can see in this video i made:

  • KimuraLOXKimuraLOX Step into my zone, mad rhymes will stifle ya Joined: Posts: 4,107
    I bought the Mortal Kombat Prima Official Guide and it's shit, as you can see in this video i made:

    The ending would've made the AVGN proud....I'm glad I didn't buy that shit. :rofl:
  • FreddyL0c0FreddyL0c0 Joined: Posts: 1,732 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    looool thank you Kaworu for that great review and fatality
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  • HavatchuHavatchu Joined: Posts: 4,734

    He was so angry yet it sounded like he was whispering or something.
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  • FaceMeAndBeBrokenFaceMeAndBeBroken FUCK JAPANESE STICKS Joined: Posts: 3,518
    9 and 11 hit corner with Jax.

    Read description about 2nd combo.
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  • jsogreyjsogrey Joined: Posts: 27
    glad to see actual matches of this game, i'm really sick of all the videos of trivial combos on the front page, but is there no way you can save a replay and put it on the computer?

    ps that review of the guide book is very funny :)
  • tomletomle Joined: Posts: 232
    Here a video of "all character babalities in HD"
  • SketchspaceSketchspace Joined: Posts: 648
    Putting up my playlist for MK9. So far it's only Stryker videos, but I'm picking up Jade on the side.

    Mortal Kombat 9 Videos
  • Shoryu ReppaShoryu Reppa Sunday drivers... Joined: Posts: 1,565
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  • VaramathrasVaramathras May be Giants Joined: Posts: 90
    Smoke tutorial video:

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  • tatakitataki misplaced Joined: Posts: 7,706
    - [MK9
    Fighting game tutorials, matches, and funny stuff:
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  • UrichinanUrichinan Play BlazBlue Joined: Posts: 357
    Kitana Beginner Combo Video:

    Team DAI
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  • OhYouDontSayThatOhYouDontSayThat Joined: Posts: 42
    New MK9 vids

    Here are some videos I took week one:

    Noob Saibot X-Ray Glitch


    Cool stage fatality: ermac vs. cyrax

    First to 10 smoke vs. scorpion

    the last one shows some great scorpion and smoke combos in action.
  • AtTheGatesAtTheGates combodrcker Joined: Posts: 436
    kitana x-ray glitch (sometimes the blue freeze effects lasts longer):

    you can hit / trade with her x-ray, it's strict timing, though. cyrax can net shot her, but the x-ray doesnt get triggered then. she'll just get webbed and the fans will be stuck in cyrax for a few seconds.
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  • Evil CanadianEvil Canadian T.Hawk is a good guy Joined: Posts: 10,700
    Video of Mileena basics

    I made the video to mostly be a guide to people newer to the genre of FG's, but I hope anyone looking for Mileena tips will find it useful.
  • Tim StaticTim Static Kid Thunder!! Joined: Posts: 4,635 mod
    Battlefield Arcadia @ Play N Trade 4-8-11

    BattleField Arcadia @ Play N Trade RESULTS!!
  • ahpetahahpetah Joined: Posts: 29
    I just started uploading videos a couple days ago and if anyone is interested they can check out my channel, YouTube - ahpetah's Channel. I try to upload on a consistent basis ranked matches, player matches, etc. I'm not that good but im decent :rofl:
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  • b1gaznb1gazn SWAG Joined: Posts: 7,463

    that was some real hate... it kinda reminded me of a mix tape with MCs that have beef
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  • HavatchuHavatchu Joined: Posts: 4,734

    That was hilarious.

    "No skillz! How the fuck you gunna send me a message!" :D
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    The moment I fell in love with specs- "I believe in the Beyblader philosophy, for I am one who Beyblades."
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  • ZaeLockZaeLock Joined: Posts: 22

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  • Autocrat1Autocrat1 Welcome back... to the stage of HISTORY. Joined: Posts: 3,477
    Before I get deployed, I'm doing Tag Kombo vids like a madman:


    EDIT: Vid reply with 50%, slight addition. And now a name ^_^

  • Hatred EdgeHatred Edge No Ningens Allowed Joined: Posts: 16,612
    Yes the infamous roundhouse kick has returned!
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  • SWBetaSWBeta Joined: Posts: 12,770

    Enjoy, all. We worked very hard to make this enjoyable for everyone.

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  • SpardaSparda DRIRR CRAW! Joined: Posts: 589
    anyone know how this is done?
  • jimmy_vonvittijimmy_vonvitti Joined: Posts: 1
    Whats good Shoryuken? Here is a crazy video that I created with 100 Liu Kang kombos! This video showcases Liu Kang's versatile variety of combos. Liu Kang has so much to offer combo-wise. He can switch it up in soooo many ways. I arranged the komboz in order of the number of hits, (not damage). I started from his basic low hit kombos and went up to his advanced high hit kombos. Most of Liu Kang's kombos range from 25-35%. Some of the kombos may look similar, but they are all individually different! Don't forget to leave a comment with the number of your favorite kombo! Enjoy!

  • EMPEROR_COWEMPEROR_COW Joined: Posts: 276
    SVB 20XI - MORTAL KOMBAT 9 - 8V8 UK vs EU

    i didnt know where to go with this ... here you go guys ...
    a casual tournament held by the top players in the UK vs the top players in Europe ... in this set you will get to see some of the best MK9 Gameplay the UK and Europe has to offer. I hope you enjoy
  • KingReyKingRey Joined: Posts: 162
    I have a tournament this weekend and I will try and get some vids up of my Quan Chi and Mezmerize's Kung Lao.
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  • scarsofzsaszscarsofzsasz Hunter Smith Joined: Posts: 221
  • bipolar_shangobipolar_shango Joined: Posts: 3
    CDJR (JAX) vs TYRANT (JAX) -High level MK9-
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