Fused souls, The ermac video thread

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Since we have character forums I thought it was a good idea to give ermac his own vid thread.

Post your ermac vids here.
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    Here's what I came up with a few days ago. I think you can add in two hits after the teleport when you are on the ground before you do the green out push energy ender. I saw LI Joe add 2 extra hits, so if it's 43% with a jump attack, 40% without, then I assume it'd be 49% with the extra 2 hits and a jump attack.
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    Video I made 2 days ago demonstrating most of his basic combos, meter combos and X-ray combos.

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    like they say, go big or go home.

    Check my youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/ibanedfrmrs2?feature=mhum for all things Mortal Kombat 9.
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    Posted that on the other thread... 61% X-Ray... 47% without Meter.
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    With everyone doing combo videos here are some I messed around with yesterday. I was specifically going for ones that used no meter and were not screen dependent. Are there character specific combos yet? I haven't looked.

    Number 6 I know I saw someone post here before, it was a good one and takes a nice chunk of life without much effort.
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    Here a nice video I put together the other day. Has a few pretty good BnB's. Hope you guys like it.

    Ermac BnB's. By Kain
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    Made a video recently. Basic Ermac BNB combos and such. Enjoy!

    Ermac Combos:
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    Impractical, but I'm sick of seeing the same Ermac combos.
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    Maybe you already know these stuff
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    Posted this on TestYourMight.com
    I use a lot of characters, but I still like to consider myself an Ermac player since he was one of the first I started with.

    I might as well contribute to his forum.



    There should be some ermac play @ 4:20

    Something to note on this match, is after every blocked spin, I jumped. I could have easily punished, but being under the pressure of an infinite puts you in a position where you just want to jump out. I don't believe anybody should ever be put into this position. This will be patched in 2 weeks.

    I also attempted to counter with my own infinite, but we had a, "Patched" system. Unfortunately for me, Kabal still has his infinite.

    The zoning game I played against Kabal would of worked here. I made sure he had no meter as I zoned him out, in fear of the enhanced spin that leads back into the infinite... lol

    This matchup should be in Ermacs favor soon! 2 weeks! 2 weeks...

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    Gonna post vids up tonight
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    Here are some matches involving my Ermac from yesterday:


    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to use Ermac as a zoning type of character, hence why I'm maintaining my distance with Force Push and his projectile.
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    BnB vid, please sub, loads more characters on the channel.

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    Trying to start out a new series by exploring Ermac inside the lab and online... trying out random combo, basic combos

    Trashing the Lab Episode 1 - Ermac
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    thanks alot
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