How to make a fight stick.

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well I have an xbox controller and soldering skills so I thought I would ask. where would I look/what would I need to make a fight stick? is there a step by step guide? is it cheaper just to buy a SE stick and mod it? any help would be greatly appreciated.:karate:


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    is it cheaper just to buy a SE stick and mod it? any help would be greatly appreciated.:karate:

    Oh god yes. You will probably spend at minimum $500 on tools before you make a stick somebody is willing to buy. Also, your first arcade stick will probably cost $300 for beginners tools and look like this.

    I suggest you read all of if you really want to pursue stick building as a hobby, but if you only plan to build one, then no I would not do it.
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    if u already have woodworking tools and even just basic skills, then making ur own might be more gratifying than buying. however, between buying the basic tools and the parts to build one, its actually pretty hard to top something like a TE when they go on sale or even a used one. all u need to know can be found in the stickies and/or

    modding an SE into full sanwa will cost about $3 per button + $23~25 for the joystick + the cost of the SE. 8 buttons + joystick will cost u about the same as a TE on sale, with the advantage of adding art/plexi and having a beefier case. the size/weight of the case will be subjective to ur preference tho. portability vs stability.

    also, another option is to buy a pre-made blank case from the trading forum here in srk + the needed parts used or brand new (from vendors like paradisearcade, lizardlick, etc). that way, all u need to invest in are painting, sanding and wiring supplies.
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    i actually bought two SEs for $15 dollars each before. 3x8 (or i just did 6 buttons and 2 button plugs cause i dont like 4th column) = 24 + 25 (for the arcade stick, or ~15 if you wanted a rollie japanese style) = ~50 (~45 in my case) dollars just to mod an SE so if you're getting an SE for ~50 it probably isnt worth it. But, if you can find one for less than 30 then you'll be saving yourself a hefty sum.
    but if you cannot, i agree with mangox, a sale TE is a strong solid longterm choice
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    thanks so much for the info everyone.:karate:
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    Instead of a case I want to use a coffe table and put two full sticks there, get creative :)
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    I was thinking about making one of those floor standing tv dinner trays with the folding legs into an arcade stick, they're like $8 at walmart. I saw someone here do this before, looked like a great, cheap, and easy idea. One of these things...
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    lol thats silly talk. Just make a normal stick and play with it in your lap, or on a small table and you're good.
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    Not the most stable, or portable, but it has been done. Probably going to need a proper height office chair to play with it.
    Tray Table Gets New Identity as Arcade Stick - Technabob

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