MK9: Kitana combo video 01 by persona

Tim StaticTim Static Kid Thunder!!Joined: Posts: 4,635 mod


  • RichCalRichCal Joined: Posts: 10
    hey nice video bro... that 38 hit combo is sick... i have a question for anybody who can answer.... when throwing the ex fan... how do you cancel the second one? i try to play with it and continue combos with the ex fan but she always throws 2 and not 1 :(
  • PeteyliciousPeteylicious Joined: Posts: 537
    Hold 1 and she'll hold on to the 2nd fan, allowing you to dash out of it quickly
  • ZekeyZekey I do it 4 the <3 of the game Joined: Posts: 2
    Those kitana combos are super sick. I wish I knew the inputs.
  • RichCalRichCal Joined: Posts: 10
    ty petey
  • fallenlordzfallenlordz Music is to Loud Joined: Posts: 63
    thanks for this
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