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Hi guys,

We have moved to Jaxel's awesome event mod for tracking tournaments and streams. If you are running an event, follow these instructions.

0) Don't post a thread! Follow these steps instead.
1) Post a new event by hitting the button in the upper right of the forum index page.
2) That's it! Easy, right?

*24/7 streams are not allowed on the event calendar

Below is a guide written by Jaxel:

SRK has a very unique event planning system that was written from the ground up. Adding an event, or even just a video stream is very simple. First you must start the process in adding an event. This button can be found on either the Tournament Announcements forum, or on the calendar which you can get to by clicking on the "Events" tab.

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You will then be forwarded to the form for creating an event.
  • Title:
Do not include any information in this field besides the title of your event/stream, and possibly games and pot bonuses. Dates and locations will automatically be appended to thread titles after event/stream submission.
  • Text:
If you are planning on selecting the option to "Create Event Thread", the contents of this text box will be considered as the first post in the thread; otherwise it will simply be used as the basic information for your event.
  • Venue, Address, City, State, Zip:
These fields should be self explanatory. You can choose to leave the address/city/state/zip fields blank, and the system will handle it accordingly. However, the venue is still required... but you can put anything there, even "Xbox Live" or "Playstation Network" if you so choose.
  • Start Time, End Time, Time zone:
An event can be set for any future date, with a minimum length of 3 hours and a maximum length of 7 days. The javascript will automatically limit possible dates and times for selection. Any attempt to bypass this, and a moderator will delete your event.

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  • Stream URL:
You can link a stream to an event; right now only uStream.TV, Justin.TV, own3d.TV and are supported. If you need support for different services, just ask Jaxel and he will see what he can do. If an event is linked to a stream, that stream will automatically get embedded into the event during it's active date range. Streams will also get posted to the front page of SRK when it gets closer to the start time.

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  • Create Event Thread:
If you select this option, a thread will automatically get created in the appropriate forum for your event. This is nice because it will allow others to post messages to the event, giving feedback and extended RSVP information. A user can RSVP for an event even if there is no thread for it by clicking on the event in the calendar.
If you are creating a stream event, that is not part of a tournament, do not create an event thread! Your stream will still appear on the front page of SRK, but we don't want a thread for casual streams.
  • Recur This Event:
An event that is marked as recurring will automatically have future iterations of the event posted on the calendar. All iterations of the event will share a single event thread (should you choose to make an event thread). The RSVPs for the event will automatically get wiped out after each iteration of the event. Recurrence iterations are automatically calculated at the end of each day.

An event that has been created through the event system will permit users to RSVP and post comments to that event. As well, any events that have live streams will have their streams posted to the front page of SRK. Only events that have event threads will appear at the top of the Tournament Announcements forum.
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