European SF2HDR XBox Live Tournament – Sunday 29th May

Remy77077Remy77077 futility fightingJoined: Posts: 352

Ok it's been a long while since the last one (thanks to my work getting in the way!) however, I'm back and it's back.

Full rules & time here:


(Sorry for two threads, but these two SF2HD sections have a lot of people that only frequent one. I've been reading SRK for many many years yet only just found about this part of the forum a couple of months ago) My gaming website


  • Remy77077Remy77077 futility fighting Joined: Posts: 352
    Unfortunately this proved to be an unpopular date, and as only a few players turned up, we instead just played a room of casuals. We probably got in at least 80 games and some folks met each other for the first time, so it was still worth it. icon_smile.gif
    The players around were: Remy77077, Bogeuk, Zwire nl, DoomsDayDevice0 and oneNEOeno for a short while. GGs to all, I think Zwire had the edge overall in the matches we had, but almost everyone had some great matches against everyone else – some really good and close games. My gaming website
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