WTS: Pelican PS2 to PS3, Lots of Controllers, Misc. Buttons, Updated [08/26/2015]

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So my other sale thread appears to have gotten deleted so here goes again. Below are the items I'm selling. Prices do not include shipping. If there's something you want PM me with what you're interested in and the postal code that it will need to find its way to and I'll send you back a total and the PayPal account information for payment. Peachy.

Pelican PS2 to PS3 Converter ($40)
One of the few products from Pelican (now PDP) that drastically outperforms comparable products as this is one of the best PS2 to PS3 converters out there.

Sanwa JLF - USED ($15)
A moderately used JLF.  Probably has 2-3 months left in the actuator (a $0.99 part) but everything else seems to be fine.

HSBF-24 Buttons w/Cherry MX Blue switches x7 ($50)
Why seven buttons and not eight?  Well that's because button #8 has a slight accident when I was removing it from the panel.  The reason that there are more Cherry MX Red switches for sale below than there are HSBF buttons here is that I still use HSBF buttons for the directional buttons on my Hitbox.  I just didn't like them as much for the action buttons.  These are basically brand new.

D2RV-G Set ($20)
These are the switches that come in the Sanwa silent sticks and that are sold separately by several parts sites in silent kits.  For better or worse these come with the harness they're attached to (it's really on there; didn't want to risk breaking anything removing it).

Cherry MX Red x12 ($20)
Brand new Cherry MX Red switches taken from Gamerfinger buttons.

Sanwa OBSF-30 - USED ($9)
These have been my "placeholder" buttons on a couple of different projects.  As such their switches haven't seen much use but their tabs are a bit loose.

Assorted Playstation Controllers (???)
3x PSOne Controller
1x Playstation 1 Dualshock

1x Playstation 1 Non-analog (Black)
1x Playstation 1 Non-analog (Grey)
1x Playstation 1 Non-analog (Red)
1x PDP X-Box 360
1x PDP PS3 Controller
1x Madcatz PS3 Controller

= No longer available

1 controller -> $7 
2+ controllers - > $6 per controller




Mayflash Universal PS2/PS3/360 Converter ($15)
PS to PS3, PS3 to 360 w/pass-through 360 controller, 360 to PS3. A recently released converter that is pretty solid. Best use is probably its 360 to PS3 capabilities

Generic PS2/PS3/360 Converter ($10)
A decent converter. You will need a pass-through converter to work with the 360. IMO works pretty well for PS2/360 to PS3 conversion.

Sanwa White Tight Patterned Mesh Ball ($10)
A tight patterned (not the original version) white meshball. And oh good the mesh pattern is actually visible in the photograph.

Fiio E6 Amp ($20)
Barely used. It's battery life eclipsed my cell phones battery life with regards to playing music so...yeah.

Black Rock Shooter Dead Scythe Necklace ($70)
A large and I believe limited edition necklace/pendant replica of the scythe wielded by the first baddie in the Black Rock Shooter OVA and anime

Dragonball Z Scouter ($20)
I do not know why I own this. Literally. It was shipped to my house and addressed to me. The funny thing is that I never ordered it and the company that it was allegedly shipped from doesn't actually sell these. Weird. I've held onto it for a while to see if anyone claims it. No one has ergo it is now for sale because I don't want it.

Pelican PS2 to PS3 Converter-Sold to Sean's Apprentice-Local Pickup
Pelican PS2 to PS3 Converter-Sold to kRaZzY-Paid-Shipped 1/10/11
Seimitsu PS-14-G-Sold to Nerrage-Paid-Shipped 1/10/11
Hori Fighting Commander 3-Sold to VietGeek-Paid-Shipped 1/26/11
Saulabi 4K-Sold to Crono_Mashitoka-Paid-Shipped 2/7/11-
Virtua Stick and Saulabi SPS-3000-Sold to Eternal Blaze-Paid-Shipped 2/8/11
OBSF-30 Buttons and Ball Top-Sold to WildWon-Paid-Shipped 2/9/11
Hori Namco-Sold to Master Chibi-Paid-Shipped 4/15/11
LS-40-01-Sold to chuu-Paid-Shipped 4/20/2011
Wico Optical Conversion Kit-Sold to jdm714-Paid-Shipped 5/4/2011
PS3 TE Stick-Sold to Winchester-Paid-Shipped 5/27/2011
ToggleMe Metal Bat Top-Sold to[SIZE=13px] yaomedina-Paid-Shipped 5/31/2011[/SIZE]
XTokki PS2 to 360 Converter-Sold to-Ryan-Paid-Shipped 8/17/2011
PS360-Sold to -[SIZE=18px]m0o0 Paid-Shipped 8/23/2011[/SIZE]
Rez-Sold to - CerebralVortex-Paid-Shipped 8/30/2011
Wico P360 and AiaB Case- Sold to - [SIZE=13px]GalacticPhantom[/SIZE] - Paid-Shipped 9/9/2011
XTokki PS2 to 360 Converter-Sold to-[SIZE=24px]DJANGOGRELA[/SIZE]-Paid-Shipped 9/16/2011
X-Box 360 Play and Charge Kit- Sold to [SIZE=11px]W00P MstR FresH - Paid Shipped 10/3/2011[/SIZE]
6x Sanwa Buttons- Sold to - Cutwest - Paid -Shipped 10/11/2011
Mortal Kombat - Traded in to Amazon.com
inPin - Sold to - [SIZE=18px]W00P MstR FresH[/SIZE] - Paid Shipped 11/10/2011
X-Box 360 Controller - Sold to - SPs - Paid - Shipped 11/14/2011
PS2 MAS stick - Sold to - CHROME BUDDHA - Shipped 11/30/2011
HRAP1 - Traded to - WOOP MstR FresH - Shipped 12/5/2011
Happ Buttons - Sold to - EVAWINGZERO - Paid - Shipped 12/5/2011
Sanwa Buttons - Sold to - lunch_hotdogs - Paid - Shipped - 01/27/2012
LS-58-01 - Sold to - eczangief - Paid - Shipped - 01-27/2012
Neo Geo PS2 Controller - Sold to - torn - Paid - Shipped 03/15/2012
Hori Namco and Pelican PS2 to PS3 Converter - Sold to - torn - Paid - Shipped 03/26/2012
Shadow Hearts - Sold to - Afro Messiah - Paid - Shipped 07/30/2012
Happ Perfect 360 - traded to - WOOP MstR FresH - trade - Shipped 9/5/2012
The Link - Sold to - The Realyst - Paid - Shipped 9/7/2012
Generic PS2/PS3/360 Converter - Sold to - eidrian - Paid - Shipped 01/28/2013
Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro - Sold to - bullet1231 - Paid - Shipped 01/30/2013
Innovation PS2 to Dreamcast Converter - Sold to -VirtualCosmic - Paid - Shipped 02/15/2013
PS3/PC Cthulu - Sold to - BurnerAzR - Paid - Shipped 02/25/2013
inPin and xTokki converters - Sold to - Bartstation - Paid - Shipped 03/18/2013
Hitbox - Sold to - Fraud_L - Paid - Shipped 03/22/2013
GamerFinger HSBF-30 Buttons - Sold to - Pharmtech78 - Paid - Shipped 04/29/2013
Used JLF - Sold to - WOOP MstR FresH - Paid - Shipped 04/29/2013
Former Hitbox buttons - Sold to - Yon702 - Paid - Shipped 10/29/2013
Qanba Q4RAF - Sold to -WrathMatics - Paid - Shipped 04/21/2014
MAS Case + buttons - Sold to - Feargus00qq00 - Paid - Shipped 05/22/2014
JLW-UM - Sold to - STEZO_ONE - Paid - Shipped 08/26/2014
Super Joy Box 3 Pro PS2 to PC Converter - Sold to - theBAYsics - Paid - Shipped 9/08/2014
Razer Sabretooth - Sold to- NeoPenny - Paid - Shipped 09/22/2014
MAS Opticon - Sold to - Feargus00qq00 - Paid - Shipped 11/06/2014
Blackmagic Intensity Pro and Crossbone Package - Sold to - marquezsf - Paid - Shipped 2/11/15
Yellow LB-30N - Sold to - VirtualCosmic - Paid - Shipped 05/05/2015
Mixed Sanwa Buttons - Sold to - loomer - Paid - Shipped 05/18/2015
PSOne Controller - Sold to locally
MLG Pro Controller - Sold to -buyproduct - Paid - Shipped 06/26/2015
Fallout 3 Lunchbox - Sold to - charlotteluna - Paid - Shipped 06/30/2015
PS360+ - Sold to - Bartstation - Paid - Shipped 07/09/2015
PSOne + OG Dualshock - Sold to - parksonian - Paid - Shipped 08/26/2014
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Current highlights include: discontinued PS2 converters, PS3 MLG Pro Circuit Controller, a lot of misc. parts and some gaming related collectibles 



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